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    syntx reacted to TheDirty in Accelerometer using i2c   
    ...and standard pullup for I2C is usually 4k7. It depends on the power supply demands, length of trace runs and such, but 4k7 is a safe number.
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    syntx reacted to RobG in Accelerometer using i2c   
    One note, you may have to use TXB0104 instead of TXS0104. TXS is for use with open drain drivers where TXB is for push-pull.
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    syntx reacted to SugarAddict in Accelerometer using i2c   
    One solution would be that you can power the MSP430 with 1.8V.
    there is also literature you could use in reverse, as this one tells you how to use the MSP430 in a 5v circuit: http://focus.ti.com.cn/cn/lit/an/slaa148/slaa148.pdf
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