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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to sirri in D'OH ! : ) [humor :P]   
    What happens if Homer wants to do something with a Launchpad : )

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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to spirilis in fram for dummies book   
    1. FRAM rulez
    2. FRAM rulez
    3. FRAM rulez
    4. Oh yeah did we mention FRAM rulez?
    5. FRAM is next gen memory technology and more mature than its peer competitiors (PRAM, MRAM, etc)
    6. FRAM reads & writes at the same speed and only needs 1.5V to do it, unlike Flash which needs 10-14V (supplied by an internal charge pump that is part of the flash circuitry) and milliseconds to do its erase/write cycles
    7. FRAM rulez some more
    8. Oh yeah baby, FRAM rulez
    9. TI figured Low Power would be a good initial use-case of the tech and as such they decided to use the MSP430 MCU as the inaugural platform for practical FRAM use
    10. TI is trying to get access times down to 20ns, or 50MHz, with current technology
    11. Current FRAM tech (2T-2C) is rather conservative in terms of density, but they can switch it out to 1T-1C and double the density of available memory with current technology
    12. FRAM rulez some more?
    13. Imagine life without batteries!
    14. FRAM rulez like that
    15. FRAM contents get nuked in the presence of very high heat, e.g. soldering-levels of heat, so it should always be programmed in-circuit after soldering
    16. It's supposed to last for many trillions of read/write cycles, and keep in mind a read forces an erase (and therefore a subsequent re-write) just like with DRAM... that's all handled by the memory controller built in though
    17. FRAM rulez
    18. FRAM rulez
    19. TI partnered with Ramtron to produce the FRAM they use right now
    20. FRAM rulez some more
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to Automate in Handy microchip serial protocol comparison table   
    Compares 1-Wire, I2C, SMBus, SPI, MicroWire, M-Bus, CAN, and LIN
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    Fe2o3Fish got a reaction from GeekDoc in ELVIS Display Controller   
    The delayHundredth() function is probably using the timer interrupt.
    Highly recommend that you only call spell() from within the while()
    loop in main(). Let the interrupts set a flag that code inside the while()
    loop will test for and then call spell(). Calling a function that takes
    a "long" time to execute inside an interrupt handler is NOT a good idear.
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    Fe2o3Fish got a reaction from OppaErich in FRAM for Dummies   
    FWIW, IAGARA... Since Aug 10th, I haven't seen my book nor heard from Mouser about it.
    I reordered today but at least this time I got a page that said "Your order is on its way."
    Even regular snail mail from Mouser (at least in Mansfield, TX) is only a day away. That is
    why I order from them. We'll see what happens....
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to Rei Vilo in LaunchPad Pin Assignment   
    Rick, thank you for the pins number.
    It seems that Energia has defined P2.0 for CS and UCBA isn't implemented:

    /** * File: usci_spi.c - msp430 USCI SPI implementation */ /** * spi_initialize() - Configure USCI UCB0 for SPI mode * * P2.0 - CS (active low) * P1.5 - SCLK * P1.6 - MISO aka SOMI * P1.7 - MOSI aka SIMO * */

    LaunchPad MSP430G2553.xls.zip
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to boseji in Updated compile of mspgcc and mspdebug on Linux   
    I was able to successfully compile the complete mspgcc and mspdebug.
    This compile has been perfomed with the most updated gcc compiler GCC4.7
    However this has a special provistion that C++ language is enabled and the installation is in a custom location at user space.
    I wish if any one could verify the compile steps and let me know the feeback.
    As this was the first time I compiled with C++ enabled.
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to OppaErich in FRAM for Dummies   
    Mouser offers FRAM for Dummies for free. Sign up here http://mou.sr/OMm5e0
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to GeekDoc in Hate mail : Need your input   
    This community has grown awesome the way it is; why change now? There will always be a vocal, angry minority. Just remember: they are a minority. The only change I suggest is expire inactive accounts after a reasonable period of time.
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to zeke in Hate mail : Need your input   
    Leeches will always be leeches. They're kinda like babies that are never satisfied and always whining.
    So, ignore the hate mail. I like the high quality posts that we have here.
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to oPossum in Ideas for a 43oh MSP430 badge.   
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to BlakeTI in Issues with e2e site   
    Update - All issues relating to posting new projects should now be resolved. Let me know if you still run into any issues.
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to BlakeTI in Issues with e2e site   
    I want to apologize for any inconvenience you have encountered while trying to post a new project on E2E for LaunchPad.
    We are currently experiencing issues with posting that we hope to resolve asap this week. I have seen limited success of some users being able to clear out their browser cache to resolve this issue.
    As soon as this issue is fully resolved or have any additional news in regards to I'll post an update here.
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to gordon in Police lights... in Forth   
    Rockets4kids dug this up, see 4E4th for details on the interpreter itself. The following code implements a sort of a police light with the two LEDs. As with most everything, there are more than one ways to skin a cat -- this is a very naive and verbose implementation, just for the fun factor.

    : blink ( mask addr -- ) over over cset 100 ms cclr 100 ms ; : blink-red ( -- ) red blink ; : blink-green ( -- ) green blink ; : blink-red-twice ( -- ) red blink red blink ; : blink-green-twice ( -- ) green blink green blink ; : police ( -- ) begin blink-red-twice 100 ms blink-green-twice 100 ms s2? until ;
    The blinky goes on until one presses S2 (tested at the end of a blinky cycle, no interrupts or instant action or any such thing).

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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to zeke in Anyone notice the 8-pin MSP430 yet?   
    Presenting the MSP430G2230.
    Only 8 pins!
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    Fe2o3Fish got a reaction from Accoutkic in Getting into HAM Radio. Need some help   
    How goes yer quest for the ham radio license???
    Saw this "old" post and thought I'd act nosy. :-D
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to NullColaShip in Display based on LPD8806 RGB LED strips   
    Hi all,
    Having purchased a bunch of the addressable RGB LED strips from Adafruit (with the newer LPD8806 high-speed PWM control chips for full colour), I set about getting an MSP430 (in this case, an MSP430G2553) on a Launchpad to control them. I stumbled across gwdeveloper's post and GitHub repo for the WS2801 RGB LED strip, and figured it'd be a good starting point.

    I've so far managed to adjust the code (using the Adafruit-supplied Arduino library for the LPD8806 strips) from WS2801 to LPD8806, and made some tweaks to gwdeveloper's demo sequences to deal with a couple of issues which cropped up (attempting to add data directly to the pixels[] array at invalid indexes, which for some reason caused certain colours of the strip to then fail to light when subsequently told to). The LPD8806 code is available from my GitHub repo.

    Update: Now that I have finally assembled the whole thing, here's a video (it's not mounted yet, so the alignment isn't perfect but it's sufficient to see what it'll be like):

    (you might want to click through to YouTube to see it full size - and make sure you have annotations on for details!)
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to bluehash in Arduino Uno $15 at Microcenter.com   
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    Fe2o3Fish got a reaction from gatImmusepete in Getting into HAM Radio. Need some help   
    How goes yer quest for the ham radio license???
    Saw this "old" post and thought I'd act nosy. :-D
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    Fe2o3Fish got a reaction from gatImmusepete in Eagle Frustrations   
    Yup, the same people that brought you:
    "Keyboard not found -- press F1 to continue."
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    Fe2o3Fish got a reaction from ozymandias in msp430-gcc mmcu flags   
    msp430-gcc -mmcu=msp430fr5739 works for me just fine. This, naturally, will depend on whether or not
    you have one of the newer versions of msp430-gcc.
    It's available from the Fraunchpad webpage, http://www.ti.com/tool/msp-exp430fr5739
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    Fe2o3Fish got a reaction from NullColaShip in Display based on LPD8806 RGB LED strips   
    SPI and I2C are both fairly easy to use although SPI is the easier of the two.
    A quick look through the Mouser website came up with a number of possibilities
    but, hey, there's already a recent article about using the Microchip 23K256 w/ 32K
    of static RAM (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1056) and they're
    fairly inexpensive at US$1.46 in unit quantities. Not sure how you're wanting to use
    RAM for your project. If you just want to store and not often change your patterns
    then a serial FLASH, EEPROM, or FRAM memory chip is a possibility too.
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to SugarAddict in Smiley face...   
    Because sometimes after doing really stupid things, I feel like posting with a
    Don't we all?
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    Fe2o3Fish reacted to bluehash in header format   
    Thanks guys. I'll have a go at it.
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    Fe2o3Fish got a reaction from bluehash in LCD Suggestions?   
    FWIW, I've had one of these working with my Ard*no. It looks a little bigger than the SparkFun
    model mentioned earlier and it's a good bit cheaper. These folks are only about 45-miles away
    from me - I like 'em but I have no association with them other than a satisfied customer.
    Just a suggestion...
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