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  1. Thanks guys for you respond !! Sorry for the little delay, was busy yesterday. But yes, you're right, this should be a timing issue. I found out that with Energia it put the clock to 1mhz, so I "unlocked" the 16mhz settings. RobG, I'm not sure about what you're saying when you say to make sure to use DCO calibration data. I didn't use a lot the launchpad, I more used the STM32F4DISCOVERY, but is it just to put the DCO clock to 16mhz ? I found on the Energia library the part where it initialize the clock. Should it be fine with those settings: void initClocks(void) { #ifdef __MSP430_HA
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to implement a midi output communication, but there seem to be a problem and I'm not sure if it's with my software or hardware. So here's what I'm getting... I'm trying to do it with a Launchpad rev 1.4 with the MSP430G2231 chip. I connected my launchpad to a midi connector like they told on the Teensy Midi Library page http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_MIDI.html So translated to the launchpad: P1_1 (TX pin) to midi Pin 5 (tried with and without a 220 ohms resistor) GND to midi Pin 2 VCC to midi Pin 4 with a 220 ohms resistor For the VCC
  3. Just saw your post above... Thanks for your reply and all your informations!! I like your idea for the port name I think it will be relevant in the software I want to write as well! Keep the good work !! But right now, I was just using MaxMSP to see if I can get the launchpad to communicate with the computer... I was just reading the output of the serial object... So not so much at the moment, but I planned to use a microcontroller for my master degree in music composition and was struggling to decide which microcontroller to use. Right now, I think the launchpad could be a good one to u
  4. Well, now I think the problem is more between the IORegistryExplorer and MaxMSP than your driver for the Launchpad. I opened the IORegistryExplorer and then MaxMSP (without the launchpad connected) and now it was my usb port who stopped working (my usb mouse stopped) and both applications froze and needed to force quit and restart my computer... So, I'll continue to test without both application open and let you know if I got any other bugs
  5. Hi PentiumPC, thank you very much !! With that new version, my computer detect it and it looks the same as you mention in my IORegistryExplorer except that instead of mentioning "AppleUSBCDC", it says : "IOUSBCompositeDriver" (see the attachment). Not sure if that's a problem... but nevertheless, I see a new device in the terminal with ls /dev/tty.* named "uart-ABFF427A4D19511A" and I was able to get data in MaxMSP from the demo code inside the launchpad !! So, I'm quite happy with it !! I just got some problems, at two times my keyboard stopped from working... not sure exactly
  6. Ok thanks !! Is there a place I can download this previous version ?? Or can someone PM me to get it ?? Thanks
  7. Thanks very much for your effort !! This is some pretty great news on the OS X side !! But unfortunately, I can't make it run for I don't know which reason... Well, the driver seems to be installed but I can't seem to be able to use it for Serial communication... I had previously tried the ez430rf2500.kext driver as well as to make one with the TIVCPSerial.kext... So I installed your driver (version "MSP430LPCDC 1.0.2b" with your installer) and uninstalled the others. In the I/ORegistryExplorer I can see the "Texas Instruments MSP-FET430UIF" when I connect the launchpad like that (See
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