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  1. Hi, This is for using "inboard" RTC capabilities of the LaunchPad. If you solder the provided 32KHz Xtal to the LaunchPad board and using the MSP430G2553 internal clocks/timer, you can have a really accurate RTC clock. However, you have to the time calculation yourself. This library only implements time. A little bit more work would allow you to compute days, months, years... The real difficulty is that the UTC calendar is a little bit more complex than just adding numbers, since the Earth rotation is not exactly 365 days, you have bissextiles years, leap seconds... Yan.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. As for low-level init you are right I should do it in another routine as I have done in the AD9850 lib following the structure I saw in Rei Vilo 3110 library. I will try to do this tomorrow, it is a bit late for coding right now... Yan.
  3. Huh... well... the truth is that I don't know. You need to divide by 8 because if not the Timer will overflow. Why I have written is divided by 8 twice ??? I guess the comments are not accurate. I have two versions of the library one with a better precision than one second. I have uploaded updated libs here, but I still need to correct the comments I think : http://xv4y.radioclub.asia/boutique/docs/ Yan.
  4. Hi, This is a rather simple library to control a DDS chip from Analog Devices, the AD9850. I use it with Energia on a MSP430G2553 but given the simplicity of the code it should work on virtually any micro-controler using IDEs like Arduino. This is the page on my blog featuring an article (in french but with automatic translation provided) : http://xv4y.radioclub.asia/2012/12/18/librairie-pour-piloter-un-dds-ad9850-avec-un-launchpadmsp430-ou-un-arduino/ Here a page where you can download the library (the third link from the top) : http://xv4y.radioclub.asia/boutique/docs/ Ple
  5. Hi, I have a little problem with 009 release on OS X. Using right from the installation everything is working ok, any code I have written with 008 is compiled and run on the MSP430 LaunchPad. However, as with 008 programs using my RTC library run slow. In 008 I had to comment out a line in wiring.c (//BCSCTL3 |= LFXT1S_2;) because it interferes with my own clock setting. Doing the same with 009 makes Energia still compile ok but the produced binary is not working anymore on the LaunchPad. Curiouser and curiouser, if I uncomment the BCSCTL3 |= LFXT1S_2; line, things are not coming back
  6. xv4y


    Hi, ShiftOut() works great. I have ported code for driving an AD9850 DDS from Arduino to Energia/MSP430 without changing anything to it, so even timing is rather similar. Yan.
  7. Two days ago TI informed me that my StellarPad is shipping. I should have it in a few days. Your timing for this release is perfect! Thanks for the fantastic work you are doing. Yan - XV4Y. --- http://xv4y.radioclub.asia/
  8. You're a master. I have a project for a DDS signal generator using the LaunchPad, an AD9850 board and the 5110 display. My goal for today was to "try to talk" with the 5110 LCD. You saved me a lot of work! Thanks a lot. Yan.
  9. Hi, The problem was all mine. I did a little rework of my code and saved a few bytes of SRAM. Now the program is running ok with Serial lib for hardware communications. It seems likely that the memory was exhausted and in some cases Serial could have been using too much SRAM for its buffers and getting corrupted characters. I will soon publish the code in my blog. Regards, Yan. --- http://xv4y.radioclub.asia/
  10. Hi, Well, this is just to keep the community informed. We (in fact mainly Robert) are investigating the problem as it may be a bug in the Serial library. This could be related to a SRAM exhaustion. If you experience the same kind of anomaly, please report... Regards, Yannick.
  11. I was kidding but if that is true (and I trust you) you are amazing!!! I am ordering a StellarPad right now!
  12. While searching for other infos about the RAM in MSP430 I found a lot of people complaining about the small size of the launchpad MSP430G2553 RAM, especially when programming with high-level languages... I found this : http://www.exisle.net/mb/index.php?/top ... duino-uno/ about this : http://www.ti.com/tool/ek-lm4f120xl#1 The Stellaris
  13. Hi, I am just jumping in this thread. I am new to LCD display (and new to almost everything in embedded computing I must say). I just received a 16x2 LCD and was trying it with my Arduino because the Launchpad is currently used for something else. While searching for a way to display bargraphs for another project (some kind of spectrum analyzer using FFT) I found this library : https://bitbucket.org/fmalpartida/new-l ... /wiki/Home Hardware abstraction seems better than the original one so perhaps porting it to Energia could be easier... It is also faster and allows for using a shift
  14. Hi friends, I could post the code but it is rather long and since the serial things are used only for debugging there is a lot of #IFDEF and it will not be really easy to read. I will try to post the interesting things anyhow. However, this is the weekend and I have kids at home until tuesday because it is Trung Thu (Moon day). Robert, if you'd like to try to compile the code I can send it to you via a private message. Thanks for your help! Yan.
  15. Hi, I think this is more related to the MSP430G2553 than to Energia but I want your opinion. I am a beginner with all of this so don't be surprised if my questions are stupids. For my project (a beacon generator with an RTC clock) I was using TimerSerial for debugging. I had no problem at all with it, always had good data coming from the LaunchPad. Then I decided to switch to Serial (the hardware UART) since TimerSerial was generating some delays and possibly making the RTC drift. Using a simple code (just a clock) with short strings sent every second, no problem. However, usin
  16. Hi! I am back playing with Energia and the LaunchPad. I just ordered a DTH11 for around 1$ shipped from a Hong Kong seller on eBay. Planning to play with it later (also ordered a UHF transmitter, and a LCD, a remote temp/humidity sensor could be a nice toy). I haven't dig around this chip yet but I was crawling in the Energia forums and read your topic so I am jumping in. Thanks for the code examples! Regards, Yan. EDIT : Missed page 2 of the discussion and first writing the message did not see all the participants...
  17. Hi, On this page you can find the code for a simple C library using the RTC capabilities included in the MSP430g2553 shipped with the LaunchPad. I know TI already offer a nice RTC lib but it is in assembler and not easy to compile outisde of the given IDE. This one has been designed to work under Energia and should be easier to port. http://xv4y.radioclub.asia/2012/05/22/bibliotheque-rtc-pour-le-msp430/ Regards, Yannick.
  18. Hi, Now my beacon is working and signals have been received by another station. The only problem is that the output power is a bit low (100mW) and propagation conditions not great at this season for the band I choose (30 meters band is more a winter band), but this RF related, not MSP430 related. The clock drift is around 1 second less for 4 hours but I have to measure it. It seems in line with the 20ppm rating of the xtal. I will have to correct the drift either by software (adding a leap second), by changing the XCAP_x value in BSCTL3 or by hardware pulling a little bit the xtal (
  19. Hi Robert, Does this mean that I am unable to set ACLK so it uses the XTAL ? The results I have are in line with my expectations... I think I found my error but I have to run a long test to check the RTC drift. I set CCR0 to 128 (as I want to mesure 128 periods of the xtal oscillator) but I read that CCR0 counts N+1 not N. No it is to 128-1 and hover 10 minutes the clock is ok. TI documentation is not really precise about this, and the examples not all good. Sometime you find CRR0 = N-1 but nobody explains why... Yan.
  20. Hi, Thanks for your replies. CorB, I forgot to tell I hooked up a 32KHz Xtal to the LaunchPad external clock pads. I am rather used to solder SMD but this one was not the easiest to solder since the board is already populated... Rick, yes I saw the second code you give but missed the board.txt... I think my problem is somewhere else... the drift is worst than I thought! I also use the delay() function which make usage of the WatchDogTimer. I will try to use only my own "delay" using the RTC lib. Regards, Yan.
  21. Hi, What are the default clock settings (BCSCTLx registers) for an MSP430G2553 in Energia ? I have my beacon running but the clock is slowly drifting (30 seconds in 12 hours) and the beacon sequence is not synchronized anymore so the receivers are not decoding it. I think this is because I have interrupts call too often (each 1/256th of second) and the MCU too slow, but I am not sure... Thanks, Yan.
  22. Hi Rei Yes, the template idea is really neat. I have been using one for compiling to AVR. However I am stuck to Snow Leopard (XCode 3.2) and your template does not work under XCode 3.2... Also, I like the "all in one" approach of Energia, even if the XCode editor is superior in many ways. Yan.
  23. Hi, If you are a begginner with MSP430 perhaps you should consider Energia IDE. Included in it you have a library called TimerSerial. Compiled it uses around 1,5kb. For sending strings to the serial port, you just do : TimerSerial mySerial; setup() { mySerial.begin(); }; loop() { mySerial.print("Infinite"); mySerial.println("Loop"); }; Yan.
  24. Got it now. It was my own fault indeed. I don't need to force PSEL = 0x00. In fact, when I was waiting for an input (push button) I stopped the serial interface (TimerSerial::end()). Since TimerSerial use Timer A, it may be modifying the pin selection... I was stopping the serial interface because if not doing so, when I want to upload a new binary to the LaunchPad, I have to physically disconnect it. The serial monitor seems not to release the interface or perhaps the LaunchPad USB/Serial converter is busy... Well, having to disconnect the LaunchPad is a minor drawback indeed.
  25. Hi, I use Energia build 005a under OS X with a LaunchPad and it works great. For basic things, everything is ok. Of course, since it is still in development, there are some bugs if you go into more complex codes. The dev team has been really responsive to my questions and that's great. Since you can mix C/C+ and assembler code with the Wiring wrapper, my own opinion is Energia is the way to go for hobbyist who want to discover the MSP430 and write simple code faster. Yan.
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