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  1. Howdie

    I think you'll be surprised about how many software guys you'll find around here I'm a web developer
  2. So I've been horribly quiet in the forums lately - mostly because of a lack of free time. Since I don't have a dedicated work space - having to break down and set up tools, projects, etc. severely limits how much time I have on projects. Thankfully - I'm getting a new house with my own room for projects as well as a garage! I'm hoping this will mean more time to complete projects. Most of my components are in cardboard boxes and plastic tubs - well organized but not exactly what I'd like for a nicely organized full workspace. I know we've had threads for showing off your workspace - but I'd love to hear about what you like best about your workspaces or anything you think might be helpful since I haven't had a dedicated space before. So - any suggestions on the following? I'm definitely not afraid of making my own furniture as well. Organization (small components to WIP projects) Types of work spaces (large open table, bench with shelves, etc.) Sites/videos with information that might be helpful (I'm thinking Adam Savage or Ben Heck videos for instance) Tools (not soldering iron or oscilloscope, more like magnifying glass, monitor holders, etc.) That one thing that you find invaluable for your workspace. Where to buy affordable stuff (I'm in the US, but non-US places might be good for other forum members) I've heard Harbor Freight is bad for tools - but they seem to have pretty cheap component organization options, and I've got one near by. And I'm trying to talk the wife into a hidden bookcase as the entrance. Fingers crossed! If I pull that one off - I'll have to post a video tour!
  3. MSP430 Nixie Clock

    @@RobG - I'd say all 4, otherwise the 1st tube isn't treated for cathode poisoning as much as the other tubes.
  4. MSP430 Nixie Clock

    @@RobG - I'd have to agree on the piezo - this type of clock is probably too bright for an area where you'd want an alarm. I have a spot for one on my VFD clock but only populated it for my first test device. I have three on my desk at work, one with a buzzer that beeps on startup - I should honestly pull the thing off of the board.
  5. MSP430 Nixie Clock

    @@RobG - hah - that's what I was going to try to add
  6. MSP430G2553 low power or send to sleep

    Well, I know there's a way to go into low power in Energia - might be a good idea to post in the Energia forum. Attach Interrupt would take care of the button push part and Sleep looks like it would work for low power/timing portion - but I don't use Energia a lot outside of ARM chips.
  7. MSP430G2553 low power or send to sleep

    I'd suggest downloading the code examples from the product page - http://www.ti.com/product/MSP430G2553/toolssoftware (download link - http://www.ti.com/lit/zip/slac485) There are a lot of examples depending on what particular aspect you're looking for. Here are a couple of examples that might be helpful: msp430g2xx3_P1_04.c - toggle LED when button pushed - using LPM4 msp430g2xx3_lpm3_vlo.c - LPM3 - LED toggled every 6 seconds
  8. I'll admit I haven't finished the training on TI-RTOS (next plan after I'm done with this course) - but the concepts introduced in the course are clarifying some of the settings I was seeing with TI-RTOS (Like WTF is StackSize used for). So I can see this helping my understanding of using another RTOS.
  9. Low-power water level alarm

    I believe so - assuming your connections are close enough. You do need to consider corrosion/oxidation as a potential issue. One alternative would be to use capacitance as well instead of a straight on/off - assuming you don't wake up too frequently - you should get good battery life out of that as well.
  10. @@spirilis you're an animal - saw that you'd finished lab 3! I'm about 1/2 of the way through section 2 - there are a LOT of videos to watch and content to read. Are you going through both, or just doing one or the other?
  11. MSP430 Nixie Clock

    @@RobG - make sure to post back when it's available. I've been meaning to pick one up for my younger brother for a while now.
  12. Analog comparator

    @@Clavier - sorry - you're right - I hadn't used Comparator_A - looks like I need to do some more reading in the family guide.
  13. Analog comparator

    I poked around - not an interrupt based on threshold. You can certainly set up a regular ADC conversion based on a reference pin (the 2553 does support VREF) and write a small amount of code to address the need. There are some 430's that can trigger an ADC conversion on a timer (http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/MSP430_-_Triggering_ADC_Conversion_Using_Timer_Module) that might simplify things a bit.
  14. TI CC3200 Relay on Pin 39 not working

    @@william67 - that's definitely odd - I'm seeing some overlap between other pins too - if the labels are correct.
  15. TI CC3200 Relay on Pin 39 not working

    I haven't tried the Relay module with the 3200 - maybe move it to 38 and J15? 39 shouldn't really be affecting the yellow LED, that's on 9. Maybe @@bluehash can move this post to the Energia forum?