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  1. Well, I have added a few improvements to facilitate prototyping. I think I have achieved more than I originally intended. The Stage will fit snugly onto the LP which will pass pins up to it. All pins are broken down on the ProFLEX, basic configuration circuits are there. The device can be used just for the programmer by cutting the thin connections at J3. Otherwise Almost all LP pins are available upstairs, including the TP's, power, JTAG, I/O, and one of the LED1. I am reluctant to add any more nets, as I feel they favor one end design more than another. If I have missed anything
  2. I hear and obey :wave: Is this more like it? I need a little guidance with the module specific connections.
  3. Rob, I have been pondering that notion. I was considering tightening the span for the "wings" to acomodate other modules with the same pitch as well, but your design has its own merit. Can you give me the schematic file, and I will attempt to configure it this way. The "vent" in the center was an afterthought anyhow... Thanks. Ken
  4. OK folks! It's so close I can taste it. Lets get together and put in some real numbers. I dont think 10 will satisfy the demand, I want to start out with 3 ( in case of a FU). Others seemed to want many as well. For twenty we are looking at $55 for production and delivery to me. This is as far as I got:
  5. a little reaarangement yes, but I added access to the LP Test Points, and 5V power supply rail/ additional ground if anyone needs it. I am going to verify the dimensions this PM, and we should have a suitable upload for the fusion service.....
  6. Sorry, I had one more idea... I think this is it!
  7. I posted imprecisely an improved FLEXpro breakout PCB design. It has empty pads for circuitry and fits right on the LP. Please let me know which version you guys prefer. Thanks. KB
  8. Does this appeal to anyone more? This will fit on the LP and mount the FLEXpro module. It provides access to another MSP if needed, and also allows for the J3 connections to use the programmer. Additional blank pads are provided for custom circuitry.
  9. Take it from me to get confused. I appreciate your instruction. I dug a little deeper into you lib, and found the connections I was wondering about were designated explicitly. Your latest post makes it perfectly clear, I think I was expecting a silk on top of the footprint ( my head has been in PCB land a few days). Thanks, and I am sorry to roust you accidentally. KB
  10. not tryin to be a need for preperationH 8-) I am VERY inexperienced with PCB design. Last time for protos, I bought everything from radioshack and made a permanent stain on my parents rug (1987). I am missing the connection between the uC and the footprint. I imagine this will be part of your schematic.... KB
  11. Looks good when i import to eagle. Are you going to map out the whole module? :shock:
  12. This is obviously version 1.1 I am working on 1.2 which will accommodate the LP in situ. FLEXpro1 (PCB).pdf Thanks
  13. Thanks blue. I will post the files accordingly when i get home, at the moment i have my $% in my hand at work, with the wrong computer. What format is preferred? KB
  14. Thanks for your responses guys. I am interested in the basic LS research breakouts, I figure I can get more intricate with the CC's at a later date if I need to compress my design then. I would be interested in ~10 of the LS research. I have a basic design: http://www.batchpcb.com/product_info.php?products_id=67582&check=e298101b2768e6ce6101bdc49f1e8056 I have submitted this to seeed and the dorks as well to see how the price will compare. Is this what you guys are looking for?
  15. thanks zeke. Yes, the home page seems to lead you down a path I did not want to be on. Much better deal. Without uploading the design, and estimating shipping, it is ~14$ to Chicago for 10 units .... How long do these usually take to make? Thanks. KB
  16. Hi guys, as far as I can tell, seedstudios requires a large batch size. I was futzing with the quote system, and a basic breakout board I designed at 2x2 inches. The quote system confused me a little, but i managed to get it through. Assuming i made some errors, the price per board was under $5. Has anyone used this yet? It appears like you need to get 100 made to get the deal. Please contact me if you would like to get together on this basic PCB. I am exploring other options, batch PC wants about $20. Thanks. KB
  17. Thanks n1ksn, it has been challenging for me to figure this out. Generally not from lack of help, but from my lack of expertise. I realize now that CCS usually makes the whole process more difficult. Your help is exactly what I needed. Now I need to try it with IAR! Still tryin to figure out what the LP "TP" jumpers can be used for.....
  18. don't worry, i am not that advanced. Your reply is what I was looking for. In CCS, I cant find these?? but I found the debugger setting you mentioned in IAR: I cant find the "programmer" you mentioned. Can you point me closerI think this is what I needed. Much Thanks....
  19. Sorry n1ksn, I am referring to the FET on the LP. As far as I know, they are specified as MSP430F16xx, I think mine are F1612's. I have been tying to use CCS and IAR to "get thru" this chip to other non-proprietary MCU's, but am confused. When selecting target devices, the options do not exist. I have even tried MSPflasher, and that was scary (with a brushup in DOS), to no avail. I hope this better explains my question. Thanks. KB
  20. n1ksn- welcome to the party. I am interested in how you communicated between the f16 and the olimex, i understand you used jtag, but how? can you elaborate a bit please? Thanks. KB
  21. thanks for the input you guys that site is cool, a nice way to get some closure. It seems like I was over thinking it a little.... :shock:
  22. About to lose my SH&%$ trying to make a PCB design in the correct format for upload. I got I nice one together today using design spark PCB, with perfect dimensions, but i cannot get the gerbers into eagle and the *.PCB file is apparently proprietary. I have tried the converters, and several other programs, but they all eventually give me some BS about "lite" versions. What is the best way to deal with this?
  23. I think you have the right idea with the shield. The first challenge is to get this baby pinned. This could be easily "stacked" on another board, and eventually built into a specific design. The LP is such an powerful and affordable I/O processor, that my plan was to use it to handle this, and let the module take over the wireless, initially it could resemble Tron, which was a breakout for the tssop footprint, but same concept: NJC did this for a bluetooth module : http://www.msp430launchpad.com/2011/08/adding-bluetooth-to-your-msp430-project.
  24. This is a "development kit". It has the transceiver and the uC built in. DId someone think they were going to send them a dozen free boards? :oops: Like I said earlier, try to be cool and make the moment last..... FOR EVERYONE :silent:
  25. can anyone help me with this? The measurements are pretty much spot on, but i am not sure where to go from this point with the pcb file. I found some discrepancies with the footprint they provide, but a little fudge made it work, i think We should do the group thing here, but it would be hard to wait a month looking at this thing sitting there, begging to be used....
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