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  1. I will be publicly showing this at MakerFaire in a few weeks. I expect that if we did do a kit, it would ship sometime in third quarter.
  2. Here's a little more information on how its setup: 4x TMS320F28027F + DRV8312 make up the ESC. That is the bulk of what is on the board which you can see on the first post. 1x C2000 LP acts as the brain. This board decodes the control signals and sends torque commands to each of the ESCs via a PWM signal. This LaunchPad runs the open source AeroQuad firmware on top of Energia...which also means other LaunchPads could be used as the brain. Control Inputs come via a standard RC 2.4GHz radio and receiver. Because the LaunchPad doesn't have 1 million capture inputs I am using a receiver
  3. The best place to start may be Energia. You can find instructions for the C2000 version here.
  4. TI_Trey


    It looks like you're on the right track. Given that you're using Tim's code, I would suspect a wiring error. Can you double check all of your wires? Reset and the Chip enable/select are two very important lines that could cause this to fail. But it could also be any of the serial data lines. Does the backlight of the LCD come on when you run it? From what I see in the code, if its wired correctly it should turn on even if the communications aren't fully working.
  5. Ethan, Follow directions from the link that CorB provided. Basically you simply install Energia as you normally would, and then you download and install a C2000 compiler to enable C2000 support in Energia.
  6. Yes sir! That said, its setup so that most of the LaunchPads can plug in and as long as they are running the correct software they will be able to fly it.
  7. Yup! Everything included for ~$200. This is a rough estimate of cost and may go up or down by $25 or so.
  8. Hi 43oh! Some of you may have seen me over at c2kcentral, but I'm mostly a lurker here. For a while now, I've been working on developing a low cost quadcopter. Well that quadcopter is nearly done! Boards are being manufactured as I type this, and I plan to have it flying at the Bay Area MakerFaire in May. Here's a picture of the top of the motor driver board: Personally, I would like to see this manufactured and sold, but before I invest the effort to do that I need to ensure there is a demand for such a board. The finished quad will be about 1 square foot in size, will cost
  9. Hello Patrick! That seems strange that this would work from RAM but not from Flash. Can you upload a project for me to try? If I can reproduce it I can probably fix it. BR,
  10. Mohith, I looked around but couldn't find any mechanical drawings of this part. Several of the kits in controlSUITE use the connector and include design files (most are in PCBExpress format). You could also post this question on the TI e2e forums. Our systems team checks those forums and may have access to CAD symbols for this part.
  11. Hi Michael! Welcome to C2k central. Let us know if you have any questions or need help!
  12. MK_'s board was bad. He actually shipped it to me and I tested it. We ended up shipping him a new board for free. Go ahead and post your problem on the official C2000 E2e forums, and I will follow up to make sure we help you out. http://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/c2000/default.aspx
  13. Adnan, Nice to meet you! Let us know if you have questions regarding C2000, CCS or VisSim. There are many people here with experience that can help you!
  14. Oblivion, Yes, I believe you're correct. You would want to do something like this: status = add_device("scia", _SSA, SCI_open, SCI_close, SCI_read, SCI_write, SCI_lseek, SCI_unlink, SCI_rename); fid = fopen("scia","rw"); freopen("scia:", "w", stdout); freopen("scia:", "r", stdin); setvbuf(stdout, NULL, _IONBF, 0); setvbuf(stdin, NULL, _IONBF, 0); I haven't tested this so I can't confirm it works, but it should be close. You can read about the CIO functions in the compiler users guide.
  15. Welcome Oblivion! We're glad to have you here! If you have any questions let me know.
  16. Oblivion, First off, there are no stupid questions! We were all new to microcontrollers at some point and its only through asking questions and learning that we get better. There is a document that describes all of the different functions and their syntax here (assuming you installed controlSUITE in the default location): C:\ti\controlSUITE\development_kits\C2000_LaunchPad\doc\LAUNCHXL-F28027-FRM-EX-UG.pdf I'm also working on releasing Energia support for the C2000 LaunchPad. There is a post about it here: http://www.forum.c2kcentral.com/topic/235-c2000-energia-beta/ Energi
  17. Spirilis, Sadly no it doesn't have the CLA. I originally wanted to put a 2806x on the LP, but management decided to go with F2802x. Your assessment about the device is correct. Our CPU, PWMs, and ADC are really what make this device special. Its really optimized for real time control applications which have been traditionally implemented with analog controllers. C2000 devices enable the engineer to convert these applications to be controlled digitally with software. This can reduce design time and increase product performance over its lifetime as things like filters don't drift becau
  18. Hi Mick, Welcome to C2kcentral! That's a beautiful CNC. Can't wait to see it after you incorporate some of those boards! If you're familiar with Arduino, we just release beta support for the C2000 LP in Energia (basically a knock off of the Arduino IDE and language for LaunchPads). You can download it from Energia.nu. I'll be writing a post up in the coming days with more information on how to download and install Energia for C2000. Happy Hacking and Holidays!
  19. Excellent! Glad to have you here Spirilis. Energia for C2000 is in a alpha state at the moment, but should be ready soon. When this is released it should significantly lower the barriers to entry with the C2k LP. I'm also hoping to integrate some of digital power libraries into Energia to make power supply design even easier.
  20. The LaunchPads that are shipping now have jumpers on them. Nothing extra is needed. To protect the bottom pins I would recommend ordering a female socket that you can put over the pins.
  21. Gordon, I appreciate the feedback and couldn't agree more. Let me expand on a few point to let you know where we are going: The drivers that are available today for F2802x and LaunchPad were actually borrowed from MotorWare (another SW product for C2000 similar to controlSUITE but motor drive specific). Originally the plan was to release these across all of the C2000 devices. The F2806x drivers in the MWare directory are there mainly because of the USB peripheral on this device. The USB is very similar to what was on the Stellaris devices so I ported some of that software over to sup
  22. Stefan, You're correct. I'm not sure if this is true on the controlCARD, but for the LaunchPad I put these on the LEDs to prevent loading the pin such that it can be used for other functions while still driving the LED. I would imagine the reasoning is similar on the controlCARD.
  23. Ok, great. You can definitely use the above code for the software serial port, but I can't offer any advice on the code as I haven't used it yet. That code is part of Energia which will be released for the C2000 Launchpad soon. If you are new to embedded software, I would recommend you stick with a part that has hardware peripherals for everything that you need. Maybe the Tiva-C series would be a good fit?
  24. ylova, There are many working examples in controlSUITE. Take a look here: www.ti.com/controlsuite
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