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  1. Awesome application Blue. I was wondering why someone had not made this, after getting myself an xprotolab. I think the larger footprint, and use of the MSP will make this baby allot easier to work with, and make the enclosure a more manageable project. , have you considered a logic probe function? Any plans for a GUI? KB edit: sorry I was confusing this for a moment with Rob's Nokia project :oops:
  2. Blue, it looks like a couple of them have "panels" which you could machine yourself or have custom ones made to replace. Is it possible to rotate your oled on your meter PCB, I think it would make allot more of those box configurations work for you. KB
  3. Why not just use basic prefab PCB's, and spare yourself the production time excuse? You could still get it done on time for Sunday! Jokes aside, I think everybody would love that thing in action.
  4. You can have one made for a prototype using CAD files and 3D printer...... http://www.ponoko.com/ I had a great experience, and they have a variety of materials.
  5. Thanks Rick, What I am actually trying to do is get a MCU to communicate with a WiFi module in an attempt to broadcast the data over 802.11. The module I picked, and it may be a mistake, uses a SDIO connection to the host. It also has I2C and SBW connections, but they share pins with other ports. Your post did point me to an interesting fact that SDIO cards can be accessed using SPI, and this may be the ticket . Most of my efforts are focused on "dumbing down" technology to make it more affordable and specific to some simple sensor/control concepts that would be benefited by wireless
  6. I realized today that this device may help me out, as it has SDIO/MMC capability. I was hoping to use a TI product, but I have spent much time this morning and ended up with nothing besides the OMAP dev board which is like 2,000$US. Does anyone know of any other TI MCU that will accomplish this. I am dreading to start learning another brand...
  7. Yes. Much like the ProFLEX PCB in the picture above but 2x2". I did not do much with the connections, as I am still trying to get a better understanding of the module. The LSR datasheets are simplified, and do not provide much guidance. My first concern is the 1.8V VIO. There is some mention of signal translation. KB
  8. Hi Zeke, thanks for the continued attention. Please check this out: I think I included everything you mentioned. It is hard to see the vias on the image, but they are plated. This has caused me a little confusion. I assume "plating" the vias will connect the two ground planes. As an example, the 4 pads in the top ground plane. They are specified as "exposed copper", and i take that to mean a pad with no plating. The other pads for the module I imagine are "plated" meaning they will be soldered on?? Why would the ground plane pads not be plated? Thanks. KB it will u
  9. OK Zeke, I made those changes ( i think). What do you think? Thanks. KB
  10. Ahh, I see more clearly Zeke. Yes, I will use an oven, it worked last time less the thermal relief part. If my spacing had been better it may have worked. is this more like it? thanks
  11. Thanks Zeke, If I understand correctly: I should add a copper pour on top underneath the module, bottom has one already (in blue), or do you mean the whole bottom? I should add more vias there Im not sure if I understand I had trouble making that contact detail work like the drawing, so I improvised with those 4 pads that fan out to the proximal vias, I was under the impression the power planes were for heat sinks, much like the HT case IC's Thanks again for such a quick reply. KB p.s. I have improved it as you suggested, but i cannot upload for some reason
  12. Are you sure it is OK to run underneath the module, I thought I read that this is to be avoided if possible, for interference reasons?
  13. Thanks Zeke, That would be great. I linked the gerber files in the previous message. KB
  14. Hey Zeke, I finally worked up the beans to get a new wifi mod and have been working on a new board. Would you mind giving it a lookover? Thanks. KB I changed their elaborate heatsink to work with two layers, I dont think my ideas are going to heat up the board much...
  15. kenemon


    Hi All, can anyone explain what SDIO is to me. I am interested in using this for attaching a peripheral to the MSP430, and am not finding anything in this regard. Is this possible? Wiki is not doing it for me, technically. Thanks. KB
  16. I just got one in the mail. pretty cool. I should be able to use some of the parts for my MSP430 projects just kidding for you STM sensitive types :wave: Does this baby handle SDIO?
  17. havent had enough time to get to that part. Never planned on being this busy, too bad it dont pay! I am certain they will function as a breakout at the very least, but I will post when I get them running, soon I hope
  18. nice that someone finally improvised a little with the cap touch Rob! Pretty cool. Will designs like that work with basic fabricated PCB's?
  19. my next workspace will have a drawer like that, and it will be full of projects I want to finish
  20. Please let me know if anyone wants, I made some extras!
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