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  1. I'll post more code after i got at least one full block working (with precalced padding/length).
  2. That can be some heavy computing! I look forward to seeing your implementation! Thanks to both for nice welcome.
  3. THIS is an early work-in-progress, it will not work (except for the first transform). What works so far: - MD5 basic functions F,G,H,I (i think is optimized enaugh) - Selecting basic functions using a indirect call using ROM table (i think so) - 32-Bit addition + circular shifting function - getting shifting amount from ROM table - first transform of MD5 works, i compared results a=FF(a,b,c,d,x[k+0], S11,0xD76AA478); What is missing so far: - A Permutation (deciding that sequence) a=FF(a,b,c,d,x[k+0], S11,0xD76AA478); d=FF(d,a,b,c,x[k+1], S12,0xE8C7B756); c=FF(c,d
  4. Might be interesting: MCP220 is nothing more than a pre-programmed PIC! http://dangerousprototypes.com/2011/01/ ... her=mobile I also read the device ID using PICkit2, and it really is true.
  5. I have suggestions (as i'm beginner in PCB layout, so cannot design boards correctly myself) to make video board, with RCA jacks + termination resistors and maybe a socket for an optional LM1881 for video overlaying. The USI module of MSP430 could be repurposed as a a fast shifter for generating black-and-white video signals in software, like many people do with AVRs. There is also a TellyMate shield for the Arduino that consists of ATMEGA8 who generates video in software emulating a serial terminal. Another suggestion would be to make a Nokia -clone color LCD shield, for connecting those
  6. Hi, i'm new to Four-Three-oh! community, have known about MSP430 before, but never actually had a project with them, although i had a few chips from past days lying around that i bought, but they didn't have a BSL. Finally i can use them on my Launchpad(s). I plan to use MSP430 for building video overlay and generator devices and for cryptography and software protection as well for improving my assembly skills. WBR Sergey/MKL
  7. Hi, i even tried soldering it into existing holes - didn't work. My TEXTOOL clone is no TFXTDOL (i got these too, but not 20 pin-type) but a clone with "3M" marking. As soon as i get machined 20 pins sockets, i will again solder one into my launchpad and use this construction, an ZIF addon-board for Launchpad. Hopefully also the new Launchpads will arrive (i ordered some, as i though i might have damaged mine, who knows...) I did this without any professional equipment, so the results are not that nice.
  8. Hi, i attempted to desolder the standard machined socket and replace it with a cheap 1 EUR ZIF Socket (TEXTOOL clone) from Ebay. It turned out after multiple attempts the holes are too small in diameter for any other socket except the machined socket to fit... My launchpad looks like crap now, i must resolder a normal machined socket now. WBR Sergey
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