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  1. Wow, thanks a lot guys! At least now I know the idea will work, which is good because we already ordered the parts. I also ordered a 6 pin female header with .05" pitch to match the ez430 pin out, we'll just solder that onto our board. Looking at the schematic provided by TI (won't let me post the URL) and I noticed that only pins 2-5 actually are connected to the board (VCC EX and VCC HF and then 2 inputs to the MSP430). I saw in the picture that you only have 4 wires hooked up to the header, did you just not use TX0 and RX0? What are those for? You mentioned "sample PC application" but I
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Basically i want the usb stick but dont want to use the target board. I want to program a custom board instead. Can i program my cuatom board so long as the the power and spybiwire pins are hooked up correctly? Will the computer/usb module know the difference?
  3. Hey guys I'm new to the forum, and almost as new to the MSP430. I'm a student biomedical engineering but working on a senior design project, therefore all the chip design stuff is pretty foreign, but I'm picking up on it. I come here to ask a pretty specific question: can we substitute our own chip for the ez430-rf2500 target board? For a couple reasons we don't want to use the target board provided, but we're still using an MSP430 and an RF2500 transceiver. Could we simply solder on a 6-pin header and connect it to the MSP430 as shown in the TI-Schematic, and then it will still interface
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