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    energia reacted to NurseBob in MSP430G2452 - Delayed start after uploading program with Energia   
    Have you tried the reset button after upload? Or disconnecting and reconnecting?  If so, does the blink program begin on one of those events?
    Are you running identical code in both cases?  Is the CCS version an import of the Energia project, or are you running the TI CCS blink code and something else in Energia?
    Post some code...
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    energia reacted to NurseBob in SoftwareSerial Communication Issues   
    Also, where is sendrequest() ever callled?  Who's sending, who's responding? Unclear from your code snippet(s)  if anyone is sending, if one is sending, etc.  Are both running the same code?
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    energia reacted to NurseBob in SoftwareSerial Communication Issues   
    > I hope the connection is all right.
    You might want to think about if you want TX->TX, or TX->RX?
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    energia got a reaction from quasar5456 in MSP432 no COM Port number assigned   
    As you noted, there is something going wrong with the port assignment in Windows. It could be that all comports somehow have been assigned already and Windows is not giving them up to other devices.
    What does the Driver tab say in the device manager? Mine looks like the following.
    Where did the driver you installed come from? Did you download it from energia.nu? Have you tried rebooting windows?
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    energia reacted to NurseBob in Energia.core   
    I've had intermittent problems with various versions of CCS and Energia in the past.  After seeing your post I updated my CCS to with no issues.  However, based on your reported error message, it's worth taking a moment to go to Window->Preferences->Code Composer Studio->Products to see if Energia is still installed. 
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    energia reacted to Rei Vilo in Can't get BME280 to work with MSP430g2554   
    The MSP430G2553 has two I²C ports available. See I²C Check-List at
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    energia reacted to Rei Vilo in Can't get BME280 to work with MSP430g2554   
    The I²C implementation on pins 9 and 10 is software-based (or bit-banging). Some functions may work differently from the hardware ones. 
    Let me try with a very standard I²C device. 
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    energia got a reaction from AlexZaru in MSP432P401R: Error compiling   
    If you have a RED MSP432 LaunchPad then please install and use the "Energia MSP432 EMT RED boards" package using the board manager.
    If you have a BLACK MSP432 LaunchPad then edit the file C:\Users\<user name\AppData\Local\Energia15\packages\energia\hardware\msp432\3.8.0\platform.txt
    On line 20 change:
    compiler.path={runtime.tools.arm-none-eabi-gcc.path}/bin/ to
    compiler.path={runtime.tools.arm-none-eabi-gcc-4.8.4-20140725.path}/bin/ I will have an update for this package later this week that fixes this issue.
    The issue is that the Energia always picks the latest compiler if a compiler version is not explicitly called for in platform.txt. The current msp432 (BLACK) core is not compatible with the latest compiler installed by other boards (e.g. MSP432 RED core).
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    energia reacted to Clavier in Advice for proper chip selection   
    In general, the G2xx chips have 16 interrupt-capable pins (if they have that many pins at all).
    For development, I'd suggest the G2553 on the LaunchPad.

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    energia reacted to Rei Vilo in Interfacing GY-80 (only ADXL345) to TM4C1294NCPDT using energia   
    Wire.begin(ADXAddress);  configures the TM4C129 as an I²C slave, not an I²C master.
    Please refer to http://energia.nu/reference/wire/wire_begin/
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    energia reacted to Rei Vilo in timer examples do not compiler in rev 17 or 18   
    For the boards supporting EMT, try the Galaxia library.
    Which board are you targeting? Which library are you referring to? About posting a question and porting libraries from Arduino to Energia, see
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    energia got a reaction from Marc in Energia 1.6.10E18 Libraries   
    It will look at \AppData\Local\Energia15\packages\energia\hardware\msp430\1.0.2\libraries as this is a newer version of the core. The "..\energia-1.6.10E18\hardware\energia\msp430\libraries" is the location of the core version 1.0.0 that comes with the IDE.
    I am not sure what you mean with "an older library instead of the new folders that come with the new zipped file"
    Can you please elaborate?
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    energia got a reaction from Lukman in MSPflash do not work on MSP4305969   
    One does not explicitly write to FRAM. You just change the value of what is stored in FRAM and it will survive a power cycle or reset. Did you run the Sketch and observe the values as I described? See the count++ and mydate +=2. This is equivalent to a FLASH write. Those incremental values will be there after a reset or reboot. Just run the Sketch and then reset power cycle the board and you will see the result in the Serial monitor.
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    energia got a reaction from veryalive in MSPflash do not work on MSP4305969   
    As you can see from the Sketch, count is attributed with PLACE_IN_FRAM. Same for mydata which is of type struct data. This makes it "persistent". PLACE_IN_FRAM is defined as __attribute__((section(".text"))) at the top of the Sketch.
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    energia got a reaction from Fmilburn in Can't get Energia to work without it freezing or being extremely slow   
    This is most likely a virus scanner issue. I have seen exactly the same issue on a Windows machine with mcfee. After disabling the virus scanner, it was back to normal.
    The virus scanner will scan any executable that starts up. While compiling with Energia gcc and arduino-builder are launched dozens of times. Each scan could take considerable amount of time hence it seems like the IDE is freezing. Try disabling your virus scanner and see if things improve.
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    energia got a reaction from kamalesh in MSP430FR4133 - Can LCD pins be configured as GPIO   
    Not that P2_2, etc are "friendly" names only that map to a pin number and point into the arrays digital_pin_to_port[], digital_pin_to_bit_mask[], etc.
    On a side note, It is discouraged to use these friendly names since they are not portable between all launchpads. Instead use pin numbers.
    With that said, in order to use the pins currently exclusive to the LCD, you need to add them to the following arrays in pins_energia.h:
    digital_pin_to_port[] digital_pin_to_bit_mask[] Add them to the end of the arrays. You will have to choose which pin goes at which position in the array. The position in the array determines the pin number you use in your Sketches for a particular pin.
    e.g. if you were to add P2.2 to the end of the arrays it would look something like this:
    const uint8_t digital_pin_to_port[] = { NOT_A_PIN, /* 0 - pin count starts at 1 */ ..... P2, /* 21 - P2.4 */ P2, /* 22 - P2.3 */ P4, /* 23 - P4.0 */ P1, /* 24 - P1.2 */ P2, /* 25 - P2.6 */ P2, /* 26 - P2.2 */ }; const uint8_t digital_pin_to_bit_mask[] = { NOT_A_PIN, /* 0 - pin count starts at 1 */ ...... BV(4), /* 21 - P2.4 */ BV(3), /* 22 - P2.3 */ BV(0), /* 23 - P4.0 */ BV(2), /* 24 - P1.2 */ BV(6), /* 25 - P2.6 */ BV(2), /* 26 - P2.2 */ }; With this addition you can use P2.2 as pin 26 in your Sketch as GPIO.
    void setup() { pinMode(26, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(26, HIGH); } Be careful with modifying the core since it is controlled by Energia. An update to the core will undo all the changes.
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    energia got a reaction from ADuBose in Energia MSP-EXP430F5529LP failed MSpanList_Insert   
    Please see solution here: 
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    energia reacted to LiviuM in Sd card interface with msp430   
    You have the PFatFs library files twice in the Energia's searching path, once in the library/PFatFs folder and once in the sketch folder.
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    energia got a reaction from Fmilburn in Is it Better to Change Header or Remap GPIO in my Sketch?   
    Attached is a lightweight package. Unzip and place in <Sketch Folder>/hardware/. If the hardware folder does not exist, create it. If you do not know the location of your Sketch folder, go into Energia->Preferences and it is listed under "Sketchbook location" Your directory structure should now look like the below. You can now edit pins_energia.h to match that of your board.
    hardware/ └── xeebot └── cc3200 ├── boards.txt ├── platform.txt └── variants └── XEEBOT ├── part.h └── pins_energia.h  
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    energia got a reaction from birla in Sd card interface with msp430   
    It happens to be that DIR is defined in a driverlib header file for the F5529 in msp430f5xx_6xxgeneric.h. The library was originally tested on the G2553 which did not have this define. 
    The work around is to edit the file pff.h in the libraries utility folder. Look for:
    #define _FATFS The just underneath that add:
    #ifdef DIR #undef DIR #endif There is one other file which unfortunately has a hardcoded path to SPI.h. Edit the file pfatfs.h and then change the include of SPI.h to #include <SPI.h> like the below:
    #if _SoftSPI < 1 #include <SPI.h> #endif With those changes it compiles for me but don't have the hardware right now to test it on the F5529.
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    energia reacted to Fmilburn in Problems with Energia on MSP430 LaunchPad   
    Make sure there are no spaces in the path. See for example this:  
    when you get a problem like this, always try a search for the key words in the error message - eg no such file or directory
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    energia reacted to Rei Vilo in Energia support for MSP430FR5994 LaunchPad?   
    Please refer to the https://github.com/energia/msp430-lg-core Github repository: the MSP430FR5994 has been added to Energia.
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    energia got a reaction from JINU in watchdog in cc3200   
    Below an example Sketch of how to use the watchdog peripheral with driverlib API calls. This example Sketch will stop feeding the watchdog and reboot the CC3200 after g_ulWatchdogCycles reaches the value of 10. 
    This example was pieced together from the driverlib watchdog examples in the CC3200 SDK.
    #include "hw_wdt.h" #include "wdt.h" #include "utils.h" #include "prcm.h" #include "interrupt.h" #include "hw_ints.h" volatile unsigned long g_ulWatchdogCycles = 0; typedef void (*fAPPWDTDevCallbk)(); #define WD_PERIOD_MS 1000 #define SYS_CLK 80000000 #define MILLISECONDS_TO_TICKS(ms) ((SYS_CLK/1000) * (ms)) void setup() { boolean bRetcode; Serial.begin(115200); Serial.println("**************************************************"); Serial.println("* CC3200 Watchdog Test *"); Serial.println("**************************************************"); // // Set up the watchdog interrupt handler. // WDT_IF_Init(WatchdogIntHandler, MILLISECONDS_TO_TICKS(WD_PERIOD_MS)); bRetcode = MAP_WatchdogRunning(WDT_BASE); if (!bRetcode) { Serial.println("Watchdog failed to run. Shutting down"); WDT_IF_DeInit(); while (1); } } void loop() { Serial.print("Watchdog interrupt count: "); Serial.println(g_ulWatchdogCycles); delay(1000); } void WatchdogIntHandler(void) { // // After 10 interrupts, switch On LED6 to indicate system reset // and don't clear watchdog interrupt which causes system reset // if (g_ulWatchdogCycles >= 10) { MAP_UtilsDelay(800000); return; } // // Clear the watchdog interrupt. // MAP_WatchdogIntClear(WDT_BASE); // // Increment our interrupt counter. // g_ulWatchdogCycles++; } void WDT_IF_Init(fAPPWDTDevCallbk fpAppWDTCB, unsigned int uiReloadVal) { // // Enable the peripherals used by this example. // MAP_PRCMPeripheralClkEnable(PRCM_WDT, PRCM_RUN_MODE_CLK); // // Unlock to be able to configure the registers // MAP_WatchdogUnlock(WDT_BASE); if (fpAppWDTCB != NULL) { MAP_IntPrioritySet(INT_WDT, INT_PRIORITY_LVL_1); MAP_WatchdogIntRegister(WDT_BASE, fpAppWDTCB); } // // Set the watchdog timer reload value // MAP_WatchdogReloadSet(WDT_BASE, uiReloadVal); // // Start the timer. Once the timer is started, it cannot be disable. // MAP_WatchdogEnable(WDT_BASE); } void WDT_IF_DeInit() { // // Unlock to be able to configure the registers // MAP_WatchdogUnlock(WDT_BASE); // // Disable stalling of the watchdog timer during debug events // MAP_WatchdogStallDisable(WDT_BASE); // // Clear the interrupt // MAP_WatchdogIntClear(WDT_BASE); // // Unregister the interrupt // MAP_WatchdogIntUnregister(WDT_BASE); }  
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    energia reacted to B@tto in MSP430 reduce clock speed   
    If I'm not wrong, F_CPU is defined in boards.txt
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    energia reacted to Rei Vilo in slow energia   
    Which OS?
    I guess you're running on Windows. This is a known issue  
    Energia 18 uses the arduino_builder build manager, which is very slow.
    For faster performance, use Energia 17, which relies on another build manager. 
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