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  1. Posted my project.. just a few pictures and a link to my site forum link: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=643 Website : http://tophathacker.com/
  2. Hey, I just wanted to make a quick post about my new project, but I don't wana type it all out again so go check it out on my site Its just some example code of the Nokia3310 LCD running directly on the launchpad. http://tophathacker.com/
  3. @NatureTM: Its fun all around. Either he finds it fun, and I had fun making it OOOOR he finds it annoying, I have fun torturing him, and I had fun making it. Either way, fun all around @Timotet: I'll be posting the project soon enough, but if you've got a specific question, I can surely help. Also, I'm usually on freenode.net IRC
  4. No modification required. I just soldered the female header to the lauchpad, the crystal since i'm doing something time based, and soldered the male header from the kit to the lcd after breaking off a couple pins. plugs right in, and even with the backlight running, the sink/source limit of 20mh (I think) is enough for this low power LCD. I had it running for quite a while on two 2016 batteries stacked in a 2032 holder and regulated with a LM317 regulator. The LCD does require more than 3.0 i found to run right. The back part of the LCD isn't supported so I might make a shield out of it so
  5. Hey, just wanted to poke my head in the forum and say hi. I'm a relatively new micro controller user, not in years but experience. I've dabbled in the field since i was in high school with picaxe micros. moved up to arduino, then to pic and now my new favorite is the MSP430 chips. I never really had much time but now at work someone asks "i wish i could do this" and i answer "give me a couple days, and we'll see". Most of my projects are gadgets and trinkets of the practical kind. I'm in Minot, ND and i'm looking to start a local hacker space here soon, i think i've even got the space to o
  6. just curious if you could give the code for the 'correct' way to detect the rising edge TopHat
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