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  1. What IDE are you using? Function _delay_cycles() is part of the msp430 framework (<- I may not be using right word here?) in CCS (Code Composer Studio IDE).
  2. This was the case, at least for me. According to the datasheet I have for this display, the RGB/BGR direction is controlled by HW pin, so I made the following changes to the code in graphics.c file. void setColor(u_int color) { #if defined SWAP_TO_BRG colorLowByte = (color & 0x07FF) << 11 | (color & 0x07E0) | (color & 0xFFE0) >> 11; colorHighByte = ((color & 0x07FF) << 11 | (color & 0x07E0) | (color & 0xFFE0) >> 11) >> 8; #else colorLowByte = color; colorHighByte = color >> 8; #endif } void setBackgroundColor(u_int color) { #if defined SWAP_TO_BRG colorLowByte = (color & 0x07FF) << 11 | (color & 0x07E0) | (color & 0xFFE0) >> 11; colorHighByte = ((color & 0x07FF) << 11 | (color & 0x07E0) | (color & 0xFFE0) >> 11) >> 8; #else bgColorLowByte = color; bgColorHighByte = color >> 8; #endif } Then I just defined "SWAP_TO_BRG" and the colors work as they should. I know this is old discussion, but decided to post this anyway in hope that it might be helpful to someone.
  3. The deal is still valid. At least my order for CCS-PROMO-MSP-EXP432P401R went trough. Weird thing is that I ordered yesterday and I have not yet received the license. No email, and it does not appear in my TI accounts myRegistered software section either. The launchpad has shipped all ready and according to fed-ex tracking it should arrive tomorrow. For the CCS license the status reads "In Work at Fulfillment". I guess they are fresh out of licenses and are fabricating some more. Good thing is that I am not in hurry with the license. I have yet to hit the magical 16kb. I just couldn't resist the awesome deal. I for some reason like the CCS and have some what "grown" in to it. I guess I have to contact Ti if my license does not appear when the launchpad arrives, as I have some big plans for it and I am definitely going to hit the 16kb limit. I do hope the license works with the upcoming CCS 7.0. Edit: Oh, I almost forgot. The "My Order" page also tells me that the estimated shipping date of my CCS license is 11/30/2016. Maybe they get the next batch of licenses from the oven next week...
  4. Setting different addreses to two of nRF24L01's. Took me two days to figure... L
  5. I had the same "issue" with some chinese displays. Could be the displays them self. Not that big issue to work around though. L
  6. Hello. @@RobG What is the value of the L1 inductor? 120
  7. Tieri


    Got a parcel from US of A! My order from 43oh store had arrived. It was shipped 13.6, so very fast! Only five day's (including the weekend) to other side of the world!(Finland) One MSP430G2955 Breakout Board V2 PCB and one Color LCD Booster pack PCB v1.2. Big thanks to @@RobG for making these awesome boards and to @@bluehash for making them available also to us who live in periphery. The LP actually arrived last Friday, as I was in the middle of cursing my media server for cunning out in the middle of interesting football match. The relay boards also arrived last week from china. I have been too busy watching world class football, to take pictures and post them here. No time to put these baby's in action either, because it is start of midsummer festival (juhannus) in here. So everybody is too busy to get drunk, drive to their summer cottage and drown. Usually in that particular order. Funniest thing is that it was snowing in here yesterday. Have to love the summer weather in Finland. I hope it is better for you all, where ever you might be. Happy summer to everybody!
  8. Oh, I understand. With those postage fees it does not make very much sense to me either. Thank you for your reply.
  9. @@RobG Is there anything I can do to make you deviate from this "but I will only ship to US addresses."? I am interested in MSP-BNDL-FR5969LCD, as TI eStore says out of stock.
  10. Hi everybody. I am in process of designing a sensor network that includes several independent sensors managed by USB dongle. This USB dongle receives the data from the sensors, stores it in memory and sends the processed data by request to USB CDC for the PC side software. The PC software is used only to send configure data to the dongle and to log the sensor data to a Database so the USB dongle is required to operate mainly independently from the PC software. ATM I am planing to use the msp430f5529 for the dongle. Wireless interface is handled by nRF24L01+ SPI module. (cheap, available and two way) I probably have to use some kind of external flash chip for the sensor data storage if there is not enough flash left on the chip. My sensor data consist of two to four unsigned characters per sensor per measurement, so the data requirements aren't huge. Measuring interval is about one hour (this is going to be user specified, but there is rarely any need to increase the measuring interval.). In future I would like to be able to develop an independent device to manage and store the data from the sensor network. So making the dongle code modular so it is easy to convert to this purpose, would probably make sense. As I have been coding the prototype the code is getting quite big. I can't help wondering if implementing some sort RTOS would ease my task. So all you experience designer here, if you could give some advice to a beginner, it would be very much appreciated.
  11. Looks like the information has gotten old, so here is little update. OSH Park grew out of Dorkbot-PDX and BatchPCB. No personal experience. I have read good things about them. I feel the pricing information little bit confusing compared to other sites because the imperial system used. Seedstudio does have a PCB service, but I have not tried it yet. Heard good thing about them. Elecrow offers also a PCB service. I have made one order from them and I was very pleased. I will definitely use them again, if anyone can't change my mind for some reason. BTW they have free FIFA World Cup contest where you pick the winning team and you get change to win Elecrow reward points. More info about the contest in Elecrow blog. Golden Pheonix. Had a quick look at their site, and it does not look like place for small prototype runs. No clear pricing, need to ask quote. If anyone knows good and preferably cheap prototyping PCB service besides the mentioned, please let me know. There was some place in Poland or Romania, but they don't take orders any more. Close proximity to Europe is big plus for the sake of cheap and fast postage. Also any information regarding PCB assembly services and/or electronic contract manufacturers (ECM's) for 10-100 boards would be very much appreciated. Do they even take 100pcs orders or do you have to order in magnitude of thousands? 10 PCB's is just maby doable, but soldering 100 PCB's with 6050's and QFNL's is not what I am looking forward to. Any flex PCB experiences are also very welcome. EDIT: Forgot the Dirtypcbs.com. No personal experience. @@rampadc has ordered from them and has posted some pictures in to the mailbag thread.
  12. Tieri


    Just got woken up by the fedex guy. He brought my TI sample order. Funny thing that my MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit has not even shipped, and I ordered and paid it half hour earlier than I made the sample request on last Thursday night. List of IC's, if it is not readable from the picture. 1 x MSP430F5529IPNR 3 x TPS3825-33DBVT 2 x MSP430F2132TPWR 3 x TPS61200DRCT
  13. I have one of these. Modified them to work with LiPo battery. (One with protection circuitry build in.) The focal length is quite short, if I understand the subject correctly. (The object magnified must be quite close?) Still good enough for inspecting my soldering. I am so young (little bit over 30) that I can still solder 0805 and TSSOP whit out magnification, so the focal length is not a big issue as of yet. The light is quite handy and it is a lot brighter after my LiPo mod. It was almost useless before, at least with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. 2.4V vs 4.2V seems to make quite difference.
  14. Thank you for your swift responce. Found the schematics for your PCB in the thread. They helped a lot. I have now the confidence to hook up my display and try it out. The thing that was confusing me most was the SOMI line. But It seems I can leave it unconnected, as the display has no SOMI line. The pinout I had was refering the MOSI/SOMI line was combined. No need for the PCB as this baby is goin straight to a project as I get the hang of it and your library. Thanks again for your great work!
  15. Hi RobG. I wonder if you can help me. I have bought 2.2" TFT + touchscreen with ILI9225B. The ebay seller did not have any data sheet for it. With google I found some old thread in EEVBlog forum by some one called Tinkeringsteve. Futher investication in to the thread, revealed couple post by some one called RobG. Hmm... In one of his posts (reply #13) I found couple of pictures from his LCD screens and the one in the right side looks exactly as mine. Also Tinkeringsteves ebay links look exactly the same LCD as I appear to have. So do you have any information about the screen? Datasheet? How do I connect it to the lauchpad to be used with your LCD library? Pinout? All and any information is verry mutch appriciated. Thank you. I attached couple images of the LCD if it is any help.
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