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  1. Sorry, i updated thread, it was sold a while back. It is a great book, i am using it now pretty heavily. great intro to xbee....
  2. no (smartass), use your imagination and fill out the form. Free delivery from TI estore as always.
  3. Register for the http://innovation-worldcup.com/ and get 50% off CC2530 ZigBee Mini Kit, not a bad deal at $50 ! The mini will not handle the whole stack, but can be incorporated into other devices, ie LP with some hacking.... first codes sent today AM.
  4. i short metered both amps and volts before i hooked it up, i am assuming it must have a surge demand at the initalization. important to the efficiency/drain calculations for the battery. thanks
  5. fiddling about i was able to get it to work setting the supply at 6v, sorry to waste anyones time...
  6. just tried 4 aa's and it works that way :?
  7. it says dc 5v on unit and transformer....
  8. Hi Guys, I am trying with futility to run a wireless router off battery power. I picked up a LM2596 DC-DC Step down Adjust Power Supply Module and set it at constant 5volts from a 12V battery. I cannot get the device to boot. Any ideas? Is there some kind of frequency issue? thanks. KB
  9. Very Cool Marko, what kind of motors and battery are you using? thanks!
  10. in the last year i have fabbed a couple of simple pin out pcbs to plug into a breadoard. these mods come preprogrammed with the lsr firmware/software to play ping pong. works well out of the box. I have found the difficulty with the mod is zigbee. lots to learn here. ended up needing to get iar. please do infom if you have any success wth linux or ccs....
  11. I made a basic breakout board for the 20 pin rf connectors ti uses for rf. I have a surface mount and a through hole version if anyone is in need. They will work on the evalbot as well as the rf evk's.
  12. No Worries Dan, you seem to have thought it through adequately. Things are a little more complicated here, with city inspectors snooping around from time to time. I saw your expansion device, but i did not realize they could handle that type of pressure. It is just an excuse for inspectors here to hastle you for something... They also are sticklers for GFI's, even when closer than 2 feet to a kitchen sink! I just saw that potential moisture near your pump condom. Seems like your system works great. Yes I was speaking of antifreeze (PEG), they use it here allot to prevent disasters
  13. probably means he changed his mind to post. I have had that issue too... No way to back out easily
  14. Make shure you do the prototype dry-run with a doll Dont want any shaken baby syndrome :crazy:
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