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  1. I just tried, the code is good but could not get free shipping :?
  2. You could get a serial converter backpack for your LCD's With the limited pins of these chips 1 wire is the way to go. This is 1 link: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/produc ... cts_id=258 There are other serial backpacks out there, just Google
  3. Hi NJC, Thanks for the comments. They are all good ideas. They will most likely solve my missing 3rd button press. In the debugger the program is hung somewhere and pressing the button again brings it back. Strange... I look forward to any tut you might post, I am new to C++ and there is much to learn!! How about showing us some interrupt code like you suggested. Thanks again Fairwind
  4. MSP-EXP430G2 Launchpad Board - Chip is a G2231 This code will print 'Hello World !!' to your terminal each time you push the p1.3 button, the first push you might get some garbage till they sync. Easy enough to fix however the button works 2 times and skips the 3 then works 2 times and skips the 3rd. Any help here would be great. Modified by Nicholas J. Conn - http://msp430launchpad.blogspot.com Date Modified: 07-25-10 Modified by Larry N Critchfield 9600-8-N-1-N Hello World !! Interrupt on P1.3 requests output to Terminal #include "msp430g2231.h" #defi
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