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  1. Hi Randy, I remember I also had some problems using a 3V3 LCD. Especially adjusting the contrast was very tricky. So I decided to use a 5V type. In the meantime I tried several displays and all worked well with the 3V5-logic of the lauchpad. If you do not read from the LCD (R/W wired to GND), you only need six output pins and no input can endanger the MSP chip. The 5V can be found at TP1 near the USB connector. Just to be safe, you can insert a diode in the 5V line to lower the voltage by 0.7V. All 5V displays run at 4.3V (4.3oh;-) and then a high level of 3.5V is more
  2. Hello Yannick, thank you for the RTC library. It's very useful for me. Is works fine with Energia 0005a. But with 0006 the clock is slow (~2 seconds per "Tick_Tac"). Is it possible to fix that for 0006? Thank you Hannes
  3. Rick, thank you very much. Now I even understand a little bit how it works. I played with MSP430Flasher from command line. Thas was very instructively but not successfull. Then I took another LauchPad. And now it works! The only difference between the two boards is, that the first one has the 32kHz crystal soldered. Again, thank you for fast help. Hannes
  4. Can anyone help me to get it run on Windows? I'm using Energia 1.0 (0005a). The Lauchpad works fine with CCSV and IAR. - Board is set to Launchpad w/ msp430g2553 - Programmer is set to rf2500 - Serial Port is set to my Lauchpad port (COM12) - I tried both directions for RX/TX jumpers Compiling works, but upload does not. There is no error message and no other message in the status window. Do I have to flash a bootloader first, like for AVRs? Thank you
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