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  1. You should be fine adding the BP to the bottom - TI actually created an RGB LED boosterpack that worked like that. Plus - with stacking headers as TI has suggested - you can technically add the BP to either the top or bottom. I would think that your only concern beyond that would be if the PCB above your GSM modem might cause an issue with signal. I'm assuming you're not talking about the MSP430G launchpad since it doesn't have headers accessible on the bottom. The 5529 LP does.
  2. More progress - music and lights! Current software monitors the left touch button. Touch on the left button wakes the board up and starts the lights for 10 seconds. Right button when awake plays a song! Also worked on a 3d-printed frame - hoping to do a 1/2 globe or something.
  3. @chibiace - I've had a couple of odd board shapes created - no complaints yet (the small board that goes with my VFD clock for instance). I was talking with Elecrow at one point about inner cut-outs - you have to consider tool size. I sent one over that was a flower shape and they said it wouldn't be an issue. On another - they pointed out an area where the tool would cut more than desired. Most of the companies are more than glad to take a look at your gerbers to make sure there wouldn't be a problem.
  4. I've had good luck with this: http://dangerousprototypes.com/2013/02/08/importing-svg-images-as-polygons-into-eagle/. Just import it into the dimension layer and you're good to go. I would recommend putting it into a library as a custom part though. If you dump it right onto the .brd - it's tough to get it out. I do remember that there was some sort of prep in inkscape to get shapes with an interior cut-out working (such as the letter A) - can't seem to find instructions on that though.
  5. Especially with the awesome prizes - I definitely say let them participate! BTW - I'll have something to submit. Between the Christmas ornament, robot, clock and other stuff - I'll get something in soon. Deadline is end of the month, right?
  6. I'd love to know how power-efficient it is in terms of "low-power" or if it's just meant to be a beefier battery option.
  7. Good basis to the touch-sensing code made. Any suggestions on music generation? Need something that will run @ 1Mhz.
  8. @@pyrosster - Wow - I'm seeing the same thing. I sent something in via their contact form - I've always had good luck with replies from them. I've only ever used them for pcbs and kitting - not sure if their store has been buggy but I'd guess it's something new. Ouch - that's a lot more! I've been using mine for a few days now - they're good quality (and not smelly - a lot of the ones i get off of eBay smell like gasoline). @@tingo - Yes - they're a great place to pick up a lot of small items. They've started adding a lot of nice items lately as well - alligator clips, br
  9. Great news! Made some good progress on the code - using the TI cap touch library.
  10. Elecrow - 30% off store-wide until 12/2 http://www.elecrow.com/page_2.html
  11. It worked this morning - I logged in first - that may have been the difference. Thanks!
  12. Couldn't get the code to work in the store (going to have to get an OLED bp ) Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit!
  13. Found these at one of my favorite stores for small parts: http://www.taydaelectronics.com/premium-jumper-wires-female-male-200mm-pack-of-40.html. Tried to find some one eBay a while back and couldn't find a good source. Great for breadboarding with the LP. Thought @@LariSan might be interested in using them for classes - 20 would be enough for a student.
  14. Parts from Tayda arrived! Just need PCBs now, and some code. Prototyping with the cap touch bp for now.
  15. Fantastic write-up @@rebeltaz! I'll have to keep an eye out on ebay for some Nixie's next time I've got some cash for electronics The case setup might even be nice for the VFD tubes I just purchased that are single-digit. Wood looks so much nicer than 3d printing or hacking something out of a generic plastic case. And thanks for the complement on the VFD clocks - that project was a lot of fun. I've got one on my desk at work and it still gets a lot of comments.
  16. You're looking for @@bluehash - you should be able to get a reply here - he should get a notification since I've tagged him in the post.
  17. Check out the 5529 launchpad - http://www.ti.com/ww/en/launchpad/msp430_head_usb.html. It wouldn't be too difficult to get that into the teensy-type form-factor and it has the USB capabilities.
  18. Battery holder (2) - http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?x=6&y=17〈=en&site=us&KeyWords=BAT-HLD-001-ND CR2032 (2) LEDs 3mm (7) - I'd go with something simple like http://www.taydaelectronics.com/leds/round-leds/3mm-leds/led-3mm-green.html and http://www.taydaelectronics.com/leds/round-leds/3mm-leds/led-3mm-red.html and maybe a white LED for the top. LED Resistors (7) - Depends on the LEDs chosen Resistor - 47K (1) - reset pull-up Ceramic Capacitors - 1nF (1), 0.1uF (1) Electrolytic Capacitor - 10uF (1) MSP430G2553 (1) That should take care of it!
  19. Ok - I think I'm all done! I'd go for red. Updated board/schematic and gerbers are attached. I'll post a BOM in a sec. gerber.zip Ornament.brd Ornament.sch
  20. Looks like @lars extended his hatched ground plane over the entire bottom layer. His traces from touch pad to pin are not crossing any others - I may try to do that as well to avoid any potential signal noise. I'll take a look at that tonight - shouldn't be too difficult. I also noticed that the presents that are supposed to be over the touch pads aren't there - I'll check to see if that's just the oshpark job I'm using.
  21. Already have holes Anybody have experience with cap touch PCB design that could take a look at the buttons?
  22. I think the PTH version should be ready to go! Prototyping area added. The mostly-smd version isn't complete, although all it would add is an extra few LEDs. Eagle files and gerbers are also attached! Ornament_gerbers.zip Ornament_Eagle.zip
  23. Here's an updated version - added cap touch buttons, 7 leds total. I also added an extra battery - mostly in case 1 isn't balanced. I had to move it to the side to allow an LED at the top. Thoughts? I still need to add some pins for a speaker, if desired. I haven't added the combo smd/pth parts yet. I may just make a full-smd version.
  24. Do you have pcb designs? I've always wanted a nixie clock (vfds were just a bit less dangerous ) I've definitely made money off of my VFD clock - I think it's absolutely fair. You may have even better luck if you can do parts kits (all electronics except the nixie's probably) BTW - great design!
  25. I'd have to go SMD to make a difference. It's certainly a possibility. Trunk was the idea Good point on the SMD - dual components would be easy. - I'm thinking about adding an SMD LED for the top of the tree since it doesn't look like it'll work otherwise. Didn't even think about Cap Touch! That's a good idea. I'll see about that. Anybody have any eagle libraries with sample cap touch buttons?
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