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  1. Got a new one, this time it supports the I2C communication protocol. http://www.noritake-elec.com/evalkit-sample.php
  2. Just came across this promotion. A board house in China is offering five free boards for open source projects. They even pay shipping. http://www.electronics-lab.com/blog/?p=24003 The boards must be 1-2 layer Max 10x15cm size Seems to be a way for them to flesh out some areas on their site with some OpenSource boards. Some may be interested.
  3. I'm glad a couple of you found my post useful and got a new instrument. It's been surprisingly useful for detecting bad caps. D in particular, called tan d in datasheet. Having a listed value in a datasheet makes detecting bad caps easier.
  4. By the way I posted an enormous teardown and review at DIYAudio. I can post it here if you want. I wasn't sure where it would fit though. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/equipment-tools/259415-der-ee-de-5000-true-lcr-100khz.html
  5. Just a heads up, I usually don't link to ebay sales but this one is too good. The following seller on ebay is selling the Der EE DE-5000 for $82 shipped to the USA. This is a STEAL of a deal (about $30 cheaper than usual when you factor in the options that are included), several people have ordered and received it as described. It includes the optional SMD tweezers, optional short aligator leads and optional guard lead. For those that don't know, Der EE is the OEM for the IET Labs DE-5000. This is a true LCR meter which measures a variety of funcitons in a controlled manner. It can measure at DC/100Hz/120Hz/1kHz/10kHz/100kHz. This is a big deal (especially the 100kHz) as you get very controlled and accurate values. Many budget meters either only use a single frequency (or worse a variable frequency). The meter has true four wire measurements, for much more accurate readings. You can measure the Dissipation factor, Q, phase angle, ESR, serial or parallel capacitance, serial or parallel resistance, serial or parallel inductance. You can also automatically "bin" based on specified variances down to 0.2%, this can be very useful when you need matched parts for an applicaiton. If you need/want a real LCR (or ESR meter) and not one of those toys. This is BY FAR the best deal out there right now. The next step up in performance will cost you easily 5-10 times more. Manual with accuracy specs: http://akizukidenshi.com/download/ds/deree/DE-5000_manu_en2p.pdf Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261527961316
  6. Note I said NEW! Used Tek analog scopes are a whole different ball game. They are typically very reliable and a great starter scope.
  7. The DS1102E is an ancient model. The DS1074Z is a great value, in fact one of the best, but not without its drawbacks. For example, it has a max sample rate of 1GSa/s on all channels combined. Use a single channel you get that rate, use two it drops to 500MSa/s per channel, three or more or drops further to 250MSa/s per channel. Most of the time this is a non-issue but in the rare situation where you need it, its something to know about. That isn't to detract from its value, especially when you consider that it is hackable to enable all of the decode features, bandwidth, etc. Add on top of that the super deep memory depth, digital phosphor technolgoy, etc. and you have a top-class scope at a hobby level price. Another brand to consider is Siglent. They make the WaveAce and WaveJet series for LeCroy. They have released some models that are very competitive. I don't know as much about them but you can get a bit more features for your dollar. They are not hackable though so that might reduce your values some. One area some models shine, the better four channel ones are capable of 1GSa/s per channel. Basically, it has two 2GSa/sec ADCs, one for channels 1 and 2 and one for channels 3 and 4. So if you use a single channel you get 2GSa/sec. If you use two channels (1+3) you get 2GSa/sec per channel; though if you use 1+2 you get 1GSa/sec per channel because they are on the same ADC. Use three or four channels and you get 1GSa/sec. One thing to note is to keep an eye on memory depth, Rigol excels at this and newer Siglents are better but some old ones, not so much. The SDS2000 is right at the upper edge of your price range but is a REALLY nice series. As for the Tektronix scopes, if you are not on the bleeding edge Tek new scopes are not worth the money. They haven't innovated in a long time on the lower end. Choosing instead to live off of their name. Many of the scopes are early millennium technology at best. Agilent is a much better deal in this range if you must go name brand. They have some great great scopes, DSOX2000 and 3000 are incredible deals though a bit out of your price range (the DSOX2000 I think is hackable so you can buy the lower end one, at the top of your price range). As an aside, Rigol actually cut their teeth making the DSO 1000 series for Agilent. Keep an eye out on ebay for the official Agilent certified used store. You can often get great deals (they take offers).
  8. Don't forget iTeadStudio they are a direct competitor with Seeed. Tend to be a tad bit cheaper but not always . I ordered some boards recently from itead the quality was very solid. I chose DHL shipping, expensive but we needed them ASAP. Boards left Shenzen Sunday night my time, arrived Tuesday morning my time.
  9. For those that got the 512x32. Noritake is offering a chance to review the display and then get a free Lantronix Xport LAN module for communicating with the display over TCP/IP http://forum.noritake-elec.com/post/sck3900512x32h01-6866623
  10. Was browsing GarageJournal and came across this. KC Tool Co is having a sale on some Wera Screwdrivers: Wera Precision Screwdriver Set A $20.99 Wera Precision Screwdriver Set B $20.99 Wera Kraftform PLUS 900 series Set $34.99 Wera Kraftform PLUS 300 Series Set $26.99 Plus some others: Sale Link These screwdrivers seem like the perfect sets for your usual electronics hobbyist. Wera is one of the top screwdriver makers in the world (Wiha, Wera, PB Swiss, etc. etc.) Note I emphasized the PLUS on two of the kits because they look the same as the non-plus versions. They Kraftform 300 sets have the laser etched tips that supposedly help the bits bite better into screws.
  11. This one I actually kinda like. I posted it on a computer forum I'm on for the modders to check out. I can see them getting some good use out of this. It's actually really useful when you think about it. You could print button designations on paper and put it underneath. Have it control touch LED's underneath, etc. Very useful for giving some items a custom look.
  12. Someone mentioned in another thread that they put in the comments their address in germany and the received the sample from a european distributor.
  13. Yep, its back again. This time you get to chose between a 114x16 graphic display or a 16x2 character display. The 16x2 is HD44780 compatible making it very easy to retrofit into existing code. http://www.noritake-elec.com/evalkit-sample.php
  14. Congrats to the forum for this new sponsor. Hope it proves top be fruitful for both parties. Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk
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