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  1. Hi! Perhaps this doc can be of help. http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau337b/slau337b.pdf Regards Gaston
  2. Hi guys, do you know if there is a way to set different priorities to different threads of a sketch? For example, if we had a slow thread which senses a thermomenter and another one which sends data serially bit-banging a pin, and another one which senses an emergency stop (whatever, just imagine they are all pretty fast processes) I would like to set a list of priorities for the underlying TI/RTOS to handle possible needs. Is there a way to implement this? Also... if we set interrupts to handle certain events... how does Energia signal the RTOS the priority for this (like in don't
  3. The acid + oxygenated water mix must be made with *extreme* care and with the proper safety equipment and procedures. Safety goggles, protective gloves, long sleeved shirt and rugged pants, a *very* well ventilated place and small quantities to test is the bare minimum. Don't even dream of smelling or being near the fumes. HCl + H2O2 + H2O mix process is exothermic so unless done in the correct way, one can suffer painful and potentially handicapping accidents. Not for the noob chemist to do unless the specifications (acid concentration, H2O2 dillution), proportions and procedures are detail
  4. Just replace a haptic angular motor by a hefty regular motor and you are good to go...
  5. Hey all! I have received an email from the Official MSP430 Blog where they announce a Holidays offer. They are taking 54% off the regular price for just this last two weeks of the year!!! So if you always wanted a Chronos or a Fraunchpad and the price tag was your restraint... now you have no more excuses. Woohoo!!! http://e2e.ti.com/blogs_/b/msp430blog/archive/2013/12/17/get-a-chronos-for-christmas-or-an-fram-experimenter-39-s-board.aspx I just bought my very first Fraunchpad, and the discount code works... and I'm feeling tempted to get another Chronos... mmmmmmmmm Gast
  6. The TCH5E is an MSP430 in itself, optimized for haptics control and touch sensors. As @@roadrunner84 says, the game and stuff should be handled by the MSP430G2 launchpad. At least that is the LP the documentation refers to, but it seems quite difficult that this puppy can't communicate with other launchpads. Most probably the SDK was made with the G2 LP in mind, but nothing bars one to change the target LP board.
  7. Hi all, I have seen that the MSP430TCH5E HAPTOUCH Boosterpack is already available. Through Element 14, and not from TI eStore, but it is what it is. http://www.ti.com/devnet/docs/catalog/thirdpartydevtoolfolder.tsp?actionPerformed=productFolder&productId=17680 Sorry for not putting it in the blog but either I'm too stupid to get a simple sum, or the captcha code is not working. Gast
  8. Sorry to ask but... are those copper wires enameled? They look like bare copper and shorted... Which fits well with what can be seen in the display. What's their function? Gaston
  9. Hey Bluehash... yes I did... but isn't thread resurrection a scary thing too? Now jokes aside, as you referenced it in the main Halloween Contest thread, I thought that someone interested in the project could use some additional ideas...
  10. In my country we don't celebrate Halloween (nor Dia de los Muertos, just in case someone asks )... The only scary thing I can think of is feeding a launchpad straight off the 240V mains without isolation transformers... if that is not scary, I don't know what can be Enjoy the contest all of you that have fun on 31th October ! P.D.: No, I'm not suggesting anyone to do something so unsafe as feeding any circuit off mains without the proper isolation. And/or the proper knowledge. If you don't know what I am talking about... *just don't do it*. You can die while trying.
  11. Cool idea You can always use one of those 1200 lumen "Cree" torches with current controlled through PWM to create the effect of "charging" of the repulsor. At max current (the rated one), 1200 lumen in a tight solid angle *do* blind anyone in the beam's way. Gaston
  12. Guys, just found a little typo in the library: http://doc.43oh.com/BoosterPack:IV-18_VFD_Clock Where it says: Your Launchpad should have shipped with a 13.768kHz crystal. Should say: Your Launchpad should have shipped with a 32.768kHz crystal. Nothing to be very fussy about, but it could mess up someone's ideas
  13. IMO, it's probably not all a matter of the watches being old stock, but of the experimental nature of them. I am having some trouble with mine too, but most of them I can assign to faulty firmware. The battery does not charge unless I reset the watch with the clip on, sometimes the response time to the middle button is not really great, and other small grievances, but I have been warned in advance and I was expecting to find that kind of issues so all well. My batteries don't seem to last more than two days and that could really be a problem of old stock, but I see it as nothing but the op
  14. Hey Doc, just in case you don't get an acceptable answer, and if you are bold enough, here is some other brave guy that did us the favor to show the innards of our new watches... http://sensorseverywhere.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/metawatch-platform-warranty-voided/ The LiPo battery does not seem to be a too strange one so a substitution could be a piece of cake. Of lemon cake
  15. The MetaWatch has an OLED bright control... did you try it ? Mine came calibrated to the minimum level... perhaps your problem can be slightly compensated.
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