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  1. Serial port does not exist

    No Wonder . You need the following jumpers installed! VCC, TEST, RST, RXD and TXD Robert
  2. Serial port does not exist

    Can you post the entire (orange) output of MSPDebug? The only way I am able to reproduce this is when I take the MSP430G2553 out of the DIP socket. Is the MSP430 seated correctly in the DIP socket?
  3. This seems pure CC3200 SDK code and not related to Energia. I would encourage you to post SDK related questions on e2e here as it is monitored by the CC3200 experts. https://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/simplelink_wifi_cc31xx_cc32xx/f/968
  4. Maybe this one? https://gist.github.com/tnedev/11321023 Robert
  5. [SOLVED] Launchpad Pin 3 vs Pin 8

    The internal PULLUP resistor is to weak to effect the 10K PULLDOWN on SW3. You'll need a 1K pullup connected to the reed switch. See schematic snip for the CC3200 LaunchPad below:
  6. [SOLVED] Launchpad Pin 3 vs Pin 8

    This pin is also connected to SW3 aka PUSH1. There is a 10k pulldown on this pin. How do you have the read switch connected and how do you set pin 3 as input in your Sketch? One thing to try is to use your existing code with pin 3 as input and then push SW3 and see if the value changes in the Serial monitor. Robert
  7. Energia Source Code

    The msp430 core source code is on github here: https://github.com/energia/msp430-lg-core
  8. I do not see any float to string conversions in this snip of code. Did you paste the right / entire Sketch?
  9. Flash overflow

    Yes, unfortunately that does not work. The only solution right now is to reduce your program to less than 48k. Robert
  10. Flash overflow

    This is an unfortunate feature (read issue) with the current compiler where it is not able to place code in upper memory. Hence you are limited to the lower 48k. There is work being done on an updated gcc compiler which will be able to address upper memory but this might take a while before it comes out.
  11. p.s. I did not know this was possible as an alternative to the board manager approach. While looking for an alternative method, I found this solution in one of the Arduino forums.
  12. Attached is a lightweight package. Unzip and place in <Sketch Folder>/hardware/. If the hardware folder does not exist, create it. If you do not know the location of your Sketch folder, go into Energia->Preferences and it is listed under "Sketchbook location" Your directory structure should now look like the below. You can now edit pins_energia.h to match that of your board. hardware/ └── xeebot └── cc3200 ├── boards.txt ├── platform.txt └── variants └── XEEBOT ├── part.h └── pins_energia.h xeebot.zip
  13. Can you please post a minimal Sketch that shows the issue?
  14. Sd card interface with msp430

    How do you have the SD card connected to the LaunchPad? Through the SD Card BoosterPack or wired to some other SD Card breakout board? Can you list the connections from the LaunchPad headers to the SD card? Robert
  15. Flash overflow

    If the compiler complains about overflow then then editing the "Memory file" will not help. You will have to find ways to reduce your flash usage. If you have large static arrays in flash, find a way to reduce them, if you are using floats, try to modify your Sketch to not use floats, etc. Robert