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  1. Hey RobG, just curious why does this have 12 pin headers?
  2. They are currently sold out but RAMHOST has some good prices for VM's http://www.ramhost.us/?page=vps/linux-o ... lanta-east
  3. Bluehash, get a chance to work on this? Im trying to get a medium order into dorkbot and it would be nice to fill some of the space with a board like this. I might make up a board like this myself otherwise, but why reinvent the wheel?
  4. Been doing some more talking in the irc, and ive gotten the idea to use spi/i2c to comunicate with a uC on the booster to handle the io to the motor chips. Any ideas? Any reason to pick i2c or spi? Ive done spi but only i2c ive done was a wii mote nunchuck. Any advice would be great :-)
  5. Here's my msp430 annying thingy. http://imgur.com/4AZYD http://imgur.com/S5Nm3 Sorry for the really terrible pictures.. i couldn't get a good camera phone picture to save my life. every 12 minutes.. ish it chirps a high pitched noise that's hard to locate and find in a room. I might upgrade it to a random timeframe later. The button batteries are held in place by earth magnets that have wires soldered to them.. And as you can expect, soldering to magnets with a metal soldering iron is hard! get a big metal tool to attach the magnets to or you'll have one hot magnet! all of the parts ar
  6. Ndus? nice. Went to UND myself... living in minot now. Looks like a fun project
  7. Price range? just curious.. I was looking to make this EXACT same board, even had the eagle design started.. and the tx rx swap jumpers.. and a usb connector pad (these hc05/06 have pins for audio and usb) and then i found yours. i was a little miffed but great design.. sadly it looks like there are no original ideas left in my head, just copies of everyone else's haha. I was looking at about $10 for booster/stackable header/ and hc05 all together.. whats your price guna be abouts?
  8. Hokay, I've posted a .. Post(http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1818) in the suggestions area and didn't get much response, but as per some suggestions in the IRC channel, I'm going to make a booster to support my sumo efforts! I hope to sell a full kit in the 43oh store (pending a thumbs up from the almighty bluehash) that will include the booster and most likely these motors http://www.sparkfun.com/products/319.. the boosters will include the following -- 2 SN754410 motor drivers I want to have 2 pads on the board, so you can either use up to 4 motors, or stack the
  9. aww no fun.. using a chip with a uart? ... oh wait.. that kinda makes sense ... i should probably get some of those.
  10. If you get stuck on any android code, poke your head into the IRC room, I'm usually logged in there. PS i looked at that bluetooth car in the link, and my interface is a TON easier to use without looking
  11. I did this exact same thing back when i was an employee of radioshack. i just used an hbridge and TI's demo serial code to send 1 byte and control 8 pins, it didn't have speed control but it was fun to zoom around the store. i did have flashy led's on the headlights.. but it was just connected to the hbridge. here's some of my android code for my bluetooth module.. i liked the interface i had. actually i just realized i botched the code together to be used on my ZombieInACan project... but it still has the same interface and code, just a different background picture haha here ya go
  12. oh and btw, these boards are free. first 3 that want one get one. I'd like to get a random board in return, but isn't required.
  13. picture of the boards http://twitpic.com/7b65c7
  14. Anyone want an led dice circuit board? I made these dice a while back, doesn't come with a chip or any led's but i think it worked i've got 3 so hit me up here or on twitter @tophathacker Later dudes
  15. Hokay, I have a question for all you peeps... Would anyone be interested in a MSP430 based sumo competition? Everyone could make a sumo bot according to these rules: http://www.robotroom.com/SumoRules.html We could initially pick one of the two weight classes but if we get enough, we could have both. You would build your bot and when finished, pack it up and ship it to one location to compete. When that round is over, maybe send all the bots to another location to fight again! and when the robots come to your arena, you can repair/modify your robot. Any place that is going to be an a
  16. Hokay. I don't usually make a project without a purpose, like my Zombie in a Can http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1749.. and this project is no different. At work I've got this Pesky PTZ camera that seems to lock up every few days. Its annoying. I mean, crawl up a 12 foot ladder and reset the device annoying. Here's just a simple reset device project. I stole the code from Kenneth Finnegan.. I remembered he had some simple clock code and I had to get this done tonight.. oh and I'm incredibly lazy. http://kennethfinnegan.blogspot.com/2011/02/low-power-lcd-clock.html Her
  17. Hey, just poking my head in here quick to show off the first prototype of my Zombie in a Can! Check out the VID I used a launchpad with the 2231, a bluesmirf board, a window motor and a custom android app, this thing is awesome! I'm pretty proud that I made this in a night with 2 or 3 broken projects I had sitting around. Let me know what you think! and i'll be posting some scare videos soon First Motor Test
  18. Hey looks good, I was thinking about picking up a few of these 5x7 matrix' .. they seem pretty cheap. kind of an odd size, but looks like some potential TopHatHacker
  19. Well doc, I made up a PCB and worked up a price.. $25 without a faceplate.. you can find custom face plates locally or originals on ebay for cheap. Interested? I kind of want some dedication before I make a run of them.. a little low on funds TopHat
  20. So I was at work, minding my own business .. not actually working but hanging out in the IRC channel. Shapr gave me a pretty good idea and I decided to work up a prototype.. though I probably took the idea a little further than I needed to. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing! ha Well my 'whim' project is a prototype for my MSP430 Red Ring of Death Belt Buckle.. The LED's on an xbox 360 daughter board clip into the front with a small light diffuser that I reused with the new board, it clipped right on. (the old board) the front button does work and thats what i'll use to go t
  21. I've never had an environment set up for more than one thing, it seems like the only editor I use for more than one thing is VIM, and that's always been very clear for me. I do fiddle with the highlighting and the colors alot in VIM, but other than that I just use the default environment for whatever I'm coding in.
  22. Hi back from North Dakota.. I'm pretty sure you're the closest fellow msp430 enthusiast to me here in ND
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