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  1. What exactly do you mean? I wanted to try out the 'breathing led effect code' so i copy pasted that onto the 'main.c' file. After that, i clicked the green bug button, but i get an error saying 'program file does not exist'. Did i miss a step between that? Also, i had another question- Can i use pwn with this Microcontroller (MSP430G2231)?
  2. Hi, It seems to be a very basic question but i just cant find my way through CCS 4. Could anyone help by text/video/teamviewer? PS; Are there any books for learning about the launchpad for begginers? Thanks!
  3. Some help would be appreciated, i have trouble with the hex stuff and all
  4. Sorry for being thick but i cant find the pin to to pin connections anywhere!
  5. @wasson- None, right now but i will probably do something related to robotics and such @Geek Doc- Yeah i noticed tat, i was truly amazed at the price! And yeah, i am just looking around the forum, see what i can do collecting ideas, etc
  6. Hello everyone! I am kinda new to microcontrollers and stuff, earlier, i treid using arduino but i fried it, not once but twice due to a wrong datasheet! I am hoping not to make the same mistakes with this and hope to create cool projects!
  7. If we just want to wire up the lcd to the Launchpad without serial control, what would the connections be?
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