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  1. Hi all this will be my second project using the MSP430 (via Launchpad) to read RFIDs of 125 kHz and 134 kHz (used for animals). I would like to get deep knowledge, so I won't use any special ICs. As the frequency of the RFID is quite low running and decoding any signals with the MSP430 should be possible. so...stay tuned and/or provide any suggestions via this board
  2. and now for some programming stuff here I added 3 animations: a knightrider-style, an alternating style and a flashing one void playAnimation(unsigned int mode) { switch(mode) { // knight rider style case 0: for(i = 0; i < 3; i++) { P1OUT |= LED1; // LED on _delay_cycles(speed); P1OUT |= LED2; // LED on _delay_cycles(speed); P1OUT |= LED3; // LED on _delay_cycles(speed); P1OUT |= LED4; // LED on P1OUT &= ~LED1; // LED off _delay_cycles(speed); P1OUT |= LED4; // LED on P1OUT &= ~LED1; // LED off _d
  3. sounds reasonable for me
  4. With full optimism I headed on and took some pictures in various building-stages: actually I am not quite good in soldering but finally it worked My LED Heart just needed some nice finishing, so I check my things and found a quite nice box: Here you can see it in action :clap: This gadget will make any women happy :thumbup:
  5. The next step was to build a small version with only one LED using a breadboard: I setup some small codes using the additional G2253 and my Launchpad so to show the red and green LEDs. In the picture the red LED on the Launchpad was replaced with my direct output to the breadboard. After checking the voltages and currents I decided to mark them as good and started to build the first LEDs on a PCB: here you can see the socket for the G2253 and 2 transistors.
  6. Hi all i am back again and finally finished my work on the LED Heart. It has been a great success. My wife loves it very much :thumbup: So I will explain in details what I did the last weeks. First of all I have to tell that I am not an expert or electronics engineer, but a programmer so programming the MSP 430 was an easy task 8-) In the beginning I started with the theoretical part, namely using a schematics simulator like LTspice and ended up with a schematic like this one here: As I wanted/needed to use 3 AAA cells (the voltagedrop on the transistor and the LED
  7. Hi all this is my very first post and project on the MSP430. It is intended for my wife i would like to build a romantic LED-Heart with some fancy animations. I already have done some coding yet and will provide more details soon. Happy coding!
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