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  1. -----[ADMIN]----- Split from the Mac Thread. -----[ADMIN]----- Rob, what do you mean by webserver->MSP-> X10? what is the function of the msp? cant it handle all the processing and i/o that an x10 module can?
  2. Zeke, do you mind telling me why you want to have the web server? Is it possible to run the server on a desktop or remote machine and control/monitor the device over TCP/IP? Thanks
  3. Cool module Zeke. looks like the DSTni chip explains the price (25-35$). It makes things a lot easier, having it all onboard. I may be in for a world of s&%$ with the TIWi.
  4. sounds good Zeke. May be a good place to use the TIiWiR2, i have that breakout board we designed, and the chip waiting for me to bust its cherry.... :shifty: I just got the ProFLEX1 to come to life with the Olimex programmer. Starting to fiddle with GW's method for SimpliciTI, but this is zigbee. I would like it to be able to work on everybody's wireless When I started out with this , using the Microchip module, i was discouraged by the huge size of the TCP/IP stack that they use. Hopefully it will go better with TI/LSR..... May need a SD card for the stack anyhow
  5. My bro shared a spare ipad he had with me. I am frustrated by the lack of "control" it offers to the user, but impressed with the compact package and speed. Looking at the posts, i am a little confused: It runs on iOS correct? I also understand this is similar to MacOS X? Will the drivers for OS X work on the ipad? Can I install drivers manually? Seems like it might be easier to fashion a bluetooth or WiFi connection to the LP than get the USB working directly TIA, KB
  6. Are there clones available these days?
  7. I think text refers to your raw code (with comments, etc) and data refers to the binary compiled code, is this agreeable?
  8. The rain simulator is an interesting device. Will you be posting any code?
  9. @GW: I have seen that (unreleased) porting guide there, I am trying to learn from you, because they only provide an IAR package. Did you get any LSR modules when they were passing by?
  10. Awesome way to beef up the MSP. I have a couple of questions: what kinds of commands can be used to utilize this as a data logger? can you shoot sensor values through the ADC to an open file on the SD? I assume you can access the SD through interrupts? please pardon my ignorance of this...... Thanks
  11. Nice job blue, that should work better for those cases you were looking at. The orientation is a problem with the xproto, in that your fingers can interact easily with the channel leads when you are fiddling about with the selector buttons. Now yours can sit on the desk as well, with the usb port trailing off out of the way in back. :thumbup: KB
  12. bummer. I contemplated buying that all weekend and ordered a bare Olimex for $50 :cry: (hope it works) related question for you folks please.... can you use different jtag programmers on different platforms? Ie. program an AVR with the TI UIF? (can they cross fertilize)
  13. could the rim job LED change colors if the aim is off?
  14. Not a bad deal at $20 despite these comments. From the end of the user manual it looks like this thing can work at almost 300 yards, why would anyone use Zigbee? https://estore.ti.com/430BOOST-CC110L-C ... P2734.aspx
  15. Dont get your panties in a bunch. You WILL get it. It took me several weeks, and the help of an expert programmer to get familiar with programming the LP. He was just as confused as me at the beginning. I still have trouble explaining to him why we need P1REN commands... I am no where near an expert, but the folks here have a great way of giving me good kicks when I ask for them. Do you have Davies' book? http://www.google.com/products/catalog? ... 174895845#
  16. Thanks GW, sorry to keep pecking at you. I managed to get CCS working, but as I am trying to work with SimpliciTI and the LSR WiFi modules, I am a little stuck. Looks like I need a 4wire JTAG programmer..... Too bad the LP doesnt break out a few more pins on the F chip. Makes me think it was intentional to ensure the longevity of their $100+ programmer.. KB
  17. Everyone is after that rework station Santa is offering for X-mas POM............ :twisted:
  18. yes cde, see http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1516&start=30#p11446 for some info. It was made using designspark and Seeed fusion service. You actually add a "board" to your board, placing it inside the outline perimeter. Interestingly, there are no tabs on them..... On another note: I was able to get a circle with four segments, using a square, and 90 degree arcs on each side. We will see if this has any improvement on the feasibility. KB
  19. Thanks cde, I have done rectangular cut outs without a problem, I think the issue is a circular one, but I wouldnt doubt it.
  20. Hey, has anyone had round PCB's made? I have an issue will my gerbers made with design spark software. Apparently the CNC software cannot understand the dual arc circles?? it has a 12mm diameter if this is of consequence.
  21. Dork bot really came through for me, about the same time it takes from China, but I didn't need to spend $15, and get ten extras.... I used the lodestar mechanics solder, spread a thin trail on the pins, and a drop on the PPad, 450 degrees 2 minutes, and I had a perfect cookie. tested it, and all seems well. Didn't seem to heat up using 9V battery as source V. I am trying a circular PCB for a design i have been fumbling, but there may be an issue with rendering the 2 segment arcs the designspark uses to make a circle.
  22. Sorry to bother GW, I tried to load up that g2553 code you posted, and i was bounced for code size violation. Does this mean I need to purchase ISR upgrade? what are you using. I prefer CCS, but i cant seem to find the project folder posted anywhere.... thanks. KB
  23. You probably have to have one made, and it takes a couple weeks or so to get. You could use basic 28pin ssop adapter boards that go for about $1 each, but you may need to drill a hole in the bottom and fashion a heatsink yourself. This worked for me when I wanted to evaluate the chip, but it is a little tricky..... What are you microstepping?
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