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  1. @@yyrkoon - based on the schematic - I see a 47k resistor on RST
  2. @@MSPLife - check for shorts and resistance differences anyway - many of us have been bitten before by similar issues. I've had a few DOA ebay parts as well (odd resistor values, etc.). I once had a short on a TSSOP that ended up being beneath the pins in a way that couldn't be clearly seen. It could be a fried MCU as well (a short between VCC and GND resolved when I pulled the chip off) - although I've never seen one that programmed correctly afterwards.
  3. Awesome @@Fmilburn - looking forward to having some 43oh'ers to chat with about the course!
  4. I'd suggest checking for shorts as well, in addition to checking RST resistance. It might also be good to check current across JP11 to see if it's higher on the non-functional board.
  5. Any chance it's a weak battery? A weak battery could measure 3.3v without load and lower with a load. Is the resistance from RST to VCC the same between the boards? Pictures might help as well.
  6. @@Rei Vilo looks like you got your wish on an RTOS course! I'm not entirely looking forward to using Keil - but hopefully the transition won't be too bad.
  7. @@Fmilburn - I registered for that a couple of months ago (just doing the free audit) so I'll definitely be attending - are you? It will probably be good to set up a thread to discuss during the course (although I assume there will be something on the edX site). The course covers a couple of topics that I've been very interested in but have had a hard time getting into - so I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  8. You'd need to import an Energia sketch to get the Serial.print functionality (raw CCS is going to be more complicated than Energia for serial printing because it's lower level). There is a Serial Terminal in CCS cloud though - I don't think the same keyboard shortcut works though. Look at step 6 here - https://www.hackster.io/9183/msp432-iot-workshop-with-ccs-cloud-f88262
  9. There was a post right after that which included launchpads as well - was nice to see something other than a 'duino on HAD lately
  10. Analog.io runs on Digital Ocean, as does my Phant server. Luke @ Analog.io set it up for me, so I don't really manage the dashboard piece of things. I will say their pricing is pretty cheap in comparison to azure. Not sure about Amazon. I've only had one issue where they had a big DNS failure - but my server was up and running the whole time - I just didn't have the IP to get into it for a few hours. So I don't have a ton of info on admin - but it's been pretty fool-proof so far.
  11. @@zeke - looks like there are three in that family that come in BGA - 5524, 5526, 5528
  12. Tutorials about how to transition from Energia to Code Composer Studio. +1 to that!
  13. Think I found at least one problem. Doesn't explain why the interrupt didn't fire, but it would definitely mess up your baud rate. Old working code: UCA0BR0 = 0x11; // 57600 bps - (0x11,0x00,0x52) 9600bps - (0x68,0x00,0x04) Broken code: UCA0BR0 = 0x68; // 57600 bps - (0x11,0x00,0x52) 9600bps - (0x68,0x00,0x04) Fixed code: UCA0BR0 = 0x11; // 57600 bps - (0x11,0x00,0x52) 9600bps - (0x68,0x00,0x04)
  14. Do you have a copy of the working code as well? That might help
  15. At least in the MSP430 line, each mcu family has a bunch of examples that go with it. If you're looking to go lower level than Energia (I prefer code composer for MSP430 as it's a pretty simple chip) - there are some great examples there. There should be some timer examples - which allow you to count the number of ticks between events. They also come with comments at the top of the file that explain what it does. http://www.ti.com/product/MSP430G2553/toolssoftware#softTools - download the "Code Examples".
  16. It's so boards can be added on the bottom too. When you have more than one it can come in handy or whenot one is the 20 pin format and another is 40 pin. It would be nice if it sat flat though. They have added stand offs to a few so far. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has a solution. I usually strap mine to a breadboard with a rubber band which keeps things still.
  17. My guess would be because you're not setting the initial state - you should set them explicitly instead of assuming state when your code executes. Try P1OUT = 0x00; when you set P1DIR. or instead of P1OUT ^= 0x01, use P1OUT = 0x01;
  18. Just "MSP ultra low power MCU" is what you need for the MSP430. You can leave the rest of the options at their default (the normal debugger option is usually greyed out - you don't need any of the optional debuggers). You don't have to install any of the app center tools - if anything seems interesting you can install - but you can always install those later as well.
  19. Each pin is configured individually. As far as I know for the TI hardware I've worked with - that's how they all are. The inverse is the problem I believe - you can only read the ADC value of one pin at a time.
  20. I just tested one of my projects with the library on a brand new download of CCS - no compile problems. It was an existing project, but I didn't see anything odd enabled (I thought I needed to enable the GCC flag but don't see it enabled).
  21. Some of the timers are already in use under the covers - executing the loop on a specific interval, tracking time (millis/micros), etc. so losing some is a trade-off of using Energia vs Code Composer or mspgcc. You'll find that some libraries use timers as well, so you'll need to watch out for that as well. I believe you can technically use interrupts within Energia like you would with MSPGCC, there just isn't a nice wrapper for everything. Keep in mind that it's intended to be hardware agnostic to an extent as well - so that your code could work on an MSP430, but also an MSP432 or Tiv
  22. Bought a set of NRF24L01 boards - awesome price. When they came there were no passives on the board - just the chip (there was a Hackaday article about it at some point). Thankfully I was able to get a refund.
  23. From what I remember, it took a while for Stellaris/Tiva to go production (not to mention the crazy name change). Looks like production silicon will be available until mid-year or so for the 432.
  24. The f5529 would probably work and keeping it the msp line would probably mean fewer software changes. Not sure how much work it would take though. (Sorry for the slow replies - I'm on vacation and don't have my computer with me)
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