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    Ah! That's a bit clearer. Oddly enough that's exactly what I've been doing. I've got an Olimex PIR board which I wanted to use and connected it up to the USB stick that came with my EZ430-F2013 (the same as the RF2500). I found these posts helpful on how to use the USB stick for other devices:
    http://blog.curioussystem.com/2010/10/d ... for-ez430/
    http://www.43oh.com/2010/11/ez430-f2013 ... out-cable/
    I went my own direction and bought some 0.05" header socket strip and soldered wires directly to it. (Image attached, but there's not much to it.)
    Having said all that zborgerd is spot on that the Launchpad is another way to connect to any spy-by-wire devices and it's stupidly cheap at $4.30 including shipping. It might even be cheaper that the header strip! I just ordered 3 of them.

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