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  1. Good to see that someone has a use for it. Be sure to post a video of the decoration when you finish making it. Still trying to figure out how to I2C with a nunchuck. Does anyone have any code examples for the USCI module?
  2. I just fixed a mistake in my code, a servo pulse ranges from 1000 to 2000 microseconds not 500 to 1500. This has been changed in the first post.
  3. First post! Hello, I'm currently making a RC remote for my quadcopter which I am in the process of building. The idea is to output a ppm frame which then goes into a FrSky module which beams it to a receiver on my quadcopter. I currently have the code for ppm generation done. I am reading up on i2c with the UCSI module in the msp430g2553 right now and will hook it up to a wii nunchuk for testing. The end product will have recycled gymbals from an esky transmitter remote hooked up to it's own microcontroller acting as an i2c slave to the ppm generation microcontroller. #include #include
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