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  1. Have you considered writing something like this for chips with USCI? I've been having some issues getting a repeated start to work correctly with the same MMA84 accelerometer you use in the example code in this library (I posted a question on this forum about it the other day).
  2. I'm relatively new to the MSP430 and microcontroller world. I have a MSP430G2553 and am interfacing to a MMA8453Q accelerometer. I have this working on a MSP430G2231 using USI and now want to move to a MSP430G2553 with USCI. I took the samples from slaa382 for master and master with repeated start from TI and modified the basic master code to what I thought would provide me a repeated start option. I'm just trying to read back the "whoami" register but I think something is wrong with my repeated start implementation, could someone advise me on this? I've got 10k pull ups on the clock and
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