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  1. Hi, I confirm this library and the examples work with the cheap 433 MHz modules like this one : http://www.icstation.com/product_info.php?products_id=1402 I don't know what are your modules... Yan.
  2. Hi Mau, Usually, mixing 5V and 3,3V parts withtout level converter is not recommended. By example the 5V part may need to see 3,2V to consider it as HIGH, while the the 3,3V will put out a 3,1V signal at max. The 5V part outputs putting 5V into the MSP430 inputs may also fry the latter. It can work, I am successfully driving a 5V AD9850 with a 3,3V MSP430G2553, but you need to carefully check the "compatibility". Regards, Yan. --- http://xv4y.radioclub.asia/
  3. Hi, Great work Jean-Yves. Thanks for sharing your code. I have no time to work on MSP430 right now being busy with other micro-controllers projects and a website development (http://www.qscope.org/). However, I will give it a try as soon as possible. 73, Yan - XV4Y.
  4. Hi, That's a solution. A dirty one, but still a solution. As Graham suggested, you might have a "case sensitive" problem in your "libraries" directory. Floating around between OS X (which is case sensitive or not depending on how you ask him), other UNIXes and Windows, it's a developer's nightmare to properly handle every case. Yan.
  5. Hi, Have you downloaded the RTCPlus lib by Grahamf72 and put it in a libraries sub-directory in the Energia sketch directory ? Refer to this thread for more details : http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3375-energia-library-msp430-real-time-clock/ Regards, Yannick.
  6. Hi Rei Vilo, Nice write-up. Unfortunately the MSP430 is not at 4,30$ anymore. 9,99$ whit shipping included is still a bargain but not as attractive as before. I was lucky to stock a pile of box before the price increase but now I must be remaining only a few units... time to re-stock soon. Regards, Yan.
  7. Hi, Which file do you use for the library. Where did you downloaded it. I remember having the same error because in one library (which one ???) some debug code containing serial.print was left. Try to track the "TimerSerial" in the library you use and disable it... Yan.
  8. Hi, My port of the VirtualWire lib is working on the G2452. It seems that the original author has included some of my mods but not tested it. At the end of the following thread there is the code I am actually using on my remote weather station sensor project : [Energia Library] VirtualWire 1.10 library ported to MSP430/Energia Regards, Yan.
  9. Oups... wrong thread. Sorry for the inconvenience...
  10. Hi all, It seems that the original author as merged my code but not tested it compiling nor working. This my original port that works on G2553 and G2452. http://xv4y.radioclub.asia/ftp/VirtualWire110_Energia_XV4Y.zip Yan.
  11. Yes very useful. I think you have made some updated but I stick with an old version since it works well for me. I will check the updates later but I still have some stuff I want to put in my own code before. Yan.
  12. Hi, This will ring a bell to radioamateurs (HAM radio) but other may just ignore... I have posted to my blog a code for a simple VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator) or better said an RF frequency generator using an AD9850 DDS chip. This code is simple and has no special trick but might give you inspiration. http://xv4y.radioclub.asia/2013/03/19/code-source-vfo-avec-dds-ad9850ad9851-et-launchpad-msp430/ The pins are "wired" for my WSPR agile beacon generator kit, but everything can be changed to your taste or needs. The text of the blog article is in french but has no additional
  13. Hi guys, I am a bit far from the forum now... busy working somehow. Robert, if you need a mirror I have free data space for you on my professional hosting accounts. My website are hosted by OVH, the number one host in Europe. I can give you a private FTP login+pwd so you can upload by yourself. The base URL will be like energia.radioclub.asia but it may be mirror.energia.nu if you can create a sub-domain and have it pointed to the OVH servers. Regards, Yan.
  14. Hi Rei Vilo, Ok for you backing this. Sorry if I was a bit paranoid. Then I will blank my previous comment if it is irrelevant. Yan.
  15. I had unpredictable hardware serial port issues when I when using too much RAM... Try to reduce the RAM (not Flash) usage and see if it works. Yan.
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