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  1. Thanks Peter. Good to see you here, lots of good peeps who chip in... I did enjoy those documents you linked. I am interested in using fig 7 on the sharp circuits. My inexperience leaves me doubting i could guess the values of the components, can you help me calculate the values needed? KB
  2. Wow! all this discourse makes me want to get it going even more! Anyone mount it yet? I am waiting on the boards :think:
  3. hi guys. this sound familiar to the problem i am pondering. My idea was to sample with the ADC (relatively slowly) on two channels and then analyze them within the code to make decisions. Anybody with some code suggestions please??
  4. This is an illustrative yet elusive portrayal of how this distributor suggested modification of the Microchip antenna: I tried putting the meter on them, but they were too small and too weak, I was getting like 5nF.
  5. there are ultimately 2 versions. One has the offset module, and one is reversed: I ordered both.....
  6. Seeed is $25 for ten of the larger board, and $14 for the smaller, including shipping if i remember correctly. I am including your requests in the order. I will need to charge for shipping :angel: :twisted: thanks. KB
  7. I decided to try out the sample Maxim development board that just arrived. In the application I am pondering here, I wanted to evaluate the signals that the LED sensors will generate. Using a LED to provide the signal is not a new idea, but is so to me :shock: Maybe one of you can help me interpret the results, and the implications for importing this sensor modality into the MSP430??? The MAXIM scope is a little confusing to me...... I hooked up the ADC and a basic breadboard circuit to the MAXIM board, and loaded their software... I then captured some scans neutral, and then w
  8. I am getting them made shortly. I am trying to accrue a headcount and waiting on a final quote for the panel which runs on sept 5th. 10 is too few, 20 of each may be to many :oops: . I feel like an indecisive schoolgirl......... i am thinking 30 of the most recent design and 20 of the basic breakout.
  9. Found another Doc, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Laptop-Wireless ... 19bc213d8c 2 for that price, takin like 2 weeks from China to Chicago lately. I think the rigid ants usually have better range, but such a deal Someone should buy a bunch and trade for boards... 8-)
  10. mentioned earlier to Doc this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-SMA-KY-WiFi-Wireless-Adapter-Antenna-Coaxial-Cable-/180604304193?pt=AU_Components&hash=item2a0cdafb41 but I just came across this as well for 2 of them and doesnt need adapter... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Laptop-Wireless-WIFi-Mini-PCI-pci-e-Card-U-FL-Antenna-/110530477452?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19bc213d8c
  11. Thats a tough one Doc, I am not an expert. I know that the coils have a specific design according to the wavelength of the signal under consideration, as however simple they sometimes may be. If it were me i would get a very cheap adapter cable and try it out. ie: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-SMA-KY-WiFi-Wireless-Adapter-Antenna-Coaxial-Cable-/180604304193?pt=AU_Components&hash=item2a0cdafb41 So I take it you are not interested in a group production for the PCB at this time? KB
  12. OK. After realizing the board orientation was not optimum (thanks GeekDoc) I reversed it. I think it turned out better. Most of the connections under previous discussion are now finalized. Lets get this ordered, express interest one last time please and we will fabricate..... Thanks. KB
  13. I will let anyone who replies know when they arrive. Thanks for your interest.
  14. You got me thinking Doc, and it would be a waste not to provide for the onboard antenna. Is this what you had in mind?
  15. Lets hope not. I ran it through the bot at Batch.PCB and it passed?? is that is any indication? Also, this one was accepted by Seeed as final. What have you heard exactly? Maybe I am just waiting for bad news.... Thanks. KB
  16. yes Doc, I have one, gonna need the range.
  17. Hi All, I broke down and had some PCB's made for the LS Research TiWi-R2 module. I dont see myself using all ten, so let me know if you are interested in some kind of deal. The chip itself is pretty cool. It has 802.11 and Bluetooth onboard. Just a little too small to solder wires to :!!!: http://www.lsr.com/products/radio_modules/802.11_BGN_BT/tiwi-r2.aspx Nothing complicated this time, just your basic breadboard and butter pin access.
  18. Alright, I think I have the final draft. It has has JTAG connections for the LP and the LP MSP chip, depending on your pleasure. Other pins were left without nets to promote imagination or variance between the developers intentions, and allow for versitile use if they repeat the footprint in future module upgrades. One can also explore the LP TP's if they choose. If you are interested, please give my circuits your final blessing tell me how many you need. Thanks. KB
  19. I have been working with dorkbots. They have a panel going thru on Sept 5th. It is a little more than Seeed but it will be made next week. I have inquired about larger numbers to see if cost can be brought down....
  20. I like the access to the buttons. Nice design Rob!
  21. I'm sorry zeke but the simulator wasn't my idea. True credit to the author on the pic. The simulator result was, of course, why i picked this design from all the others out there. It is the most stable of the bunch, and it will not waste valuable energy oscillating around the light source. It is my hope this strategy can be implemented within the msp code using timing and the WDT. if anyone is interested in the simulator, please see: http://www.linear.com/designtools/software/#LTspice
  22. its a breakout for proflex1 zigbee transceiver module
  23. Has anyone had any experience with solar trackers. There is mucho to find on the web using analog designs. After an extensive search, I found this. After I built it and burnt my fingers a couple times, it seemed like the control could easily be made using the uC instead with PWM motor control. I like the sensor idea here, reverse some clear green LEDs. cheap and practical, guess its time to work on some good adc code for the LP.... Lots of info here:http://www.redrok.com/main.htm
  24. I am sorry, but i dont use eagle Doc. The library posted here will do much of the same for you.... Check it out in the projects section we are about to proto a seeed......
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