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    RomixNL reacted to Sir Ferdek in random() not working?   
    I have it rewritten in plain C, so let me know if you want it. This method of generating random numbers satisfy requirements for noncritical systems. I have done some accurate tests on 1M samples of bits and compared it to other methods as my project for course assesment and results are quite satisfactory:
    - 50.19% of zeroes, 49.81% of ones
    - FFT is smooth and even without serious frequency peaks
    - runstest() in MATLAB returns 0.3 (1 means that series of data is random with 95% probability, for comparison MATLAB's pseudorandom generator scores less than 0.03)
    - passes birth paradox test
    PS: Where do I have to look for Energia's source code if I'd like to contribute some lines of mine?
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