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  1. TI_Trey

    WiFi Sous Vide Sources

    Hi 43oh, Last month I posted the sources for the solid state relay board, and I promised I'd post the source code for the sous vide application. Well here it is! sous_vide.zip libraries.zip You'll also need the standard PID and PID autotune libraries available on your favorite Arduino site. I just celebrated my birthday and cooked a surf and turf with it. As you can see, it works pretty well: Happy Holidays!
  2. TI_Trey

    Bluetooth Module

    Sure! Energia for C2000 only supports a single UART right now. You'll want to connect the BT module to pins 3 and 4 and make sure the serial jumpers are properly configured to bring the UART to those pins. I believe one jumper needs to be on and the other off. That should be all you need to do to talk to the module using the serial library. Trey
  3. TI_Trey

    C2000 Error

    Are all three of the switches in the up position? We changed how code in loaded on these boards and the boot switches must be up to enable programming now.
  4. TI_Trey

    C2000 Launchpad Doc

    Hi firzen, What problems are you having with Energia? We merged c2k central with 43oh, so you're posting in the right place Trey
  5. TI_Trey

    Energia millis() and micros() issues

    The millis() function implementation isn't the greatest. I implemented this the same way other LaunchPads had implemented it using the watchdog timer. This leaves the main CPU timers free for functions like tone() to use. The resolution is due to the speed that the watchdog runs at. Can I ask what you're trying to accomplish that you need such precise timing for? There may be other ways we can meet your timing needs in hardware.
  6. TI_Trey

    c2000 issues

    Sorry to hear y'all are having trouble. I don't check these forums as much as I should. My apologies. A couple things to note: Compiler version should be completely independent of whether the upload works or not. Nearly any C2k compiler version should be ok. Also there is a new version of the compiler out that I should be able to integrate into Energia, so that user's will not have to do this step manually. Hopefully I can get this into the next release, but no promises. Energia currently uses the device's serial boot mode to program the device. This is why you have to set all those d@mn switches. First the PC loads a small program into the device's RAM. This is the short LED blink you see in the beginning. Then this program recieves the actual application and programs it into flash. This is the part where you see the LEDs alternately blink. Because of how everything shakes out, the baud rate needs to be 38400 or less. I will be updating Energia for C2k to use a new progamming mechanism called DSLite. DSLite is a lightweight version of the debug server CCS uses. This new programming scheme will use JTAG instead of serial, will be faster, and will not require any switch configuration prior to programming CCS programming is probably failing due to the 3rd boot switch. For CCS to connect this needs to be in the up position. I believe this is documented in the user's guide for the LaunchPad. I've seen programming failures with the 27F (instaSPIN) version of the LaunchPad in Energia. I've recreated the issue here, but haven't been able to isolate the cause. This will automatically be fixed when we switch over to DSLite. Hopefully that answers some questions and helps people get up and running!
  7. TI_Trey

    Best LaunchPad Projects?

    43oh, In a couple weeks, we will have the 5 year anniversary of the release of the original 430 LaunchPad. I'm writing up a blog post to celebrate this and wanted to highlight some of the most compelling projects that have been done with LaunchPad. I'm looking for projects that are out of this world cool or ones that solve big problems in this world. Do you know of any projects that are worthy of being highlighted?
  8. TI_Trey

    IoT Smoker

    @bluehash: 5529 LP + ADS1118 BP + CC3100 BP + Solid State Relay board @geometrikal: I hosted the Node-RED code on IBM Bluemix.
  9. TI_Trey

    IoT Smoker

    Hey folks! I took the electronics I used for my Sous Vide controller and repurposed them for a smoker. I also completely redid the software to come up with a much better user interface. You can read the story about it on the TI site here: http://e2e.ti.com/group/launchyourdesign/b/blog/archive/2015/03/09/yeee-hawww-launchpad-ropes-rodeo-bbq The Energia source code is here: wifi_smoker.ino I tried to upload the Node-RED flow as a JSON, but the forums won't let me. Hence you get plain text you can copy and paste: [{"id":"e4924113.e3d978","type":"mqtt-broker","broker":"","port":"1883","clientid":""},{"id":"c66445d5.585f48","type":"websocket-listener","path":"/ws/mobiui","wholemsg":"false"},{"id":"c8ba3187.3745d","type":"http in","name":"http request: control","url":"/control","method":"get","x":178,"y":90,"z":"6fb59101.904a7","wires":[["413cc48.fbec33c"]]},{"id":"413cc48.fbec33c","type":"template","name":"chart","field":"payload","template":"<!DOCTYPE HTML>\n<html>\n<head>\n <meta charset=\"utf-8\" />\n <meta HTTP-EQUIV=\"CACHE-CONTROL\" CONTENT=\"NO-CACHE\" />\n <meta name=\"viewport\" content=\"width=device-width, initial-scale=1\" /> \n <meta name=\"apple-mobile-web-app-capable\" content=\"yes\" />\n <title>Node-RED mobi ui</title>\n <link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"//code.jquery.com/mobile/1.4.3/jquery.mobile-1.4.3.min.css\" />\n <script src=\"//code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.1.min.js\"></script>\n <script src=\"//code.jquery.com/mobile/1.4.3/jquery.mobile-1.4.3.min.js\"></script>\n <script src=\"//cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/highcharts/4.0.3/highcharts.js\"></script>\n <script>//Node-Red mobi ui - LHG industrialinternet.co.uk\n//\tconsole.log(\"NR mobi UI 1.0: Controls, Chart\");\n\tvar schedule = null;\n\tvar itemLookup = null;\n\tvar statusMsg = false;\n\tvar daiableWidgets = false; \n\tvar connected = false;\n\tvar wsUri=\"wss://\"+window.location.hostname+\"/ws/mobiui\";\n\tvar ws=null;\n\tvar smokerTempAct=69;\n\tvar meatTempAct=69;\n\t\n\t var options = {\n chart: {\n type: 'spline',\n animation: Highcharts.svg, // don't animate in old IE\n events: {\n load: function () {\n\n // set up the updating of the chart each second\n var series0 = this.series[0];\n setInterval(function () {\n var x = (new Date()).getTime(), // current time\n y = smokerTempAct;\n series0.addPoint([x, y], true, true);\n }, 15000);\n var series1 = this.series[1];\n setInterval(function () {\n var x = (new Date()).getTime(), // current time\n y = meatTempAct;\n series1.addPoint([x, y], true, true);\n }, 15000);\n }\n }\n\n },\n title: {\n text: 'Current Smoker Temperature'\n },\n xAxis: {\n type: 'datetime',\n tickPixelInterval: 1500\n },\n yAxis: {\n title: {\n text: 'Temperature (F)'\n },\n plotLines: [{\n value: 0,\n width: 1,\n color: '#808080'\n }]\n },\n tooltip: {\n formatter: function () {\n return '<b>' + this.series.name + '</b><br/>' +\n Highcharts.dateFormat('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S', this.x) + '<br/>' +\n Highcharts.numberFormat(this.y, 2);\n }\n },\n legend: {\n enabled: true\n },\n exporting: {\n enabled: false\n },\n series: [{\n name: 'Smoker Temperature',\n data: (function () {\n // generate an array of random data\n var data = [],\n time = (new Date()).getTime(),\n i;\n\n for (i = -19; i <= 0; i += 1) {\n data.push({\n x: time + i * 1000,\n y: Math.random()\n });\n }\n return data;\n }())\n },{\n name: 'Meat Temperature',\n data: (function () {\n // generate an array of 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  10. TI_Trey

    c2000 issues

    Hi Telforddorr, Could you give me some more info on where this is failing in the upload process? Do the LEDs at the top right of the board flash after you click OK on the message box? What baud rate is the serial monitor setup for? We've found that uploads won't work if the baud rate is above 38400 baud.
  11. TI_Trey

    C2000:Problem with flash memory

    Shamsheer, This is due to the boot modes of the device. When we flash with Energia, we use the serial boot mode to load the program into the device. When the load completes it automatically starts running the application. Pressing the reset button without changing the boot switches will put the board back at the start of the serial boot mode. Instead, change the switches to UP-UP-DOWN, reset the board and your application should run. This selects the boot to flash mode (which is where your application is stored). BR, Trey
  12. TI_Trey

    Quadcopter BoosterPack

    Hi 43oh! Some of you may have seen me over at c2kcentral, but I'm mostly a lurker here. For a while now, I've been working on developing a low cost quadcopter. Well that quadcopter is nearly done! Boards are being manufactured as I type this, and I plan to have it flying at the Bay Area MakerFaire in May. Here's a picture of the top of the motor driver board: Personally, I would like to see this manufactured and sold, but before I invest the effort to do that I need to ensure there is a demand for such a board. The finished quad will be about 1 square foot in size, will cost ~$200, and will be able to carry a small payload (I've got my fingers crossed we'll have enough thrust for a Go Pro). If you would please take a second to answer the poll as to whether or not you would be interested in purchasing one. This is all very preliminary, but I appreciate any feedback you may have. Thanks! Edit: Moving some of the information regarding the setup up here: 4x TMS320F28027F + DRV8312 make up the ESC. That is the bulk of what is on the board which you can see on the first post. 1x C2000 LP acts as the brain. This board decodes the control signals and sends torque commands to each of the ESCs via a PWM signal. This LaunchPad runs the open source AeroQuad firmware on top of Energia...which also means other LaunchPads could be used as the brain. Control Inputs come via a standard RC 2.4GHz radio and receiver. Because the LaunchPad doesn't have 1 million capture inputs I am using a receiver which supports S.Bus. 3 axis accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer, barometer and GPS Update 4/16: Got the IMU board in today. Here's a picture: Yellow - TC6000GN - CC4000 based GPS Red - MPU6000 - 6 axis IMU Blue - HMC5983 - 3 axis Mag Purple - MS5611 Barometer Update 4/21: Got in a car accident and have been dealing with insurance, so instead of working on this I've been dealing with BS. Good news is that all that is finally taken care of and the motor boards are here! These are by far the most complex and visually appealing boards I've even designed. Take a look: I'm still waiting on a few structural pieces to arrive which are being water cut. I expect I'll have them later this week. I'll post some more pictures once I get the boards assembled. Update 4/22: Motor boards are assembled and basic functionality checks out. Next checks will include JTAG connectivity, and then motor drive capability. The design is based off an earlier prototype that was proven out, so I expect everything to work splendidly on this board. If you're not already, follow me on twitter for up to the minute project updates! @yertnamreg1218 Update 4/24: The 4 InstaSpin Piccolos are all in a JTAG chain. Initially I had a little trouble getting CCS to connect, but after a little re-soldering of the ICs JTAG started working. I now have all 4 device programmed with the motor control software. I was also able to verify operating on a battery and the serial data link between the receiver and main microcontroller. Yes, I'm aware my desk is a mess right now. :-P Update 5/6: Lots of work has been going into the AeroQuad firmware I'll be running on the LaunchPad. The two main contenders for firmware were Arducopter and Aeroquad. The reason Aeroquad was chosen over Arducopter was their use of the standard Arduino IDE to build their firmware. Arducopter uses a hacked together one off build system. Since Energia is based off Arduino, getting the AeroQuad project to build was much easier than Arducopter would have been. With that said, I'm happy to announce that today I was able to compile AeroQuad successfully for the C2k LaunchPad in Energia. This is a huge milestone! As you can see it didn't link, but that's an easy problem to fix. With MakerFaire less than 2 week away, the pressure is on! Will Trey get the quadcopter flying in time or will Murphy raise his evil head and sabotage the project? Stay tuned to find out! Update 5/23: After my last update I had to really focus on getting the thing done in time for MakerFaire, so I slacked off on project updates. Sadly, Murphy paid me a visit and threw a few wrenches into my plan. Problem #1: Everything on the motor drive boards appears to be working as planned with the exception of the current feedback circuitry for the motors. The old board can spin the motors just fine, but on the new board the current feedback isn't behaving nicely which is causing us problems with the motor control software. The boards are based on the same schematic, but the original developer changed some of the components in the feedback circuitry. I have a list of the changes and the new board has incorporated those changes, but still has problems. I'm unsure if the issue is layout or component related and will be doing some experiments in the coming weeks to determine and fix the cause. Problem #2: I pulled a special favor to get the structural materials (i.e. frame) for the quadcopter cut on a waterjet. I kicked this off in early April, but because it was a favor and there were other users of this machine my parts didn't end up getting cut in time. I'm currently looking for a place in town that can do CNC routing and drilling to get these parts cut. MakerFaire was still a big success and I was able to talk to a ton of people about LaunchPad, Energia, and the quadcopter. I even met a few 43oh members while I was there! I also talked to the creators of the Aeroquad firmware and they are very excited about this project. Once the C2000 port is more stable I will be merging my changes upstream to the main Aeroquad repository. I also talked to them about structural materials for the frame. The Aeroquad guys use a material called DiBond. Its a composite aluminum/polyethylene laminate which is less dense than FR4 with comparable material properties. It is commonly used in signage applications, but also makes for an excellent quadcopter frame. At MakerFaire the AeroQuad team participated in an event called the "Game of Drones". This event pitted two quadcopters against eachother in air to air combat. Take a look at this video showing off some of the fights: http://youtu.be/91OCQ-1KP08 After seeing how well they performed in the competition I am considering switching to use DiBond as the structural material in my quadcopter as well. Update 8/19 It took me a while to find someone to cut the frame at a reasonable price, but I finally did. I just received the frame back from the fabricator and it looks great. I'll still need to tweak the design a bit due to machining tolerances, but that's something that's easily accomplished. Without further ado, here are the pics: There are some spars that connect the two pieces together that should also be here, but the fabricator was confused and thought they were scrap. I should be able to fully assembled the quad after I get back the tweaked version of the frame. I also was lucky enough to be a guest on "The Amp Hour" this week. Be sure to tune in! I talk about my experience in college at Rose-Hulman, my first job after college with Simma Software, and I reveal a new job I've accepted at TI!!!!
  13. TI_Trey

    Discrete Solid State Relay BP

    1) Yes, heatsinks are hot. There was no easy way around this with surface mount triacs. 2) I don't have a good understanding of home wiring, but I haven't had any line/neutral issues. 3) Those are for spade terminals. A lot of the wiring in a toaster oven uses those. I've used this board to make reflow ovens in the past. 4) Ya I think those should be 390 as RobG said. Each terminal is switched by the triac.
  14. Hi 43oh! It seemed like there was some interest in my solid state relay board, so I figured I'd post up the design files. Because of liability reasons (being high voltage and what not) I can't produce this, but your welcome to get some boards made and solder them yourself. Be warned, soldering the heat-sinks to the board is VERY DIFFICULT! You'll need a board pre-heater, hot air, and some good flux. Schematic: triac_board.pdf Design package (in EAGLE 6.5): triac_board.zip Cheers!
  15. I'll post up the sources in the boosterpack section.
  16. Hi 43oh! Its the holiday season and that means its time for holiday hacks! I recently completed my WiFi connected sous vide (using a MSP430 and CC3100) which I used to cook my Thanksgiving turkey. I'm curious if anyone else out there has come up with some cool connected holiday projects? If so, post them (or a link) in this thread. We're trying to collect the best hacks and write up an article about them! Here's another view of my LaunchPad Sous Vide Controller for inspiration :-D Thanks everyone!
  17. Yes, it possible to incorporate position data from an encoder to your control system. I believe this is possible with any of the InstaSPIN solutions (BLDC, FOC, and Motion), but I'm not a motor control expert. InstaSPIN can work with any power electronics stage. The core component of InstaSpin is the software encoder in ROM which accepts current and voltage feedbacks from each motor phase. Yes, TI's other microcontroller product lines can also control BLDCs to varying degrees of performance. You ought to be able to find some app notes for the different product lines that show how to drive BLDCs. Yes, InstaSpin BLDC is a software only solution and will run on any C2000 microcontroller.
  18. TI_Trey

    Quadcopter BoosterPack

    Check the top post for an update on the quadcopter! I just got the frame back from manufacturing!!
  19. TI_Trey

    C2000 Launchpad Solar MPPT Project and Tutorial

    Ant, Excellent work on this project! I really like all the detail you went into in your write up. Its rare to find someone who can do both software and analog hardware. Cheers!
  20. TI_Trey

    Power to F28027 in Standalone Mode

    Sorry for the slow response... When powering the launchpad standalone just feed 3.3V into the pins as you are already doing. You'll want to disconnect JP1, 2, and 3. These jumpers supply USB power to the F28027 device on the LP. If these jumpers are connected when the board is powered externally they feed power back into the emulator section. I suspect this may be what was causing the trouble. In regard to current consumption, the max power use of the F28027 is indeed around 100mA, but there are many other things on the board that consume power. The main culprit I suspect is the FTDI device in the emulator.
  21. TI_Trey

    Array Errors

    My guess is that the problem is related to signed/unsigned integers. The variable number is signed while you're array is not. I would try viewing the results as hex and see if you can see a pattern... You might also want to try stepping through and looking at the variables in the arithmetic (as hex values)...I think you'll see the problem.
  22. TI_Trey

    Quadcopter BoosterPack

    I've been just editing the first post and adding updates there. I just got back from MakerFaire, and I'm getting caught up. I'll post a new update later today.
  23. TI_Trey

    Sensored BLDC BoosterPack

    Check out my new motor board and quadcopter! http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5345-quadcopter-boosterpack/
  24. TI_Trey

    C2000 under Linux

    Krosema, First off, sorry for the slow reply. I've been uber busy lately. Actually C2000 is officially supported in Linux. CCS and the XDS100 emulator will work just fine. The problems start when we look at the software. A lot of the software in controlSUITE was written by folks who have never used a *nix box, so there are a lot of case mismatches. In the last release of the F2802x device support software, I fixed all these issues and ensured that all the examples built in linux. Try downloading the latest controlSUITE and trying these new examples. You shouldn't have any problems.
  25. TI_Trey

    Measuring external voltage

    The error you're seeing could also be caused by the first sample errata on these parts. Basically when you fire off a SOC, the first conversion it does has some error to it. In the examples you should see that two SOC are configured for the same trigger source. The result from the first sample is throw away and the second is used. Make sure you are doing this in your code. Another thing to consider is that for really high quality A to D conversion you want to buffer the signal you're trying to read. This is more of an issue for dynamic signals, but do be mindful of the impedance you are driving the ADC with.