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  1. So I've been meaning to work on something for this for quite some time, but I finally bit the bullet and started. I'm designing a wireless security system - with the intention that it'll upload data to a personal API I'm developing. It started out as purely a security system (door open/closed, motion detection) - but I threw in some sensors while I was developing the boards. This isn't intended to replace a real security system - but it's a fun practice on many levels. I'm working on learning the CC3200, setting up a node network, etc. Wireless devices consist of MSP430's and a
  2. Ok - I've pretty much wrapped this up. It's been done for a while, but I haven't used it a ton so far. 5529 Launchpad - I'm using one of @@spirilis 's original NRF boosterpacks - http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2696-snordic-nrf24l01-rf-boosterpack/. Had to add a jumper to a different pin for the IRQ because that pin on the 5529 didn't have interrupt capability. Code works in CCS (couldn't use Energia - couldn't find any USB examples) 5529_NES.zip The other side uses a 2553. Managed to squeeze everything into the NES controller except the batteries. Again - Works in CCS.
  3. Working on a wireless home security system. Should hopefully have time to start a project thread tonight.
  4. Could you attach your images? Looks like the dropbox images 404. You should be able to just upload them to the forum post. What are you using for charting? Something client or server-side? **Edit - very nice looking btw
  5. @@TimLeavitt - Ok - heard back from TI - no release date yet. They'll get back to me when they know - they're trying to figure that out. I got an early edition, but I know they had some concerns about supporting the LCD (seemed very sturdy to me, but who knows) - not sure if that's part of the hold up or not.
  6. @@Deepak01 - I think there might be an outstanding issue with the 5529 LP that it doesn't work when it's not connected to USB. Could you provide your code and I'll test this weekend? I've got both.
  7. FYI - didn't forget about this. I sent another email out - hoping to hear something. Did you contact CircuitCo - if not - I'll email them as well.
  8. I bought two off of Aliexpress for $10 total including shipping. Now we'll just have to see if they arrive - never used that site before.
  9. Not sure - I put in a word to my TI contacts to see if I can find out. CircuitCo is doing the manufacturing - might be worth emailing them to see as well. I'm sure I'll hear from TI soon as well.
  10. It was replaced with the MK II version - much better http://boosterpackdepot.info/wiki/index.php?title=Educational_BoosterPack_MK_II
  11. @@zeke - nope - they're the REALLY good ones @@JapiMostert - regarding pin contention - you could always use jumpers/wires instead of stacking - that way you choose pins yourself. The 9 weeks and shipping is probably going to be a problem with pre-made boosterpacks though. You may need to see if you can find more local components (might start with ebay). As Zeke suggested - get organized first and make sure our objectives are clear - that will make selecting hardware much easier.
  12. There are certainly some good RTC libraries on the site - I used one for my clock project that I think was created by oPossum. TI has some getting started examples for the CC3000 for the MSP430G that should be a good base as well. Do you know if you need a webserver example or if you need to push data someplace? If you need an LCD - parallel could be an issue because of pin count. Depending on the type of LCD you're looking to use - there are again tons of examples. Check out the 43oh store for some examples. You can also use the HD44780 (parallel) if you just need text. Your biggest
  13. @@bluehash - I still have that gang programmer if you'd like me to program the chips.
  14. I tried to look back - not quite sure where mine got stuck. It was in a loop waiting for some interrupt to fire that never happened. I do have this post bookmarked - http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5624-getting-started-msp430f5529lp-launchpad-cc3000-boosterpack/#entry49154 - they reference modifying the CC3000 example for the F5529 (the library is for a more expensive board, not the launchpad format). I had found that library but hadn't gotten around to modifying it. Might be a place to start although it would be a lot more work than an energia library unfortunately.
  15. I had the same issue with a repeating call - http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5456-simplewebclientrepeating-example-gets-stuck/ - didn't get much of anywhere. I opened the library up in CCS6 which allows import from Energia sketches - it seemed to get stuck in the wifi library.
  16. Isn't support for that on windows 8 pretty buggy?
  17. There is a bit-bang USB project for the 2553, but it would probably mess up whatever else you were trying to run. Have you looked at the 5529 launchpad? It has built-in USB. Otherwise you will have to go with an extra chip like the G series LP does (TIUSB).
  18. Good progress. Got the controller built - it works on my BBB, but it's awfully laggy. I'm going to have to see if I can increase speed/frequency and see if that helps. I'm also going to have to dig into the USB example I'm using to see what CPU speed the 5529 is running at.
  19. http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slaa363a/slaa363a.pdf http://www.ti.com/tool/capsenselibrary http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slaa379/slaa379.pdf There are several other documents to review, but these should get you started. There is also an app to help you tune buttons once you have a PCB. Needs a serial connection to your PC. Works very well for sliders.
  20. Hah - stupid mistake. I was using the Print command instead of write. The value I was getting was the text conversion of the number.
  21. Not surprised - especially considering the thing with that arrow rep a bit ago with bluehash - seems to be their model - they aren't built for small orders. Digikey doesn't estimate either - but they pack in appropriately sized boxes and have cheap shipping for small orders. I just ordered 100 of something from them and paid $3 in shipping.
  22. I would recommend studying TI's white papers on the subject. There is more to it than just shapes - ground plane, isolation, trace routing, tuning, etc. Not to say that it is hard - just some considerations you should be aware of. 30 minutes of reading will save you some greif. I will try to look up the ones I used and post in a bit.
  23. Ok - I made some progress. I switched to 8-bit CRC. Looks like that's the default setting for the Energia library. Unfortunately, the data I'm getting is incorrect. I tried transmitting 0x08 and I get 0x38. Here's my update to the InitRF code I uploaded void InitNRF() { P4DIR = 0x00; /* Initial values for nRF24L01+ library config variables */ //rf_crc = RF24_EN_CRC | RF24_CRCO; // CRC enabled, 16-bit rf_crc = RF24_EN_CRC; // CRC enabled, 8-bit rf_addr_width = 5; rf_speed_power = RF24_SPEED_1MBPS | RF24_POWER_0DBM; rf_channel = 0; msprf24_init(); msprf24_s
  24. @@spirilis - Code is attached. Thankfully the device seems to respond - the RX just isn't working. I'll take a look at the dynamic sizing and see if I can figure that out. H8_Keyboard_NRF.zip
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