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  1. I should mention that I am halfway between beginner and intermediate, so please nothing too complicated! Best, D
  2. Hi, I have MSP430G2553, and am looking to implement the IrDA protocol, e.g. use USCI_A0 module and registers UCA0IRRCTL and UCA0IRTCTL as per the datasheet, to send and receive information via infrared. However I'm having a hard time finding simple examples online. Can anyone explain how to do this, and/or point me to an online example? (non-assembly code, just CCS C code, as I haven't learned the assembly thing yet) Best regards, D
  3. This is a great demo and I've found it very useful as I'm learning MSP430 (CCS). Do you have similar code for sending four bytes of data via NEC protocol? This would help out a lot. Best regards, D
  4. Hi oPossum, Fantastic work. You posted asm code for the sending of data. I'm only familiar with C code in CCS. Is there a way for you to convert that to C code and post it here, so I can understand what's going on and integrate this into some code I'm working on? Best regards, D
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