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  1. Good catch - I was confused by the part numbers. The board is DS8007-KIT and the sample is DS8007-SKT.
  2. I've had absolutely no problem in the past as well - but since this is a much more expensive part - I'm a little more skeptical.
  3. Found this while browsing on the Maxim IC website yesterday. I can't find it anymore, but I found a page yesterday listing the value of the board at ~$135. Not sure if I'll actually get one - I'll post if my order gets approved. http://www.maxim-ic.com/landing/index.mvp?lpk=215 **Edit** zborgerd pointed out that this doesn't include the development board - any ideas for uses?
  4. Did you ask about the code that runs on the PC side? I'd love to find out how to talk to the thing myself, ideally from OSX, but I'll certainly settle for Linux or even Windoze! Honestly - I haven't reviewed it. I asked for the source for the kit, but I really meant the windows application. Looking at the code though - it does look like what's on the board. I'll see if I can request the code for the windows app.
  5. If anybody manages to do anything with the source code - let me know! I was able to use the demo app to review signals I'm generating for an HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinder (once Halloween costumes are out of the way - I'll be posting code). I'd love to see somebody make a better app - I'm sure there are some pretty decent uses. Poor man's oscilloscope?
  6. They're started shipping these again - I managed to end up with two because the order disappears when they're reviewing it. I contacted support and requested the code for the application that's included - thought someone might have some use for it. MAXADClite FW v2 MAXQ622.zip
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