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  1. Hi demon 1977 (great year), Perhaps the author forgot to include my port of the crc16.h library. Try to download my first version of the VirtualWire library (the first link on the first post here above). You will find the util directory you can copy in the library directory. If this not work either, try to use my library as this one is tested... Yan.
  2. Hi, I am not expert on this matter, some people on the forum will have a more complete answer to your question. Also, I am not in front of my "development" computer and have no access to Energia right now. However I will give you a few tips to pursue your goal : - try to access Energia "preferences" or "settings" and enable the verbose compiler output, - this output will give you the exact compiler/linker commands Energia is actually caling, and the files it generates - looking at the temporary file names, try to access them with an editor. I am not sure you will be able to
  3. I was thinking in porting an existing library from Arduino but I have no free time for it right now. If you are patient this could be done by march at last... Yan.
  4. Ooops... sorry sorry Rei Vilo, my mistake. Yes I found your DHT22 lib implementation better. However I will ship both DHT11 or DHT22 with my kits and the ladyada lib was working with both sensors on both Arduino and Energia so I kept this one. Once the main code will be working ok I will perhaps change the library... Yan.
  5. Bonjour Olivier, I think the pin is mislabeled in the MIDI example. It is Serial (UART) pin so P1_1 (pin 1, not 0, of the port 1 output). As I understand it : P1_1 goes to MIDI jack pin 5 GND goes to MIDI jack pin 2 +5V goes through a 220ohms resistor to MIDI jack pin 4 Have fun, Yannick.
  6. Hi Rei Vilo, There is a small error in the example. It tells : if (isnan(t) || isnan(h)) { Serial.println("Failed to read from DHT"); However in case of error the library returns 0 (not false) and 0 is an number so the "Failed to read" is neither reached... So I replaced the conditions by t == 0 && h == 0 since Temp could be 0 but humidity never and both showing 0 is nearly impossible under the sensor specs. Yan.
  7. Working on two projects when free from my main activities : - A Simple Weather Station with Statistics. The MSP430G2452 will be used for a remote Temp/Humidity Sensor sending data over a mono-directional 433MHz link. Main unit will be based on Arduino Nano though. Three reasons : has EEPROM integrated for statistics, run on 5V and interfaces easier with the DS1307 RTC modules I have in stock, has 1Kb of SRAM and should allow me to run a small HTTP Server using a ENC28J60 Ethernet module. - A larger project with a friend involving two Raspberry Pi and several LaunchPad and Arduinos. The goal
  8. Hi, The original author has now published version 1.12 of the library that should work on both Arduino (ATMega328) and Energia (MSP430G2452/G2553). Examples are provided for both platforms. Download is possible on the author's website. Comments and feedback are welcome. Yan.
  9. Hi Rei Vilo, Once again you're a master. You tutorial is really helping. At first I took your 5110 lib as example, but going the IDE specific way is not the best since this library (VirtualWire) use Timers that are specific to processors. Going with the MCU specific macros did the trick. To be honest, yesterday right after turning off the computer and going downstair heading to the bed I found a solution with more macro def... I tested it this morning and it was compiling ok. I have not checked it was running ok thought. Anyhow, it was more a workaround than a neat solution. T
  10. With Arduino (I don't know about the Due), you don't have the full 32kb for you, around 2kb is used by the bootloader. Yan.
  11. Yes, I have it declared in the library .cpp file and declared again in my main file of the programs...
  12. Well, finally it is related to the inclusion of legacymsp430.h. If I put it in the main code, it works. If I put it in a #if defined it does not work. Please can someone have a look to my code at tell me if I am doing something wrong here : #include "VirtualWire.h" #include <util/crc16.h> #if ARDUINO >= 100 // Recent Arduino IDE versions #include <Arduino.h> #elif ARDUINO < 100 // Older #include <wiring.h> #include <WProgram.h> #elif defined(ENERGIA) // Energia for LaunchPad (not tested on FraunchPad and StellarPad) #include <Energia.h> //#include <
  13. Well, I read a little bit more about GCC preprocessor directives and found that even if the code is not compiled, it has to be valid since it goes through transformations and tokenization. That poses a problem because the AVR interrupt declaration are not valid for mspgcc... SIGNAL(TIMER1_COMPA_vect) { ... } I will have to dig in the AVR code a little bit more than I though. Yan.
  14. Hi, I am trying to write a library that could compile with both Arduino and Energia (MSP430). It should be easy because there are only a few changes involved in the .h header file (calls to different libraries) and the .cpp implementation file. I try to use the following preprocessor directives. #if defined (ARDUINO) #elif defined (ENERGIA) #endif However this does not work as Energia still try to compile the arduino code. Am I doing something wrong ? Did someone experience the same ? Thanks, Yan.
  15. Hi Senso, Mouser will never offer free shipping to Vietnam... I have asked samples from TI many times however : - I though some parts like the MSP430G were not available as samples - asking many times for the same sample should not be possible but I never tried... Regards, Yan.
  16. Hi, I tried at first but this vendor require you to give all your personal details including underwear's color just to have the shipping cost. This is a really aggressive manner as far as I am concerned. Since you seem to suggest they have fair shipping cost I tried but they ship via FeDeX and it's 55$ shipping for 10$ parts... Yan.
  17. Hi cde, Thanks for your suggestion, but as you may have not noticed I live in Vietnam, and even if my city counts 1M inhabitants it's oriented toward agriculture. We have only 2 local electronic shops and they stock only parts for repairing audio amps or DVD players... The only "local" is located in Saigon and it's a full day trip. Still, reading the vietnamese electronic forums most of them go to Singapore or Hong Kong for buying this kind of stuff... Yan.
  18. Hi Golnuf, If it is plateform related I cannot help you much further... I am using OS X and somehow have the reverse problem, Energia serial monitor is not releasing the COM port and I have to unplug the board if I want to upload after doing Serial stuffs. Yan.
  19. Hi Guys, Sorry but yesterday I have been busy away from home and I was not able to work on this. Thanks a lot Graham for debugging this. I will have a look at the "legacyMSP430" problem. I remember I included it somewhere but don't remember why I needed it... Yan.
  20. Hi Rick, Thanks for this comment. I am happy too ;-) That was more than 10 years I have not been really working with micro-controlers. Now they are far more powerful and that gives a lot of flexibility. For me, Arduino has really changed the deal because you can now mix low level and high level programming allowing both new-comers and experimented developers to do interesting things together. Energia is a great project first because the MSP430 has its own advantages in some applications in front of the AVR. Now making it working also on Stellaris will sure make more community projects
  21. Hi, I need to buy a small quantity (let's say 10-25 each) of MSP430G2452 and G2553. Mouser has them at a good price but shipping rate to Viet-Nam is above 40 USD and make the real cost double. Actually, buying LaunchPad from TI with Fedex shipping included is far cheaper since Fedex even paid for the customs on my last order (around 6$ tax for 15 LaunchPad boards). However, for some reason I would like to buy bare chips if possible... Do someone know a place where they sell them with a more realist shipping cost (around 10$) ? Thanks for your help. Regards, Yan.
  22. Hi Steve, Are you sure you are flashing ok ? When you try examples that controls the LEDs do the LED react correctly ? Then if you are able to flash there is no reason why the Energia serial monitor should not be working. The Basics/DigitalReadSerial example should be working with the 2 UART jumpers set perpendicularly to the 3 remaining ones. Try to force the speed at 9600bps perhaps. Yan.
  23. Huh, sorry sorry. I was lost with your loop closing } being at the end of the line. Well unfortunately now it's close to 11pm local time and I will have a look at it tomorrow... Regards, Yan.
  24. You have to put the interrupt declaration outside the loop, your code is not correct. I will had an exemple sketch to my lib this evening... Yan.
  25. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I will have a look at it later this evening. Yan.
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