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  1. Thanks for your answer. Well, first I will do some code clean-up and expurge it from the non necessary code. I found this issue in Energia, perhaps it is related : https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/41 I don't know why I missed it yesterday. Since Robert should soon send me an updated build of Energia, I will wait to test my code with it before posting the code. What still make me think its a problem in my code is that the small code I wrote for testing the RTC also use P1 as digital I/O but works ok with the timer... Thanks again. Yan.
  2. Hi, I am quite a newbie to microcontrollers and to the MSP430 in particular. I am using Energia under OS X as my IDE, mixing C code and Energia/Wiring code. I have : - One program that runs some kind of digital beacon with outputs on both a R-2R DAC and LaunchPad LED as mirror. It also use the serial port for debug output. - One library for using the RTC capabilities of the MSP430G2553 I use. Both codes work ok separately. Now, if I try to use my RTC lib in the beacon code, it works, but I loose the P1 port usage. I am unable to read P1.3 (Switch) and P1.0 is stuck to high.
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