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  1. Hehe, weather is really not worth mentioning it currently, but anyway, theres still another rule: "You must be a member of the 43oh forum at least a week before your submission." Since there are currently only 2 projects submitted, I assume this rule will kick in: "The contest will roll over to the next month if there are fewer than 5 projects(four or less)." Until then, time will do its job Steve
  2. Good idea. Although I can't really fulfill all rules for the contest as of now: I think I get the idea behind this rule, but well... Steve
  3. Hi, I wanted to play with the low-power abilities of the MSP430, so I put together a simple clock using the e-paper display from a Motorola F3. See the full documentation in my wiki, as well as the I recorded. The code can be found on github. Steve
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