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  1. Hey Gang, This is Dan from Texas. I have been playing/learning about MSP430 micros for a little over a year now in my spare time, hoping to one day save the world with a little pin toggling. I don't usually post much, but I wanted to start now that I have a little more time on my hands lately. So Hello World! ~xobmo
  2. Oh, wow, it's right there! I chose to start with the chip I was using on another project... it compiled just fine after changing the target to the MSP430G2553 that is actually populated on the board... I am testing my attempts at getting this code running on the LP because I have seen many requests for Pong on the tv-out for the launchpad, but haven't seen it implemented... thinking about lowering the resolution and saving some flash space to implement a little more code. Any suggestions? How much code space could we save my rewriting straight into assembly?
  3. I am getting an error in CCS v. when trying to compile main.c for debug on launchpad (using g2553): "../lnk_msp430g2452.cmd", line 56: error: run placement fails for object ".bss", size 0x198 (page 0). Available ranges: RAM size: 0x100 unused: 0xb0 max hole: 0xb0 undefined first referenced symbol in file --------- ---------------- IFG2 ./video.obj UCA0BR0 ./main.obj UCA0BR1 ./main.obj UCA0CTL0 ./main.obj UCA0CTL1 ./main.obj UCA0MCTL ./main.obj UCA0RXBUF ./main
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