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  1. I was trying to use this library but keys appeared to trigger by themselves and so the keypad was quite unusable. So I modified the initializePins() function in the library to set inputs as INPUT_PULLDOWN instead of floating inputs and now it's working fine. I hope it can help someone in the same case as I was. And it should be possible to modify the library with preprocessor statements to set pulldown resistors on inputs when it is available on the platform (Energia, Maple, new Arduinos I think, etc) to avoid bugs
  2. Yes of course Energia (as Arduino, Maple and maybe other stuff like this) is great for doing something quickly without the need of opening a datasheet but I was wondering if it's possible to enhance some parts of the library like digitalWrite, not for my application but for everybody. Even if 95% of people doesn't care of the toggling rate with Energia's embedded functions, it's still a good thing to improve. If you take a battery powered application that uses of the low power modes, it's very important to stay as short as possible in the run mode to save your battery.
  3. Yes I can use it and I'm implementing it but software SPI is a very good example to show the slowness of the digitalWrite/Read functions. I made a little sketch to toggle a pin as fast as possible and I achieve a toggle rate of about 426kHz with digitalWrite and about 2.8MHz with direct access to registers.
  4. Hi, I don't know if it's a know problem but the digitalWrite and digitalRead functions are quite slow. I'm using a nRF24L01+ in my project with a software SPI (so digitalWrite and digitalRead are used a lot) an and the whole function that fetch ADC values and send them to the radio takes 46.5ms using digitalWrite functions and only 15.9ms by accessing directly to the registers (like P1OUT |= BIT1 or P1IN |= BIT0)). Is there any solution to speed up these functions?
  5. Oh thanks! Okay so I was really stupid, I managed to view all the pages on the site but not the download section :arrow:
  6. Hi, Maybe I'm stupid but I can't find how to install Energia on OS X (Lion). Can someone give me some instructions please?
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