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  1. @JMLB: Thanks for the headsup. @everyone else: Reading NJC's LaunchScope writeup trying to glean some ADC technique: I think I understand that the frequency you can write out on USB is slower than the operating frequency of the chip itself. I'm not yet sure yet at what frequency/rate I'll need to capture... Is there a rough estimate? He uses 9600 baud, which I think it probably high enough for my purposes. Am I reading that right? This is still pretty far over my head. Back to the zeke's info for newbies, I guess.
  2. I've been through here that fast a couple times myself. I just didn't have a good excuse.
  3. Excellent, you'll fit right in! Welcome! Thornton sounds familiar. Is that anywhere near Fitzsimmons (sp?) Army Medical Center? I used to make patient-transfer ambulance runs down there from F.E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, WY back in the late '80s. It's not terribly close to Fitzsimmons. I had to look it up to be sure. It's in Aurora, but you'd pass right by here if you were coming from Cheyenne.
  4. Bah! Joke to joke fail! Thanks for the welcome. Sorry I got all serious and stuff.
  5. Bah! Blocked from work. I guess I can't check it on my lunch hour.
  6. I have my notes at home, but I think the range was about 5v from end to end. It might be a little outside of that though. Maybe 2v to 10v? And thanks, bluehash. I'll try to dig up some examples with ADCs.
  7. Sorry, it was just a little Hello World humour. I don't know which side of my LP is up, let alone how to post to the forum with it. I do know how to make snark, however.
  8. My first project was something I thought was going to be rather straight forward. I want to hook up a couple pins and measure/log some voltages. That's step 1. In step 2, I want to replay those voltages. I'm not looking for someone to give me the solution, but if someone might recommend an example that does something similar? I'm going to go read the material in zeke's "Best info for newbs" guide right now.
  9. Is anyone else having a hard time using IAR EW in Windows 7? It seems there's a disconnect between where the files are installed and then where the EW is looking for them runtime, probably due to the way Win7 does "my documents" kind of stuff. Any tips?
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