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  1. No, zstack is pretty cumbersome, need the real thing
  2. I have learned alot about the politics of zigbee recently. It probably is the best protocol for sensor and control wireless. Using a hub you can integrate these devices into a internet accessable mesh network. It is cheap. It is robust, and a pain in the ass. Ti makes some good radios, and they can be used as standalone modems, sniffers, etc , but have limited code capacity and cant handle the stack. Using an uC you have amazing capacity, and good range if you pick the right module. Z-stack is free, but it is only ported to IAR presently. You can play with it for a month, then it locks
  3. If anyone has an extra dongle/license they dont need, for a not too old version of the MSP version of embedded workbench I am in need and would buy it. Cant work with the zstack without it ........ Cant afford the $1500 right now either......
  4. Hi All, Has anyone been able to port IAR projects over to crossworks?
  5. Welcome Dan, awsome project, couple of comments: 1) do you have any kind of storage tank? 2) Do you use the exchanger sensor as a cut off switch, or do you try to keep this constant? 3) is the demand signalled with temp alone? 4)did you do all that brazing and bending? Why copper ( not that i object) ? Quite impressive, share your tips please
  6. What about X2? Looks like a good zigbee solution from Digi. Any body tried them out?
  7. It was great to watch you go through the process with this one blue. Turned out great! I was looking at those SD adapters the other day and was surprised at their price. Have you found any reaonable sources for them?
  8. Three weeks but three times cheaper is my saying. Biggest risk is time, using paypal, your 3$ is covered, but no compensation for the time that passes by. I have had great luck, and saved tons of money. Sucks for the Shack.....
  9. Just a quick note of warning.... I lost jtag accessability on a couple of boards having in some way, inadvertantly, blown the fuse. Take care to remove the batt jumper before plugging into USB.
  10. good to see someone else get their hands on one. Do you have any pans for it? I have had a major headache trying to get simpliciTI working, having some debugger issues. Which stack are you going to use. I have been looking for examples for a web interface of some kind.
  11. Has anyone been able to employ the launchpad a s a BSL flash tool?
  12. My thoughts exactly Matt. Thanks for the levity! I feel better today....
  13. They should call it sparknotfun now. I havent been so disappointed in anything so small in along time, in fact i am angry. I spent valuable moments of my life entering nonsensical words over, and over. It was my choice, but %^$* do i regret it. I may never even look at that store again. Was this a psychological experiment? :evil:
  14. no, i used a PO though. It is a pretty large box too..
  15. any hints for approaching this? I was continually hitting refresh last year, and wasnt able to complete the quiz in time. I did end up with a couple of small goodies however :|
  16. that is surprising Rob, I saw my unit removed from stock as the order was processed....
  17. Best of luck, hoping you each get one..... http://components.arrow.com/part/detail ... 91477N1044
  18. ANother "gift" from Arrow, for less than a penny: comes with two boards, batteries, cables, and CD get them while theyre hot, and try to help me program these. Cant get SimpliciTI workin with IAR. I am working on a CCS port. KB
  19. sorry i didnt read above adequately
  20. That Samtec Co. is quality for sure. I got some of those connectors, and had some PCB's fabbed to mount them to, considering the 39$ price of the TI adapter. I should have the boards this week..... Did anyone buy the other kit with the touch panel, I kind of wish I had got that one, but the kids love the bot. I need to remove the explicatives from my oled experiments
  21. I was just looking for a little narration to help me understand it a little better, and i got it. Thanks neutron
  22. got some drivers swappped and i can flash again. still no ccs or iar.... Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:03: Interface dll version unknown Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:04: Device : MSP430F5437 Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:04: External voltage : 3.3 V Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:04: VCC voltage : 3.3 V Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:06: Fatal error: The Object file contains features not suported by the driver. Session aborted! Fri Jan 06, 2012 07:59:06: Failed to load debugee: C:\Users\Ken\Desktop\LSR Simplicity\480-0013-R0.2\SimpliciTI-IAR-1.1.1\Projects\Examples\SRF05_MSP\Simple_Peer_to_Peer\IAR\ProFLEX01\Exe
  23. If anyone has any of the modules available please let me know. Fruitless struggle so far with the LSR zigbee. Maybee these could get me going...
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