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  1. I like very strong velcro. The kind you find at Home Depot. I've also used the 3d printed bumpers you can find here with added spots for screws.
  2. Hope you're having fun! Make sure to post pictures.
  3. @@pyrosster - I saw those - I didn't like that the contacts for the AC were bare - not something I'm going to want sitting out in my house. @@RobG might have some ideas though - I know he's run larger panels of WS2811's.
  4. @@greeeg - I soldered mine on Saturday (will post pictures soon) - I honestly didn't have any trouble. I had better luck with hand-soldering vs reflow - but I don't have a stencil and kind of suck at reflow so far I had no problems with the milling - I soldered mine based on the 3d printed frame I was working with anyway, so there's a bit of a gap between each segment - it still looks great from the front. I'm working on printing a new frame - had to do some printer maintenance to fix some problems - should be able to print it out tonight. This thing is gorgeous - I even got a "
  5. Anybody decide on a power supply? I picked this up - http://www.ebay.com/itm/231047694904?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 Output is 5.3v without a load - I'm going to put a load on it - hopefully it'll drop - 5.3v is absolute max for the device.
  6. Had a chance to work on mine on saturday night. One segment down, four more to go I did manage to design and print a cover that assembles in 5 pieces. It needs some work - the connectors have to be forced together - so much so that I broke one piece and cracked another. So that part is a WIP.
  7. Got mine yesterday! Wife's out of town - definitely making it this weekend
  8. Awesome - there is even a nice diagram on page 1 of that manual too! I was hoping there would be something.
  9. It's using a TI USB chip. Should be pretty easy to find something in the product documentation.
  10. cubeberg


    I'm at work, so I don't have pictures - but my most recent shipments were a Noritake VFD sample (graphic I believe) and a bunch of JTAG headers for a gang programmer target board. I'm expecting some good stuff - my parts for the WS2811B clock should be arriving today!
  11. I'm not sure what LEDs would do that close to cap touch pads. I've had LEDs turned on near cap touch pads make enough of a change that it looks like a touch. I had to turn the sensitivity down to get it to work (using TI cap touch libraries. TI also suggests a hatched ground plane below touch pads. What about having the pads stick out a bit? You've got some extra space inside or outside of the circle to reduce possible problems.
  12. @@galaxyminer - Sorry about not responding quickly - was just checking in to provide a response. Not sure why you had to modify main.h - but glad you got it compiled!
  13. Hm - anybody got DB access? We could run counts at the beginning of the month and counts at the end and see who increased the most
  14. Thanks! I'm hoping to expand on it some day. So many projects - so little time
  15. Hm, might be possible on the 2452, not on the 2231 (that's a 16 pin dip, right?) Since you've got a 1.4 rev launchpad, I'm not sure if the hardware changes might affect something. With the 2452 - you don't have hardware uart, so you'd have to pull that code out - so you're definitely looking at changing some code.
  16. Wow - posted this in the wrong form. could someone move it to off-topic? @@bluehash ?
  17. http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2014/02/03/announcing-first-white-house-maker-faire Saw this online - the White House is planning a Maker Faire. I'm probably not cool enough to get invited (I'm guessing it's going to be very exclusive) - but it's pretty cool.
  18. 16mhz is default for Energia for the 2553. If you go to Tools -> Board, you'll see which option you have selected.
  19. @@bluehash - a CCS license would be a hell of a prize
  20. The free PCB giveaways sounds cool - I'm sure a lot of us have extra PCBs laying around that we could contribute. I know I've got several designs myself.
  21. @@greeeg - that's fantastic! Is that the acrylic you were talking about?
  22. Elecrow, iTead and Seeed should be on your list as well. I've used Elecrow for 50pcs runs + kitting successfully. I know @@bluehash uses them regularly as well.
  23. Generating gerbers for a super-secret project @@bluehash knows what I'm talking about - unfortunately the rest of you will be out of the loop for a bit!
  24. Ah - too big to do a full print at once - my printer is 150mmX150mm. I can break it up though.
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