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  1. I have learned alot about the politics of zigbee recently. It probably is the best protocol for sensor and control wireless. Using a hub you can integrate these devices into a internet accessable mesh network. It is cheap. It is robust, and a pain in the ass. Ti makes some good radios, and they can be used as standalone modems, sniffers, etc , but have limited code capacity and cant handle the stack. Using an uC you have amazing capacity, and good range if you pick the right module. Z-stack is free, but it is only ported to IAR presently. You can play with it for a month, then it locks down and you have a bunch of useless hardware. SimpliciTI is an option, the newest ver is only ported to IAR, but the old uses CCS. Unfortuantely, the example apps are specific to only a few MSP platforms, so you have to make alterations. Many of the examples do not have the UART set up, so this poses a challenge as well to get the serial connection going. As far as I can tell, TI wants you to use its dev kits, to steer you to a specific chip. For some reason too, they are pushing it down to needing IAR as well, a $1500 investment. Please correct me if I have overlooked something. 8-)

  2. Welcome Dan,


    awsome project, couple of comments:

    1) do you have any kind of storage tank?


    2) Do you use the exchanger sensor as a cut off switch, or do you try to keep this constant?


    3) is the demand signalled with temp alone?


    4)did you do all that brazing and bending? Why copper ( not that i object) ? Quite impressive, share your tips please :)

  3. It was great to watch you go through the process with this one blue. Turned out great! I was looking at those SD adapters the other day and was surprised at their price. Have you found any reaonable sources for them?

  4. They should call it sparknotfun now. I havent been so disappointed in anything so small in along time, in fact i am angry. I spent valuable moments of my life entering nonsensical words over, and over. It was my choice, but %^$* do i regret it. I may never even look at that store again. Was this a psychological experiment? :evil:

  5. That Samtec Co. is quality for sure. I got some of those connectors, and had some PCB's fabbed to mount them to, considering the 39$ price of the TI adapter. I should have the boards this week.....


    Did anyone buy the other kit with the touch panel, I kind of wish I had got that one, but the kids love the bot. I need to remove the explicatives from my oled experiments :o

  6. got some drivers swappped and i can flash again. still no ccs or iar....


    Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:03: Interface dll version unknown

    Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:04: Device : MSP430F5437

    Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:04: External voltage : 3.3 V

    Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:04: VCC voltage : 3.3 V

    Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:06: Fatal error: The Object file contains features not suported by the driver. Session aborted!

    Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:06: Failed to load debugee: C:\Users\Ken\Desktop\LSR Simplicity\480-0013-R0.2\SimpliciTI-IAR-1.1.1\Projects\Examples\SRF05_MSP\Simple_Peer_to_Peer\IAR\ProFLEX01\Exe\Simple_Peer_To_Peer.d43

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