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  1. Hi Guys,


    I am trying with futility to run a wireless router off battery power. I picked up a LM2596 DC-DC Step down Adjust Power Supply Module and set it at constant 5volts from a 12V battery. I cannot get the device to boot. Any ideas? Is there some kind of frequency issue?


    thanks. KB

  2. in the last year i have fabbed a couple of simple pin out pcbs to plug into a breadoard. these mods come preprogrammed with the lsr firmware/software to play ping pong. works well out of the box. I have found the difficulty with the mod is zigbee. lots to learn here. ended up needing to get iar. please do infom if you have any success wth linux or ccs....

  3. No Worries Dan,


    you seem to have thought it through adequately. Things are a little more complicated here, with city inspectors snooping around from time to time. I saw your expansion device, but i did not realize they could handle that type of pressure. It is just an excuse for inspectors here to hastle you for something... They also are sticklers for GFI's, even when closer than 2 feet to a kitchen sink! I just saw that potential moisture near your pump condom. Seems like your system works great. Yes I was speaking of antifreeze (PEG), they use it here allot to prevent disasters with radiant heat systems.... I am jealous of your free hot water- Nice Job!



  4. Very noble endeavor GW,


    Congrats to both of you. I am not sure it is so bad to learn so young the challenge of science and the potential for failure. She is ahead of the game, albeit I am sure it cost you all some serious tears. I think it is great you are able to actively share in her learning process. In my mind, instilling a confidence at a young age is the challenge of being a parent. Knowing she can do anything she wants to do, to not expect immediate success, and break free of peer negativity will ensure her happiness in the years to come. I am hoping for similar experiences as I raise my little clones.... Today the younger daughter made some kind of uncanny reference to robot snowflakes (we had some serious flakes yesterday ~3-6"), as she toyed with plastic stuff. In my mind that meant "nano-flakes", a pretty reasonable concept in the future.......

  5. After ten years of Mar Reds, I have quit. A couple years in Mexico and Florida, at a few bucks a pack didnt help. It was very satifying experience. I tried the mints, and they were great (gum tasted like sh&^). When I ran out I started to crave the nicotine, and I tried a couple of cigars. The expensive ones were a disapointment when I threw them out the window after five minutes. The cheap "owl" brand are the local fav for blunts, but they actually are pretty smoothe, and i didnt feel bad having one every day or so. Luckily I met a buddy, of angelic character. He has struggled with many addictions over the years and smoking was his latest triumph. He was a heavy 2 pack a day guy, so I was quite impressed. Last time I saw him he had quit for a year or two. This time he admitted to a relapse, which he had overcome with a new device. He gave me one of those electronic cigs, offered me a puff of his "bong-like" vaporizor, and I have been hooked since. There are many flavors, etc, but puffs on this little "flashlight" have completely rid me of the desire to buy any cigs. Lets hope the vapor doesnt kill in some unforseen way :o

  6. I am still taking it in... My gut brainless thought now is that you should recon a used or secondhand expansion tank to eliminate the potential disaster you have forseen with the proximity to the pump. It would be a shame to lose that pump (they aint cheap) or get juiced. I hope you have a GFI inline.... Otherwise, I want one, but they are tricky when it snows here :)

    I would need to cycle water at night, and on cold days, or use PEG, much like a hot tub.... Still admiring your copper work!

    How expensive was all that copper?

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