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    kenemon got a reaction from mfpek in LaunchPad, DC Motor, PWM   
    TP3 ground TP1 5V
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    kenemon got a reaction from luke in Standalone Nightmare   
    A question about the standalone programmer issue please.
    I want to improve my board by adding a programming jumper.
    According to zeke's schema above, he hooks up the jumper to pins 10 and 11.
    Will this work with the G2452? I have seen advice suggesting pins 2 and 3 :?
    Also, is there freeware that will enable me to make schemas easily like zekes?
    Thanks for reading. KB
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    kenemon got a reaction from bluehash in Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2012- 1/2 off code   
    Register for the http://innovation-worldcup.com/ and get 50% off CC2530 ZigBee Mini Kit, not a bad deal at $50 !
    The mini will not handle the whole stack, but can be incorporated into other devices, ie LP with some hacking....
    first codes sent today AM.
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    kenemon reacted to kylej1050 in ac wall adapters, huh?   
    Was the supply maintaining 5v when plugged in? It may have been sagging.
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    kenemon reacted to fcobcn in ac wall adapters, huh?   
    Make sure that your router needs DC, I have seen a lot of models using 12v AC power.
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    kenemon reacted to DanielPHuber in Solar water heating controller   
    Hi kenemon,
    I actually use an expansion tank, otherwise the system would crack (see pictures). At first thought it seems ridiculous that the tank consist of an upside down PET bottle. But if you dig in, you will find that these PET bottles are rated for an unbelievable 15bar. I have some experiences with these bottles, I used them to build "water rockets" for the kids. These consists of an upside down bottle, approx. half filled with water. You then pump them up with air (we used 7bar from a compressor or a bicycle pump) and then you let go. These "rockets" fly approx. 30m high and are fun for the whole neighborhood.
    An additional benefit is that the bottles are transparent, you can actually see how the water expands, what is not little (good lecture in physics!). One bottle works, but next time when I empty the system, I will add a second bottle, because the pressure changes still a bit too much for my taste. However, at this time the system is filled with antifreeze (car supply) what makes it a bit of a mess to empty. Therefore, I wait until I have to empty it anyway.
    In Switzerland you pay ridiculous prices for copper at this time. However, I am living not too far from Germany, where you can get it much cheaper. Most of the copper I could buy from surplus material and I payed something over SFr. 100.- for one collector. The tubing from the collector is done in PEX-Aluminium tubing, what is also much cheaper in Germany, I bought it for approx. 1 Euro/m.
    What do you mean by GFI? Ground Fault Interrupter? The main voltage part is separated from the low voltage part by an opto. Therefore, there is no direct connection between both sub-systems.
    By PEG, you main antifreeze? I need this dearly, two weeks ago we had -15 degree Celsius, but everything worked perfectly. As soon as the sun comes out, the boiler starts to heat. I do not think that circulating the water would prevent it from freezing with such low temperatures.
    cheers, Daniel
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    kenemon got a reaction from larsie in can you add f5438a?   
    Make shure you do the prototype dry-run with a doll Dont want any shaken baby syndrome :crazy:
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    kenemon reacted to username in MSP430 PC GUI Eval Tool   
    Hey all,
    I was working on a GUI that would be able to control any and all functions on a particular MSP430 processor from a PC GUI. Only limitations a course would be P1.1 and P1.2 which are required for GUI communication. This is very very very much so a work in progress. Currently i'm writing it using WX Widgets libraries to simplify the GUI aspect of it. However, currently i'm not using a "form builder" so it is going to take a handy amount of time to write. Good c++ experience though....
    This GUI would be very handy to have from a hardware/software test debug standpoint. For example, say I wanted to test out some SPI sensor I purchased, I could use a GUI such as this to send custom SPI packets to the device i'm testing and read/observe results live. That as opposed to having to write a micro.c file to do the communication and re write it every time something doesn't work.
    Many thanks to rick and suggaraddict for assistance on c++ coding help
    GUI Download Rev 0.5 : https://github.com/NateZimmer/MSP430-Ev ... I_EVAL.exe (windows.exe, click "view raw" to download)
    (feedback on whether or not it works for you would be great. Gaurenteed to work with a FTDI RS232 -> USB. However, launchpad drivers suppperr flakey and crapey )
    Remember to flash https://github.com/NateZimmer/MSP430-Ev ... er/GUI.cpp to your MSP430G2553
    Source Code is now at https://github.com/NateZimmer/MSP430-Eval-Tool
    (your going to need to download and BUILD the wx libraries to get this to work)
    Main Connect tab: Implemented

    Digital Output tab: Implemented

    Digital Input tab: Implemented

    SPI Tab: Implemented but not fully tested

    Analog Input tab: In Progress
    Connection Issue Debug
    1. Make sure you got a Rev1.5 launchpad with a G2553 micro flashed with the proper code provided. Also, makesure your jumpers are set to hardware uart.
    2. If that doesn't work... sadly, the TI RS232 <-> USB sucks hardcore compared to FTDI that always works. Once a connection is established, it works fine. However, getting that first connection can be a super pain. If your having connection issues, open up a terminal program(such as putty), connect to the com port of your msp430, and press the "1" key and ONLY the 1 key. If your msp430 is working properly you should receive "PING" back. At that point, close the terminal program and open up my .exe program. At that point, it should connect fine.
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    kenemon got a reaction from larsie in can you add f5438a?   
    Congratulations! Not just another mouth to feed We are expecting one in Apr as well. I am relishing in my freedom until then
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    kenemon reacted to larsie in can you add f5438a?   
    Hi. I've added the msp430f5438a as an option, but don't have the chip so can't test it. Is this a test board like Launchpad and I can try to get hold of it? Anyway, if you have the chip, you can try. It compiles without problem, so hopefully it works for you. Let me know.
    There is no code size restriction, but if it is a large project, it may be easier having your own IDE and debug environment on the PC. Inventortown is best for quite simple projects.
    It might be easier using github in combination with inventortown if it's a very large project. Keep the project in a single directory and remember that there are some minor differences between IAR and mspgcc (for example in defining interrrupts). Then push it to github and pull it into inventortown. I might update the github feature with more features if it gets used. Maybe also make a function that just checks out a github project, compiles it and gives you the binary without the need for a project.
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    kenemon reacted to DanielPHuber in Solar water heating controller   
    Hi Kenemon,
    the storage was a problem as I did not have the necessary space. Therefore, I needed another solution. The original installation had a small electrical boiler. I installed a second boiler in serie with the original one. Thereby, the electrical boiler receives water preheated by the solar collector. If there is not enough sunshine, the water temperature will be boosted by electricity during night time. If the sun shines long enough, no electricity is used. Of course I can not store heat for a long time, it is used on a daily basis.
    For cut off, I monitor the temperature difference over the heat exchanger. If this becomes too small, it means that no heat is delivered to the boiler or even drained and I switch off the pump.
    I heat the boiler as soon as the collector is warmer than the boiler. For security reasons, I also have a max. boiler temp. where the pump is switched off, but I have not yet reached it.
    I soldered where appropriate because it is easier to do. Only where I had steel I did braze.
    It is important to have copper sheet metal with a coating that absorbs visible light, but does not re- radiate infrared heat. The copper sheet metal is soldered to copper tubing because of heat flux. The auxiliary tubing was first done with PETX tubing (cross linked PET with a aluminium layer), but it turned out that with a temperature of 120 degree C, these started to leek at the connectors. Therefore, I did all the tubing inside the collector in copper. The tubing from the collector to the basement is done in PETX, isolated with PET. This seems to work well. The only problem I had was, that the water immediately at the outlet is so hot, that the PET isolation melted. Therefore, I isolated the first meter using glass wool. The isolation of the collector at the back side is done in rock wool. The front is covered with a polycarbonat sheet. This is much cheaper than glass and does not break. In addition it can be bent easily using a hot air gun.
    cheers, Daniel
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    kenemon got a reaction from gatImmusepete in Which Mac to buy?   
    Are there clones available these days?
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    kenemon got a reaction from gatImmusepete in Which Mac to buy?   
    My bro shared a spare ipad he had with me. I am frustrated by the lack of "control" it offers to the user, but impressed with the compact package and speed. Looking at the posts, i am a little confused:
    It runs on iOS correct?
    I also understand this is similar to MacOS X?
    Will the drivers for OS X work on the ipad?
    Can I install drivers manually?
    Seems like it might be easier to fashion a bluetooth or WiFi connection to the LP than get the USB working directly
    TIA, KB
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    kenemon reacted to kfishy in Launchpad as external programmer   
    The Launchpad has the TX/RX going from the MSP430 chip to the TUSB3410's "pseudo UART", which you can then access through the virtual com port. If you can find a way to pulse the RST and TEST ports there's no reason why you can't do BSL. Well, at least theoretically 8-)
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    kenemon reacted to greeeg in Launchpad as external programmer   
    I don't think the LP would work as a BSL flasher by itself. As the BSL interface requires 4 pins. the two serial pins RX,TX and then two pins connected to RST and TEST to perform the proper BSL entry signals. However a simple BSL flasher from a simple FTDI 232 usb->UART breakout board green wiring the CTS and DTR pins out to a header to connect to RST and TEST. If you have one of these breakout boards on had this will be an easy option.
    Since those signals need only be applied once to enter BSL mode, one could easily place a G series device to enter BSL mode on the target device by pressing the button on the launchpad or receiving a serial command, then just feed the serial data straight though from the LP to a BSL target...I might look into this.
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    kenemon got a reaction from juani_c in buying ICs on ebay   
    Three weeks but three times cheaper is my saying. Biggest risk is time, using paypal, your 3$ is covered, but no compensation for the time that passes by. I have had great luck, and saved tons of money. Sucks for the Shack.....
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    kenemon reacted to zeke in I will back back soon   
    This is what I've been doing. I recommend it.
    Last year about this time, I started figuring out the Dallas One Wire temperature sensor stuff. A friend of mine told a company about it. They are the world's largest user of Dallas One wire temp sensors. That company contacted me and hired me to do a couple of non-one-wire projects for them. I got a chance to earn some badly need money and a chance to prove to them that I was a trustworthy EE.
    Today, I am working a full time contract with them doing all of their EE hardware design and the possibility of full time employment is very real.
    I wholeheartedly recommend that you pour yourself into yourself. Make anything and everything you personally want to do. Develop new skills and cultivate new experiences so that you're ready to pounce on work when it comes.
    If possible, make your own product and sell it. Start small. Make something that you want and need. If you're passionate about it then someone else will be as well.
    When you complete your design then you will have a trophy that you can remind yourself "Hey! I did it. I made this myself. I AM AWESOME! Here's the proof!"
    If you need some concrete steps in this process then just ask. My door is open.
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    kenemon got a reaction from zeke in LS Research zigbee?   
    Just a quick note of warning....
    I lost jtag accessability on a couple of boards having in some way, inadvertantly, blown the fuse. Take care to remove the batt jumper before plugging into USB.
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    kenemon reacted to SugarAddict in LS Research zigbee?   
    I'm in the middle of a lot of stuff right now, but I'm totally jumping headfirst into this thing when I get a chance. That may end up being a month or two. I actually managed to purchase the last 2 they had in stock, one for me and oPossum is getting the other in trade for some loose proflex's. So out of the group of us, there should be something to show for it all :!!!: :angel:
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    kenemon reacted to MattTheGeek in Sparkfun Freeday Today   
    Summing up freeday:

    Might be my new motto.
    Not mad that i didn't get anything, but to type over 5000 or even 10000 captcha for hours is horrible... Last two years were fun (Yes, trying to get a web page to load was fun)
    I also had a captcha that said:

    Wont win
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    kenemon reacted to nuetron in The Task   
    My dad handed me a sheet of paper this morning:
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Task ----------------------------------------------------------------
    The young man stopped his steed on a slight knoll. Twisting in the saddle he wistfully looked back over the terrain he had traversed, thinking of the battles fought, the lessons learned, the order brought, and the wisdom earned. Sighing he then looked forward into the chaos and danger of what lay ahead: The Werkaria. He had been here many times before, but though many battles had been fought here, many remained. His hand went reflexively to the hilt of his weapon, firmly ensconced in the scabbard at his hip. The handle of the soldering iron felt familiar and reassuring. Nathan knew it was time to dismount the steed that had brought him thus far and proceed alone, as the friendly constant companion could not follow him into the chaos ahead. He closed Laptop5's lid and, leaving its smooth muzzle behind, strode into the wilds that few dared enter that existed between the cliffs of West Wall and East Wall. Mumbling bits of The Code, which had strengthened him and his friends and which had guided him on his quest, he remembered the things he had learned from Master BlueHash and those who had gone before him. Ahead, in the jumble of the wild waited the thing that must be tamed - the MSP430.
    Nathan had fought with this beast on other occasions, and knew that harder battles lay ahead before this particular animal would be subdued. Struggling through the wires of the badlands, which tore at his legs like vines, he thought of his friends and family, which, not understanding the need for his quest, refused to enter here. Here, where components needed to survive were hard to find - and many times had to be harvested with great difficulty - Nathan felt truly alive. He was in his element. Though it seemed insane, he actually looked forward to the battles because of the rewards gained when The Code worked! The MSP430 was not the only beast out here, either. His confidants had warned him about its sister, The Ardweeno Beast, which was just as dangerous.
    Suddenly, he found himself at the Board. The beast was waiting for him! Drawing his soldering iron from its scabbard Nathan engaged in The Task. With a wisp of flux smoke and amid the flash of LEDs he was instantly focused only on the Battle, as all else around him faded away. He became unaware of West Wall, East Wall, and the chaos of Werkaria. Only the Board mattered, and only his skill with The Code could save him!
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    kenemon reacted to MarkoeZ in Bluetooth Door Lock   
    Well i got the board built, built into the intercom device, bluetooth module adapted and attached, and lock interface done
    Check the outdoor tests:

    And a video of the inner workings:

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    kenemon reacted to MarkoeZ in Using a Relay with the MSP430, help?   
    If i could i would. But dont really understand it myself (the safety of it), and could not get it to work on my breadbord. Do I need a specific type of diode? Just used some ones I had laying around for the quick test...
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    kenemon reacted to GeekDoc in Using a Relay with the MSP430, help?   
    The point of the animation is to show the importance of the diode; it is there to protect the circuit from the inductive surge produced when the relay releases.
    1- 3v3 is applied to the circuit, and the relay closes
    2- 3v3 power is removed, the relay opens. The collapse of the magnetic field creates a reverse current in the relay's coil. The protection diode (note the orientation) allows the current to harmlessly dissipate (without entering the rest of the circuit)
    3- The circuit stabilizes. (This all happens in a small fraction of a second.)
    EEs in the forum: Please correct me if I am mistaken.
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    kenemon reacted to MarkoeZ in Bluetooth Door Lock   
    And this is actually the first time i'm using my phone as a controller, last Bluetooth tests i did were from the Pandora.
    Connecting is really easy with the HC-06 bluetooth module. You just have to power it with 3 volts, and connect the RX/TX to launchpad TX/RX. Then pair with the Bluetooth module from your phone like you would with any device and you are done.
    The Android software i used in this test is the free version of "BT_Serial_Tester", available from the market. The free version can only send numerical values and cannot receive, but thats enough for a raw test of my implementation. For the final app i also want a response like "wrong code" or " code accepted" signalling the results.
    I did develop some small android apps in the past (nothing public btw), so with the help of the Bluetooth wall-racer car code for the Bluetooth part, I should not have any problems making a more dedicated app for the task.
    Hope that was helpful, and if you want more info, just ask
    p.s. Code and schematic will follow once things are a bit more final
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