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  1. So I'm using the g2231 and I programmed the sweep example using pin 4 (P1.2) and I tried to attach an interrupt and it says it went over program size.. Before I dig into how the servo library works, can someone who knows more about Energia tell me about the servo lib? does it really take up the entire program space? how inefficient are these methods? should i just switch back to straight C? (without energia) tophat
  2. I was wondering if anyone was thinking about creating something fun and exciting for Halloween with TI chips? I'll be bringing back my zombie in a can and adding a keyfob remote http://www.43oh.com/2011/10/halloween-special-zombie-in-a-can/ I'll probably figure out something to do with a costume too.. I'm thinking about http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3250 being ironman again.. but I'm still throwing around a few ideas.. like blasting CO2 out as IceMan, or maybe a cylon .. something cool. Anyone else thinking Contest? or at least a theme? TopHatHacker
  3. Well for some reason, I keep trying to be Tony Stark for Halloween. If it's because of my devilishly good looks, or my penchant for electronics and inventing I'll never know. The year the first IronMan came out, I ran to my local hardware store and threw together a chest arc reactor that I think turned out pretty well (I can't find pictures.. but I'll dig some up in a bit) but now I want to design a PCB to accompany the arc reactor and some opinions from the talented people of this forum would help greatly. Of course at the heart will be an MSP430, but past that I don't know what parts to use.
  4. Props sugaraddict, looks like fun. I missed it, or I would have gotten 2.
  5. ps. i did post my code for my bluetooth msp430 contraption here viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1832 oh and btw, you can use AT commands to toggle an IO pin on the bluetooth module, and maybe even take out the MSP430 with a little more code on the android side the AT command is something like AT+PIO=10,1\r\n but that might just be for the 05 and not the 06 from deal extreme (i got some of those laying around too)
  6. i'm good with either shipping method. just tell me who to paypal (verb not noun).
  7. ha zeke, i remember laying in bed when i was young too, trying to find the biggest piece of metal i could attach my antenna to.. i think i eventually wore out my enamel coated wire by running that little tuner back and forth
  8. TLE4476_DS_25[1].pdf.pdf] what about something like this? datasheet seems like it doesn't need many components.
  9. i still have the same flux from my last job, no idea the name.. we always filled it from this giant drum with a little pump on it... thats right, we did enough soldering to order a DRUM of flux. gives you a good idea of the scale
  10. ooo GeekDoc, that stuff isn't cheap http://www.amazon.com/TIX-FLUX-1-2-OZ/d ... 322&sr=8-1
  11. Often on through hole components i like to solder a 2x male header, you can pinch it and it'll grab the board really well. It doesn't look like the pins are the same signal front and back, but this could still work for it.
  12. almost missed this, i'm in for 4, bout $10 right? k sounds good .. not sure what i'll use them for but if i wait long enough, a few projects should pop up
  13. I agree with bluehash, but you could make the pad modular: overlap a screw terminal pad with a barrel jack pad, you can pick up the terminals from radio shack so you could give people the option .. i think they have board mountable female jacks too.. it'd be worth looking into making it compatible with those (i always like to require less initially, and make things buy able locally)
  14. I'm sorry bluehash.. i didn't follow the mantra: google first read product page second ask in the forums third i am excited there is a lower cost development option for the chronos watch now, it was so expensive to make a wireless sensor it wasn't worth it.. UNTIL NOW! yaaay
  15. NatureTM has done some video work with C http://naturetm.com/?p=147 and here's a blogpost about using the nunchuck and a nokia lcd http://jbremnant.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/nokia-lcd-wiinunchuck-with-msp430/ when NatureTM did the tv code the g2553 wasn't out yet, so theres some more room to play with. I branched off his code and got one paddle working and a ball bouncing (brick attack!) and i think he was working on a similar thing, though i don't think any of that is posted on his site. i'll try and dig up the code i did for brick attack (on my other laptop) if you can get spi w
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