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  1. So I'm using the g2231 and I programmed the sweep example using pin 4 (P1.2) and I tried to attach an interrupt and it says it went over program size.. Before I dig into how the servo library works, can someone who knows more about Energia tell me about the servo lib? does it really take up the entire program space? how inefficient are these methods? should i just switch back to straight C? (without energia)



  2. I was wondering if anyone was thinking about creating something fun and exciting for Halloween with TI chips? I'll be bringing back my zombie in a can and adding a keyfob remote http://www.43oh.com/2011/10/halloween-special-zombie-in-a-can/


    I'll probably figure out something to do with a costume too.. I'm thinking about http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3250 being ironman again.. but I'm still throwing around a few ideas.. like blasting CO2 out as IceMan, or maybe a cylon .. something cool.


    Anyone else thinking Contest? or at least a theme?



  3. Well for some reason, I keep trying to be Tony Stark for Halloween. If it's because of my devilishly good looks, or my penchant for electronics and inventing I'll never know. The year the first IronMan came out, I ran to my local hardware store and threw together a chest arc reactor that I think turned out pretty well (I can't find pictures.. but I'll dig some up in a bit) but now I want to design a PCB to accompany the arc reactor and some opinions from the talented people of this forum would help greatly. Of course at the heart will be an MSP430, but past that I don't know what parts to use. I think I'd like to do something like this:




    and that way, i can make the arc reactor as thin as possible, and the batteries will be in the arm. then make a repulsor cannon that will charge up really freaking bright, and throw a flash bulb at the peak maybe?


    I'm looking at the Luxeon Royal Blue LED's that sparkfun sells but I'm open to any suggestions with LED's that people have had any luck with.


    Any tips would be appreciated!



  4. ps. i did post my code for my bluetooth msp430 contraption here viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1832


    oh and btw, you can use AT commands to toggle an IO pin on the bluetooth module, and maybe even take out the MSP430 with a little more code on the android side

    the AT command is something like

    AT+PIO=10,1\r\n but that might just be for the 05 and not the 06 from deal extreme (i got some of those laying around too)

  5. ha zeke, i remember laying in bed when i was young too, trying to find the biggest piece of metal i could attach my antenna to.. i think i eventually wore out my enamel coated wire by running that little tuner back and forth :P

  6. I agree with bluehash, but you could make the pad modular: overlap a screw terminal pad with a barrel jack pad, you can pick up the terminals from radio shack so you could give people the option .. i think they have board mountable female jacks too.. it'd be worth looking into making it compatible with those (i always like to require less initially, and make things buy able locally)

  7. NatureTM has done some video work with C



    and here's a blogpost about using the nunchuck and a nokia lcd



    when NatureTM did the tv code the g2553 wasn't out yet, so theres some more room to play with. I branched off his code and got one paddle working and a ball bouncing (brick attack!) and i think he was working on a similar thing, though i don't think any of that is posted on his site. i'll try and dig up the code i did for brick attack (on my other laptop)


    if you can get spi working along with the tv out on the same chip, you can use a second chip for the game workings.. easily dooable with two 2553 chips i think

  8. bluehash, we might be able to strike up a price that works for you and helps supplement our cost VM cost.. nothing too serious. jump on IRC sometime and give me a holler bud.


    I retract that,


    1and1 seems like a better option, Rickta59 filled me in on them in IRC, He says he's had their service for a while

  9. hey PentiumPC i know it might be too little too late but I wanted to share my findings on the compatibility of the hc06 and 05.

    According to http://www.hmangas.com/Electronica/Datasheets/Bluetooth%20Module/HC%20Serial%20Bluetooth%20Products%20201104.pdf, the two are not pin compatable, most notably the LED and KEY lines.. I don't have the two in front of me but I wanted to know if you did? are there hardware differences? I found this guy http://byron76.blogspot.com/ that has updated the hc06 to an hc05 to get AT commands and more functionality with success but i don't know if that swaps the pins around? if its just a io pin change or if its actually hardwired in. the HC06 can actually be used alone with AT commands, you can toggle io pins by command.. seems pretty cool. I'll be doing alot more investigating when i get my own chips. (ordered some from deal extreme). I just wanted to warn you if you're planning on using hc05 instead of hc06 vise/verse. My bluetooth booster will be coming out soon, hope it turns out half as nice as yours :) nice work again.


    And btw, the key pin is to force the chip into AT mode, and can be used to reset serial speed if you forget it, but you probably knew that

  10. well i may be whhhaaaaay off but the way i've used i2c in the past is set a variable/flag/message/something so that the next time the master polls for information, whatever info you wanted to give to the master, the master will come and get it. I don't think it does transmit and receive in the traditional sense, but in programming you can implement something. I believe its mostly for getting information from peripherals.. the only time i've used it was to get 3axis data off a wii nunchuck. oh and here's the wiki on i2c.. not sure it helps anything... but i did go through the effort of googling for it, so you can have it :)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%C2%B2C


    I'm sure there will be a post after this one that explains i2c in a better fashion :)

  11. 2 weeks and you need all that? i hate to say it but i'd buy an arduino and throw some money at it, get a few xbee's, keypad shield, display shield, .. i know they have an fm shield (idk about AM). 2 weeks is a really short time to learn the micro controller well enough to do all those things. I'm happy to help with any specific questions you have but I don't think anyone here will be doing your homework for you.... Poke around the internet for the AM transmission first and find something that'l work you might have to change your tune and go with a prepackaged solution. Then decide what micro controller you need. the keypad is alot of inputs unless you have some way of narrowing down the inputs to just a few pins. The g2231 only has 10 io so it's hard to add all those goodies without a little help. As for displays, i've used the Nokia 3310 screens and alot of people have used nokia screens in general with great success. Give the forums a search for nokia when you get to that point. Theres been someone in these forums that has done all the things you want to do with this micro (except maybe the AM transmission) so give it a search and ask questions on those posts if you have them.


    Good luck on the project buddy!

    I hope you keep with the Launchpad, it's been great fun for me.

    Oh and keep asking questions, everyone here is really great!

  12. i really like the idea... just hard to implement right now... we don't have as set-in-stone of a booster layout as arduino has shield layouts.. I'd like to see some more boosters come out, and what people come up with :)

  13. Just an update, i guess my brother was rummaging around in his room.. about every 10 minutes for hours last night until he went and slept on the couch. success. I could not have hoped for a better outcome. i do think though that things could be changed:

    better/different piezo so you can hit higher frequencies

    different sine/square wave for better piezo response

    multiple pwm waves? on each pin? i heard something about that somewhere...

    better enclosure/ use smt parts

    random function, or at least seemingly random. i would much rather have 100 different time intervals, then use up extra power to look at the adc to generate a 'true' random number. its not that important, not as important as battery life.

  14. aaaahhh wonderful. thanks for the reply, and do the extra pins just dangle off the launchpad? i suppose you don't have to put them in.. that just makes it overhang the buttons... which i've never had a problem with but most people steer clear of covering them up, though i don't know why.


    and as for

    Throw in a high(er than the 250mA LP) power 3.3V or 3.6V LDO with a standard 2.1mm barrel jack and a jumper to connect it to the LP VCC?


    I've been torn, lm319 so you can purchase parts at radio shack? or change to 5v (use launchpad 3.3 and 5v for motors) or a more compact design with more efficient regulator?



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