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  1. Ran across this on twitter the other day - hackster.io is running a contest with a $5k prize for azure-connected hardware projects. I know there are at least a couple of other Microsoft developers out on the forums - in case you're making anything internet-connected. Submissions close on 8/31/2015. I don't see any rules on the contest about location, and there is only one prize - no runners-up. However - the other contest they still have up on the site only had 42 submissions - not bad odds.
  2. That's why I've been so stir crazy lately - not enough personal time to make much of anything - makes me feel unfulfilled
  3. Have you tried a different power adapter? I've had some noisy ones in the past that caused the device to not work - power might also not be sufficient for both devices. See if you can get the blink example working on the external power with the same circuit - you should still have a load from the FM adapter.
  4. Nope - looks like probably not - not enough flash - better see if I can find some other chips.
  5. Got my boards today! Excited to this these out. Wife is out of town for a week, so I should hopefully have some spare time to try it out. I still need to put together a board - I've got some 2152's (20 and 14 pin) that I got cheap from Newark - looks like they've still got a bunch of their MSP430's on sale (example - http://www.newark.com/texas-instruments/msp430g2152in20/microcontroller-mcu-16-bit-msp430/dp/24T4648?CMP=AFC-OP?gross_price= - $0.55 each) - need to see if the NRF library will fit and whip up a board.
  6. @@Lgbeno - I'm in for 5 if that's cool.
  7. Is in the middle an option? I'd be worried about it tipping otherwise.
  8. I know in TI's initial intro to the MSP430 Launchpad - they mention that cheaper multimeters seem to measure low-current better for some reason.
  9. From the Energia side - the WiFi library and examples should be a great starting point. From there it depends on what you're looking to do on the other side. For instance - the SimpleWebServerWiFi example show how the device can host a webserver - it would be simple to add in sensor data. You could also upload data to a service like data.sparkfun.com (as a client rather than webserver) for storage and use some other avenue to visualize on the devices. Are you looking to retain data for a while, potentially collect while your computer/phone is offline, or just a momentary look at data?
  10. Ok - finally heard back. It's a missing DLL. It's up on their github repo. Here's the check-in - https://github.com/RedBearLab/RBL_CC3200/commit/ec7649ad4546cdf711b66591b8eaa9aa31170f18 It's a little messy - you have to reset the board after upload, but it works!
  11. I get a about month on a CR2032 transmitting every 20 seconds (honestly need to increase the interval) + a quick led blink - that's ~240mah - and that's for an energizer - not the crappy ones I buy off of Amazon which are likely . That's all internal sensors except a light sensor - so it depends on what else you're adding to the device as well. Charging is outpacing my device - but that's without lost efficiency and it's a two-cell solution. I've got other sensors running on 2 alkaline AA's - still have yet to replace those.
  12. @@Lgbeno - I'd absolutely be in for a few - I could actually create something small enough to fit in the original light which would mean no need for an enclosure - or at least reduced project size. I moved my sensor into a sealed container from the dollar store. Expecting it to break down over time since it's probably not meant to be in the sun - but it's at least hot glued together for now and more stable (although the next problem will be that melting in the sun later in the year).
  13. Nope, no progress yet. At this point I've considered hand-soldering the jtag connections - looks like they're on the 5v-3.3v voltage converter chip. My guess would be that there's something wrong with the "M20" (freescale) firmware they've got unless it's a hardware issue - I know one of the TI guys got a few boards working but not all of them. Still no response on the forums - my post hasn't even been approved yet.
  14. I've got a lot more work for this project - but I wanted to post what I have so far in case anyone else is interested in the code. I started with the Arduino library at https://github.com/davedarko/GBPrinter- which looks like it's based on an earlier AVR project - http://hackaday.com/2010/10/08/game-boy-printer-usb-cable-and-software/ The library itself need some serious help to make this a "real" library. Right now - pins are hardcoded, the examples don't work completely, among other things. So - if you'd like to get this working for yourself - here's what you need to do: Download the
  15. Nope - mine both seem to be non-functional - at least in Windows. I installed the MBED serial drivers on Windows 8.1 and it messed up my touchscreen and logitech receiver - so I had to roll back to a restore point. Not going well so far
  16. One other thing - apparently the board does provide some output at start-up. That part is coming in correctly @ 115200 baud: 1.CC3200 Wifi Init... Setting up Access Point named: RedBearLab CC3200 Waiting for an ip address IP Address obtained SSID: RedBearLab CC3200 IP Address: signal strength (RSSI):0 dBm To see this page in action, open a browser to Starting webserver on port 80 Webserver started! 2.CC3200 USB OK .//// 3.CC3200 TX/RX FAIL .................................................//// 3.CC3200 TX/RX FAIL A..Err
  17. I'm posting in the RedBearLab support as well - but I wanted to post the error I'm getting from Energia in the forums to see if anyone can help. I got the software from RedBearLab installed as well as the MBED serial driver. When I try to upload - I just get "upload failed" with no other detail. I tried Energia 0014 and 0015. OS is Windows 7 Professional, x64. This is the error I get when I try to send something via Serial Monitor. I'm hoping this might be helpful as to why my uploads fail. java.io.IOException: Bad file descriptor in nativeDrain at gnu.io.RXTXPort.nativeDrain(Nat
  18. @@Lgbeno - yes - 1xAA or 1xAAA. I honestly couldn't find ones that had two batteries (at least not under $15). What do you think BOM cost would be for the board? It would certainly let me drop to one solar charger per device. For now - I'm going to rip apart the solar charger and set it up so that the batteries are more secure - the battery holder in these are crap (but what do you expect at $1 each).
  19. Thanks a ton @@enl - I did a bit of reading but I'll have to take more time to go through. Must have happened again this weekend - got a voltage alert today and realized it had been offline since saturday. Going to need to find a more secure battery solution
  20. I'm not an Energia expert - but have you tried suspend()? You're dropping into LPM4 but not enabling the interrupt bits - typically seen as: __bis_status_register(LPM4_bits+GIE); Looks like that's exactly what the suspend function calls, with some additional bells and whistles for Energia.
  21. It's more than just MSP430 - right? The video mentions the CC3200. Any support for the MSP432 yet?
  22. @@dubnet That's an interesting thought - I'll have to take a look at that. I'll see how much power the LEDs burn off - that'll help me determine if the fan would use too much power. I believe I figured out what happened yesterday. The device stopped working the day prior at 5 when my daughter moved the sensor. Looks like she knocked a battery out. When the sun was strong enough - the charger started kicking out enough voltage to get the system running again - only without the battery being charged - it was a lot more than expected. Once I put the battery back in - it dropped to a s
  23. Had an alert trigger today - voltage went up to 3v. Guess I better figure something out - it's only spring Apparently the core temperature hit 150 F as well. I probably need to look at shading the MCU at a minimum - but I'd guess it's going to get pretty hot in a clear enclosed container.
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