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  1. Hi all, I would like to install the crystal that came with my EM430F6137RF900 development kit. I check the hardware reference design for this board and it says to install the crystal near this giant solder blob on the board. The labeling Q2/Q3 isn't entirely helpful either, because there doesn't appear to be a convenient pair of holes to solder the crystal into, and the crystal DOES have 2 wires sticking out. I found some youtube videos of installing a crystal on a board (not the EM430F6137RF900), and the crystal was just soldered onto the board right on the solder blob. This is quit
  2. I'm using the EM430F6137RF900 which I purchased from the TI "e-store". They look nice, with proper antennas.
  3. Hi guys, I'm just getting started with my CC430F6137 kit, and I really would appreciate some help. I have seen a fair number of tutorials on how to set up eclipse with the mspgcc toolchain, but there is one thing that escapes me... how do I get my code on the microcontroller??? My programmer thingy is the MSP-FET430UIF. I can get mspdebug to connect to it just fine like this: mspdebug -j -d /dev/ttyUSB0 uif Great. I can compile my code just fine like this: msp430-gcc -Os -mmcu=cc430f6137 -o test2.elf test2.c msp430-objdump -DS test2.elf > test2.lst msp430-objcopy
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